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Crazy games that get kids moving. 2010 ArkAHPERD Annual Convention. BY: NATHAN MITCHELL BERNICE YOUNG ELEMENTARY SCHOOL SPRINGDALE SCHOOL DISTRICT [email protected] Fun tag games. 1)CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP & CHEETO TAG .

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Crazy games

that get kids moving

2010 ArkAHPERD

Annual Convention




[email protected]

Fun tag games


Chick Noodle soup tag is a simple freeze tag game where student s who are it have a tagging device (a rubber chicken or noodle) to tag other students and make them freeze. Another fun variation is Cheeto tag (using orange noodles representing cheetos to tag with. Here are different fun ways to make students freeze.

1)straddle-student tagged freezes standing with legs apart. Other students must crawl under and through to free student.

2)bridge-student tagged forms a bridge on the ground on hands and feet with seat in air. Other students must crawl under to free frozen student.

3)armadillo-student tagged must lay on back like a dead armadillo with hands and feet in air. Other students slap both feet to free frozen student.

4)Toilet bowl-student tagged sits criss-cross apple sauce with legs forming a hole like a toilet bowl. Student sticks arm out like a handle and other students run by and push down on arm to flush and free frozen student.

5)10 and again-tagged student freezes standing with both hands out for a double high five. Other student s double high five, both students do a 360 and double high five again to free.


Blob tag starts with 2 or 3 groups of 2 or 3 students volunteering to be mini blobs. Each little blob attempts to go around the gym tagging individuals . When they tag someone, that tagged person must join the blog. The blob will get bigger and bigger. Blobs must stay together by holding hands. They are not allowed to let go in order to tag other students. Game ends when everyone is tagged and part of a blob. If a blob gets bigger than 8, you can split them, or have fun with a huge blob.


Ball tag involves soft dodge balls. Pick about 4 or 5 students (per class of 25) to be it and give them a soft dodgeball. Those students must throw the ball and hit someone in the air (it can’t bounce first) to tag them. If hit, use different ways to make them freeze and be freed. The 4 or 5 that are it , are it the entire 2 minute round, unless someone catches their ball in the air. Then they get to keep it and be it. If the person who is it, throws and misses, no one else can pick their ball up. Rotate who is it every 2 minutes .


Every student puts 5 clothespins on their back. Have students partner up to help put the clothespins on. When game starts, students run around and try to steal clothespins (procupines) off other students backs. You can only take 1 at a time, and then place it on your front. Those are safe. If all your porcupines get stolen, don’t worry, keep trying to steal others and continue placing them on your front. Goal is to get the most porcupines. When the game is over, students can also count porcupines that are still on their back.


Everybody starts by laying down on the ground by themselves in their own space. Select certain students to stand up and partner them . I usually start with 6 students standing and partner them (so starting with 3 partnerships). Pick one student to be it and the other is being chased. Each pair does not worry about the other people that are chasing and being chased. They are only worried about their partner that they start with. The goal is for the partner being chased to not get tagged. One way they do this is by laying down next to someone on the floor. When they do this, the person on the floor pops up and now they are being chased. If you get tagged, you must try to tag them back. Again, you are not worried about the other kids chasing each other . As the game go continues and it is apparent the students understand the game fine, I pick more students to stand and partner up and chase each other.


I pick 1 student to start as the cop in the middle of the gym and everyone else to be robbers and they line up at one end of the gym. I usually make the girls robbers and the boys bandits. I will yell out either robbers or bandits and that group has to run across the gym and make it safely to the other side without being tagged by the cop. If tagged by the cop, they too become a cop. Goal is to be the last robber or bandit left. With younger kids I call it zoo keepers and name the girls an animal and the boys an animal and then call out animals to go across trying not to be tagged by the zoo keeper.