New directors academy september 8 2004
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New Directors’ Academy September 8, 2004. The ABC’s of 619 Preschool Services Three and Four Year Olds with Developmental Delays. Harriet Forman, Preschool Special Education Consultant, Public Education Department Judy Kimmel, Coordinator, NM Early Childhood Transition Initiative

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New directors academy september 8 2004 l.jpg

New Directors’ AcademySeptember 8, 2004

The ABC’s of 619

Preschool Services

Three and Four Year Olds with Developmental Delays

Presenters resource people l.jpg

Harriet Forman, Preschool Special Education Consultant, Public Education Department

Judy Kimmel, Coordinator, NM Early Childhood Transition Initiative

Sophie Bertrand, Training and Development Consultant, Preschool Network

Michele Stanley, Coordinator, Project DreamCatchers, Parents Reaching Out

Presenters/Resource People

Our vision l.jpg
Our Vision: Public Education Department

  • “We strive to ensure that all of New Mexico’s students succeed – learn well, create and maintain social relationships, and complete school prepared for post secondary life and full participation in a democratic society.” Sam Howarth, State Director of Special Education

Additionally l.jpg
Additionally, Public Education Department

We believe that serving children in the Least Restrictive Environment will help us achieve this: by giving our children access to the regular education curriculum, alongside their typically developing peers.

All provisions of idea apply to preschool services l.jpg
All Provisions of IDEA Apply to Public Education Department Preschool Services

  • All eligibility categories apply + Developmentally Delayed: if no other exceptionality is identified

  • >>Additionally, New Mexico generously supports early identification of students with exceptional needs

  • >>No matter the extent of services, the same unit value accrues

  • >>Children are recorded as maximum level for reporting purposes

Continuum of services l.jpg
Continuum of Services Public Education Department

  • Less restrictive placements must always be considered. Where there is a reasonable likelihood that a student with an exceptionality can be educated in the regular classroom with the use of supplementary aids and supports, then that placement should be tried.

Least restrictive environments are required l.jpg
Least Restrictive Environments are required Public Education Department

Separate schooling…occurs only if the nature or severity…is such that education in regular classes with the use of supplementary aids and services cannot be achieved satisfactorily

Nmac 6 31 2 11 preschool programs for children aged 3 and 4 l.jpg
NMAC Programs for Children Aged 3 and 4 Public Education Department

  • Each public agency shall ensure that a free appropriate public education is available for each child with a disability…NO LATER THAN THE CHILD’S THIRD BIRTHDAY

  • AND that an IEP or IFSP is IN EFFECT by that date

Monitoring transition l.jpg
Monitoring Transition Public Education Department

  • September 2003: first year to monitor Early Childhood Transition

  • Family Infant Toddler Program, Department of Health, provided lists of children eligible to transition

  • Special Education Bureau notified LEAs and collected data on the actual Transition of each child

03 04 results l.jpg
03/04 Results: Public Education Department

  • 16% started receiving services the first day of the school year (roughly 1 in 6)

  • 44% started on the first day of preschool, one-two weeks after the first day of school

Additionally11 l.jpg
Additionally, Public Education Department

  • 19% started later than the preschool,

    • Ranging from 2-43 days later than preschool

    • (2-8 weeks after 1st day of school)

16 received no services l.jpg
16% received no services: Public Education Department

  • They did not qualify

  • Their family refused services

  • The family moved or

  • The district could not locate the family

5 not sufficient data l.jpg
5% Not sufficient data: Public Education Department

  • Districts did not supply the exact date when the services started

To improve this performance l.jpg
To Improve this Performance: Public Education Department

  • We will supply information to LEAs earlier

  • LEA staff should

    • Participate in 90-Day Conferences

    • Complete IEP in Spring or at least 15 days before the first day of school

    • Provide extended contracts (e.g., during ESY) to complete the process

Services to 2 year old children l.jpg
Services to 2 Year Old Children Public Education Department

  • Children who turn 3 during the school year

    • Can start receiving services at the beginning of the school year or

    • If they are receiving services from Part C, they can

      >complete the year with the early intervention provider or

      > Start receiving services from the LEA the first day of school

Nm early childhood transition initiative l.jpg


Smooth means l.jpg

Uninterrupted Services Public Education Department

EI services on IFSP are available and provided until first day of services by receiving agency

IEP in place at least 15 days prior to transition

Services & supports begin on the date specified on the IEP

Interagency planning process with family centered practices is evident.

Interagency agreements

Mutually developed policies & procedures

Formalized systems of communication and

information sharing

Smooth Means:

Effective means l.jpg

Families informed of all options and rights Public Education Department

Timely planning

Transition planning initiated at least 6 months prior as evidenced by identified transition steps in the IFSP

90 Day Conference occurs and includes participation of Part B and other relevant parties

High Level Of Satisfaction

A demonstrated high level of satisfaction related to the experience of transitioning from one system to another


Sending agency

Receiving agency(ies)

Effective Means:

Accomplishments status l.jpg
Accomplishments & Status Public Education Department

  • 43 Community transition teams exist

  • Interagency partnerships are stronger

    • 72% completed interagency agreements

    • 7% in signature phase

    • 12% in development phase

    • 9% no agreement started

  • Each team supported by a Coach

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SAVE THE DATE Public Education Department



NOVEMBER 4, 2004



Science & Technology Park

Rotunda Conference Room

801 University Blvd. SE

Pre-registration Required

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