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Skills-based and Pro Bono Volunteering

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Skills-based and Pro Bono Volunteering. How to do it?. Facilitator Veronica Parages HandsOn Network Director, Skills-based Volunteering. WELCOME to the first SBV Summit!. Introduction. Our speakers today: Kim Frawley , Pfizer, Director, Corporate Responsibility

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skills based and pro bono volunteering

Skills-based and Pro Bono Volunteering

How to do it?

Facilitator Veronica Parages

HandsOn Network

Director, Skills-based Volunteering



to the first SBV Summit!

  • Our speakers today:
    • Kim Frawley, Pfizer, Director, Corporate Responsibility
    • Lindsay Firestone, Taproot Foundation, Sr Manager Partnerships & Consulting Services
    • Danielle Holly, Common Impact, Marketing Consultant
    • Chris Smith, TVC of NWS of Chicago, Associate Executive Director,
    • Linda Davis, CVNL of Marin, CEO
  • Plenary session – 9.30 to 10 am:
    • Introduction and welcome
    • Agenda
    • Pfizer and SBV: The Global Health Fellows Program
  • Breakout sessions – 2 series 10 to 11am and 11am to 12 pm
    • Breakout session room1/plenary session: Taproot Foundation
    • Breakout session room 2: Common Impact
    • Breakout session room 3: SAVE program
    • Breakout session room 4: CELT program
pfizer and sbv global health fellows program

Pfizer and SBVGlobal Health Fellows Program

Kim Frawley

Director, Corporate Responsibility

June 27, 2010

three critical areas of our cr commitment
Three Critical Areas ofOur CR Commitment

Company Purpose

Working Together for a Healthier World

Company Mission

Apply Science and Our Global Resources to Improve Health and Well-Being at Every Stage of Life




Earning Your Trust

Ensuring Accessibility & Affordability

Focusing onSociety’s Needs

Earning Your Trust Through Continued Responsible and Sustainable Actions

Ensuring Healthcare Solutions Are Accessible & Affordable

Delivering Healthcare Solutions That People Need Most

eSlide - P7132 - Global Health Fellows Programs

pfizer investments in health
eSlide - P7132 - Global Health Fellows ProgramsPfizer Investments in Health

Through Philanthropic Global Health Programs, We Invest the Full Range of Our Resources – People, Skills, Expertise and Funding – to Improve Global Health

  • ConnectHIV: Support integrated approaches that bring together prevention, access to care and treatment to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS
  • Diflucan Partnership Program: Partner with governments and NGOs to donate Diflucan for two fungal infections associated with HIV/AIDS and train HIV/AIDS HCPs
  • Global Health Partnerships: Support innovative public health partnerships to serve as global models in addressing challenges in cancer and tobacco control globally
  • The Infectious Diseases Institute: Center of Excellence for prevention, treatment, training and research in Uganda to strengthens regional capacity in HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis
  • The International Trachoma Initiative: Eliminate trachoma, the world’s leading cause of preventable blindness, through the donation of Zithromax and an integrated public health strategy
  • Mobilize Against Malaria: Engage and educate HCPs and patients to improve prompt and effective treatment for malaria in Senegal, Ghana and Kenya
  • Global Health Fellows: Pfizer employees spend 3-6 months working with NGOs worldwide to improve health care infrastructure for the underserved

Through These Investments, We Aim to Improve Patient Access to Medicines and Health Services as Well as Build the Capacity of Existing Health Delivery Systems to Increase Their Ability to Effectively Respond to the World’s Greatest Health Challenges

ghf strategic mission
GHF Strategic Mission

To Utilize the Professional Expertise of Pfizer Colleagues Through Specialized Volunteer Assignments

with Nonprofit Organizations to

Improve Health Care Services

for Underserved Communities Around the World

eSlide - P7132 - Global Health Fellows Programs

the global need for improved healthcare
eSlide - P7132 - Global Health Fellows ProgramsThe Global Need for Improved Healthcare
  • 30% of the world’s population lacks regular access to medicine (WHO, 2005)
  • In developing countries, more than 10 million children die each year, the majority of which die from preventable causes(WHO, 2004)
  • 4 million healthcare workers are needed to fill the gap in developing countries (WHO, 2006)
  • Developed countries have up to 24.8 health care workers per 1000 people versus just 2.3 workers on average per 1000 people in the least developed countries (WHO, 2006)
global health fellows key facts
eSlide - P7132 - Global Health Fellows ProgramsGlobal Health Fellows Key Facts
  • Since 2003, over251 Pfizer colleagues applied their professional skills working with 30 key partners in 39 countries to expand access to health care through the Pfizer Global HealthFellows program
  • Diverse participation – colleagues from 25 WW Pfizer sites
  • Colleagues from variety of functional areas participate including: finance, R&D, Global Manufacturing, HR, marketing, sales etc.
  • Award-winning program and source of company pride
ghf placements 39 countries
GHF Placements: 39 Countries

eSlide - P7132 - Global Health Fellows Programs

partnership structure
Partnership Structure




eSlide - P7132 - Global Health Fellows Programs

partnership commitments benefits
Loans 50 skilled employees to NGOs for up to 3-6 months

2 Internal application cycles/year

Pays employees salaries

Covers assignment costs

Provides orientation and cultural intelligence training to Fellows

Manages internal application process and applicant screening

Evaluates fellows work in accordance with GPM




Partnership: Commitments & Benefits
  • How Pfizer Benefits?
  • Humanizes Pfizer
  • Colleague Development and Recruitment Tool
  • Increased Business Innovation & Productivity
  • How Fellow Benefits?
  • Gains deeper understanding of health care needs
  • Develop and Sharpen technical and leadership skills
  • Prepared to take on new responsibilities upon return
  • Applies skills & expertise to under-resourced settings
  • Serves as an on-the-ground ambassador for Pfizer
  • Delivers on capacity-building objectives
  • Gains global business acumen and leadership skills
  • Brings new perspective and customer insights to Pfizer
  • How NGO Partners Benefit?
  • Fellow brings specific skills and needed business perspective
  • Fellows accelerate change (100% of partners reported sustainable change)
  • Fellows strengthen the capacity of the organization
  • Identifies field needs and develops job descriptions
  • Selects Fellows
  • Provides logistical support prior to deployment
  • Manages Fellows from the field and logistics related to assignments
  • Evaluates Fellows’ performance

eSlide - P7132 - Global Health Fellows Programs

ghf partners focused on health
eSlide - P7132 - Global Health Fellows ProgramsGHF Partners Focused on Health
  • American Cancer Society
    • Working to establish anti-tobacco advocacy and infrastructure in Africa
  • GALVmed
    • New Animal Health partnership, livestock vaccines, diagnostics and medicines research with links to human health
  • Populations Services International (PSI)
    • Non-profit social marketing organization – working with ACTwatch on market research for malaria treatment and adherence
program eligibility
eSlide - P7132 - Global Health Fellows ProgramsProgram Eligibility
  • At least 3 years tenure with Pfizer or its affiliates
  • Expected to stay with Pfizer 2 years post assignment
  • Strong performance history
  • Ability to serve as a strong ambassador
  • Experience with disadvantaged populations
  • Demonstrated flexibility in working in challenging and difficult environments
  • Manager, HR and Divisional approval
application process
eSlide - P7132 - Global Health Fellows ProgramsApplication Process
  • From application submission to acceptance is approximately 6 months. Deployment is approximately 2 months later
  • Online application: select up to 3 positions based on skill set, volunteer experience, 2 essays, resume, 2 letters of recommendation, and 1 letter of approval by manager, HR Lead and division lead
  • Review process and HR approval
  • Phone interview with NGO partner and in-country manager where colleague would be working
  • Ultimate decision made by NGO
  • Acceptance emailed to colleague’s manager to share withthe colleague
program requirements as a fellow
eSlide - P7132 - Global Health Fellows ProgramsProgram Requirements as a Fellow


  • Submit Scope of Work (Draft and Final)
  • 4 Day Mandatory Training Program


  • GHF Website: One journal entry (at minimum) for each month (500 word minimum) in the field that will be posted on the GHF website AND profile completed
  • Regular submissions of photos
  • Submission of flip camera videos
  • Submit Monthly Status Reports for each month in the field (submitted to GHF Team & Pfizer Manager)

Upon Return to Home Country

  • Submit Self-Evaluation/Final Report
  • Submit a PowerPoint presentation
  • Schedule debrief conference call with GHF Team and Pfizer Supervisor
  • Photo waivers submitted
  • Share your experience: give your presentation to Pfizer unit and/or other Pfizer colleagues
  • Interview with Boston University Evaluators
  • Remain active and engaged as an Alumnus of the program
ghf program m e
eSlide - P7132 - Global Health Fellows ProgramsGHF Program: M&E

Boston University: Program Evaluator

  • BU has been conducting external evaluations of the Global Health Fellows (GHF) Program since 2005
    • Performance
    • Capacity strengthening
    • Social impact trend analysis
  • In 2007, an International Corporate Volunteering (ICV) Toolkit was designed and implemented by BU to evaluate Fellow preparation, performance, and social impact for Partner organizations Evaluation Form received by BU from Fellow post-assignment
  • Method
    • A self-administered performance evaluation form completed by fellow and partner organization
    • Telephone interviews using modified ICV Toolkit survey with fellow and partner organization representative
    • Short narrative reports for written for each fellow describing scope of work and providing analysis synthesizing information from the evaluation form and interview
    • Compile substantive report and trend analysis for each cohort upon completion of all evaluations
ghf reflecting over past 7 years
Strong Leadership Support & Engagement

Secure Proper Resources

Cross Divisional Support

Strong Communications

Robust Measurement & Evaluation

GHF: Reflecting Over Past 7 Years

What Has Made the GHF Program a Success?

eSlide - P7132 - Global Health Fellows Programs

ghf communications
eSlide - P7132 - Global Health Fellows Programs GHF Communications
  • “Stir Things Up”
  • Pique colleagues’ interest through thought provoking creative
  • Give a face to program – alumni stories included
  • Communicates the broad range of skill sets requested by partner NGOs
  • Provide a clear link between GHF and talent development and business outcomes
ghf current ongoing challenges
eSlide - P7132 - Global Health Fellows ProgramsGHF: Current & Ongoing Challenges
  • Middle Management Engagement
  • Resources and Streamlining Operations
  • Strong Communication
  • Re-entry
jeff kindler chief executive officer
Jeff Kindler, Chief Executive Officer

“The program provides our partners with the use of our company’s most valuable asset – the skills and expertise of our colleagues. Our Global Health Fellows are the best-in-class for international corporate volunteerism. They find solutions. They are leaders. Innovators. And what they’ve built lasts long after they’ve come home.”

– Jeff Kindler,Chief Executive Officer

eSlide - P7132 - Global Health Fellows Programs

eSlide - P7132 - Global Health Fellows Programs



Thank you!

For more information about Pfizer’s Global Health Programs:

agenda breakout sessions 2 series 10 to 11am and 11am to 12 pm
AgendaBreakout sessions – 2 series 10 to 11am and 11am to 12 pm
  • Breakout session room1: Taproot Foundation
    • Strategy and design phase of pro bono programs in corporation
      • Positioning and alignment with business activity: Business Value Flash cards tool
    • Preparation of nonprofit organizations
      • Project definition: Competencies map resources
    • Implementation phase
      • Management of volunteers and projects: best practices sharing “Designing for Impact”
    • How to measure impact
      • Tracking value and hours
      • Pro Bono dollar valuation
agenda breakout sessions
Agenda Breakout sessions…
  • Breakout session room 2: Common Impact
    • Strategy and design phase of skills-based volunteering programs in corporation
      • Positioning and alignment with business activity
    • Preparation of nonprofit organizations
      • Non profit selection/preparation
      • Non profit implementation with projects definition strategy
    • How to measure impact
      • Nonprofit impact measurement
agenda breakout sessions27
AgendaBreakout sessions…
  • Breakout session room 3:

The Strategic Action for Volunteer Engagement

(SAVE) program from The Volunteer Center of NW Suburban of Chicago

A new SBV engagement process designed to facilitate a nonprofit's

ability to effectively leverage and retain highly skilled volunteers in

strategic projects.

    • Model presentation
    • Overall view of the steps and processes
    • Project Engagement: Ready - Set - Go:
      • Readiness assessment of non profit: The SAVE Assessment tool
      • Project definitions support
      • Project implementation
agenda breakout sessions28
AgendaBreakout sessions…
  • Breakout session room 4:

The Civic Engagement Leadership Team (CELT) program from The Center of Volunteer and Nonprofit Leadership of Marin

Targeting professional volunteers, particularly baby boomers, to provide local nonprofits with free consultative services in a wide variety of areas of expertise

    • Model presentation
    • Overall view of the steps and processes
    • Project implementation
      • Recruiting and matching
      • Management of volunteers and projects
      • Relationships with nonprofits
    • How to measure impact on Nonprofit:
      • ROI reports
breakout sessions
Breakout sessions
  • Breakout session/room 1: Taproot Foundation
  • Breakout session/room 2: Common Impact
  • Breakout session/room 3: SAVE program – TVC Chicago
  • Breakout session/room 4: CELT program – TCV Marin
  • First series: 10 am to 11am
  • Second series: 11 am to 12 pm