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SHRM Hosted Website Program PowerPoint Presentation
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SHRM Hosted Website Program

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SHRM Hosted Website Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SHRM Hosted Website Program. May 2013. SHRM Hosted Website Program. Overview of Program. In 2004 SHRM conducted a survey of our chapters/councils and found assistance was needed with website presence

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SHRM Hosted Website Program

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    1. SHRM Hosted Website Program May 2013

    2. SHRM Hosted Website Program Overview of Program In 2004 SHRM conducted a survey of our chapters/councils and found assistance was needed with website presence In 2005 SHRM created the program for all professional affiliated chapters and councils In 2010 SHRM created their own content management software called the Affiliate Content Management Software or Affiliate CMS for short

    3. SHRM Hosted Website Program Program Includes Use of the Affiliate Content Management Software (Affiliate CMS) SHRM hosts your site on our servers We create your website and once done, you maintain The Affiliate CMS has a built-in Training Center providing 24/7 access to training videos and written documentation Technical Support which is available Monday – Friday

    4. SHRM Hosted Website Program Cost to participate in the Program FREE!

    5. SHRM Hosted Website Program Program Information The Affiliate CMS allows for automation and management support for you and your members: You can member login protect pages and content There is a searchable Membership Directory Each member will have their own profile that they can manage There is a built-in Membership Database which allows you to: Manage chapter members and website administrator accounts Export your member list into an excel spreadsheet Send mass emails with attachments

    6. SHRM Hosted Website Program Built-In, Customizable Membership Application Allows for online membership sign-up Automatic notification email sent to chapter for new members Customizable confirmation messages to member from chapter Customizable welcome messages to member from chapter

    7. SHRM Hosted Website Program Forgot Password Assistance Should a member forget their password, the login page offers a “Forgot Password Link” When the member clicks the link, the system automatically generates an email providing a one-time login When the member uses the one-time login, the system prompts the member to change their password

    8. SHRM Hosted Website Program Dynamic Content Types The Affiliate CMS allows for several different content types. Some content types provide structured content creation and the ability to write the content once and then have it dynamically appear throughout the site where needed. An example of these content types would by your Events, News or Announcements and Blog posts. The homepage of a hosted website has dedicated space for these content types which will automatically display the most recent content. The Affiliate CMS will manage this automation and provide you with total control over how many different events, news items or blog posts display. You also have the ability to decide to have these content types appear on the homepage or not.

    9. SHRM Hosted Website Program Other Content Types Forms: This allows you to create and manage web forms to collect information from your members and site visitors. The information is collected in a database and you can export the form results into an excel spreadsheet. Form Examples: Meeting Registration, Contact Us Survey: You can create and manage surveys for use on your site. The information is collected in a database and you can export the survey results into an excel spreadsheet. Survey Examples: Member Survey, Meeting Survey Page: You can create and edit static content pages that can be placed anywhere on the site. Page Examples: About Us, Board of Directors

    10. SHRM Hosted Website Program For more in-depth information, please visit the SHRM Affiliate Program website and click on the Program Information tab. More Program Information

    11. SHRM Hosted Website Program What are the Benefits? Chapters and State Councils Easy to use content management software Your website is hosted by SHRM Technical Support Added value of SHRM Content and Links SHRM A stronger network of SHRM affiliate web sites with common branding Expanded opportunities for SHRM’s online advertisers

    12. SHRM Hosted Website Program Examples of hosted sited - Similar but Individualized To see a full listing of all hosted chapter and councils websites, please visit:

    13. SHRM Hosted Website Program Affiliate Responsibilities to Participate Privacy Policy: Post and adhere to a Privacy Policy. A privacy policy lets a visitor to your site know that any information they provide or that you collect will be protected and what you will do with the information. Content Backup: Keep a backup of everything. This includes all content, any documents you have uploaded (Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint) and any images displayed on the site. SHRM Support: Contact SHRM with questions and/or technical support via the Webchapter Help Desk using one of our support request forms. This generates a support ticket and allows for easy tracking of issues/questions as well as assistance provided.

    14. SHRM Hosted Website Program Limitations and Options Email: SHRM does not provide an email with the program Option: Free email vendor (ex: Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) Online Payment Transactions: The software does not offer this feature Option: Third-party vendor (ex: PayPal) Video Files: The Affiliate CMS does not support video files Option: Host videos on third-party and embed video into site (ex: YouTube)

    15. SHRM Hosted Website Program How to Get Started with a FREE website from SHRM Please visit and submit the Affiliate Agreement You will receive an email outlining the information SHRM will need to create your site Provide the materials requested Your site will be ready in 3 to 4 weeks

    16. SHRM Hosted Website Program Questions? If you have questions or concerns, please contact us: Contact Us Form If you would like to speak directly with someone: Shelly Quinn Toll-Free: 1.800.283.7476 x6245 Direct Dial: 703.535.6245 Email: