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Responding to a Mayday event

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Responding to a Mayday event - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Responding to a Mayday event. May 2014 MCO Training:. RIC / Mayday. Session: 2 Hours 30 minutes class 2 Practice drills. Objectives: Review RIC and Mayday procedures Introduce the default Best Practice Satisfy WAC.

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responding to a mayday event

Responding to a Mayday event

May 2014 MCO Training:

ric mayday
RIC / Mayday
  • Session:
    • 2 Hours
    • 30 minutes class
    • 2 Practice drills
  • Objectives:
    • Review RIC and Mayday procedures
    • Introduce the default Best Practice
    • Satisfy WAC
  • “In the event a firefighter becomes lost, trapped, seriously injured, has a medical emergency, has exhausted their breathing air, or find themselves in any other form of life-threatening situation they shall immediately call for help, using the nationally adopted term “Mayday” to declare that an emergency situation now exists. The fire department shall specifically establish and routinely practice standard procedures for managing a Mayday situation.”
ric mayday1
RIC / Mayday
  • Why?
    • Develop an organized plan
    • Eight agencies – get on the same page
    • Faster reaction to an event
    • Maintain management of the fire
  • Nothing in this training precludes the incident commander from taking the action necessary to mitigate a mayday event in the safest and most practical way possible for the conditions presented. Absent any other preplanned response, these recommended procedures provide direction to initiate a coordinated effort to aid and/or rescue firefighters who are in need of assistance.
ric mayday2
RIC / Mayday

First Step……Preparation!

  • Don’t get yourself in a precarious situation in the first place!

Recognize hazards

Understand fire behavior

Maintain situational awareness

Manage your air

  • Know your RIC Kit
  • Know your equipment – assembly / starting / limitations / using
  • Drags / Lifts / Carries…..know what you are capable of doing!
  • Communications / Terminology


ric mayday3
RIC / Mayday

RIC Responsibilities………….

  • Briefing from I/C
  • Perform a 360 – note doors/windows/access/fire location
  • Identify secondary means of egress / soften the structure
  • Assemble:
    • RIC Kits (from each agency) Pry Bar
    • TIC Lead line
    • Irons Rope
    • Hose line Ladder(s)
    • Saw(s) Other special equipment
  • Confer with ISO
  • Plan – A.W.A.R.E. (Air, Water, Access, Radio, Extrication plan)
  • Monitor Talk Groups / State Ops
ric mayday4
RIC / Mayday

Incident Commander Responsibilities………….

  • Assure RIC is assigned, announced, and bench marked
  • Assign ISO (2nd arriving B/C) – brief on transition to RIC Group Supervisor in the event of a Mayday
  • Request additional Talk Group
  • Request additional resources as necessary for the incident

Why the 2nd Battalion Chief as Incident Safety Officer?

ric mayday5
RIC / Mayday

The Mayday Event………….

Eng.37 "MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY", 181 Command from Engine 37"

Command "All units from 181 Command, Emergency Traffic - go ahead with your Mayday Engine 37“

Eng. 37 "This is FF Jones on Engine 37 assigned Exposure operating on Floor 2. Engine 37 has been cut off from our egress and has heavy smoke and high heat on Floor 2. Air is at 25%. We need a ladder to the window on Side Charlie“

Command "181 Command copies you and your crew are trapped on Floor 2 with low air and need a ladder to Side Charlie for egress.“

Eng. 37 "Affirmative."


Eng. 37 "MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY, Engine 37, help!"

Command "Last unit? Was that a Mayday?"

ric mayday6
RIC / Mayday

I/C Responsibilities…………

  • Acknowledge Mayday
  • Obtain L.U.N.A.R. (Location, Unit, Name, Air/Assignment, Resources needed)
  • Advise to Activate PASS
  • Ascertain if nearby crews are in a position to assist
  • Assign Safety to RIC Group Supervisor
  • Establish Medical Group
  • Move Suppression activities to 2nd Talk Group
  • Request Resources
  • Conduct Roll Call (at any point to confirm missing)
  • Continue to manage the fire incident and monitor rescue
ric mayday7
RIC / Mayday

RIC Group Supervisor…………

  • Monitor information from Mayday communications
  • Affirm transition from Safety to RIC Group Supervisor
  • Move to EMER Talk Group if Mayday occurred on EMER or EMER button was activated
  • Assign RIC to task of “RIC Search” (designator remains as the unit, ie; Engine 9)
  • Request at least two companies from I/C (for Rescue and Support)
  • Assure specific equipment as requested by the RIC Search unit is deployed
  • Manage and coordinate the rescue effort
ric mayday8
RIC / Mayday

RIC Responsibilities…………

If the needs or nature of the emergency have not been communicated and under the direction of the RIC Group Supervisor, RIC should be assigned the task of searching, recon, and providing air for the firefighter(s) in trouble and determine what if anything will be needed to mitigate the Mayday. They retain their unit designator. Minimum equipment should be:

RIC Kit(s) TIC Irons Lead line or hose line

Move QUICKLY to locate the firefighter(s)

Conduct a 360 of the area to identify hazards

Provide air if necessary

Communicate: FF located, Plan for extrication, Resources, Plan for removal, Update the RIC Group Supervisor

Relay plan to Rescue crew on their arrival

ric mayday9
RIC / Mayday

RIC Rescue Crew Responsibilities…………

  • Once assigned, report to RIC Group Supervisor (Unit designator will be retained)
  • Stand by at access point for equipment and resource request from the RIC Search crew
  • When assigned, take additional air if necessary and rendezvous with the RIC Search crew.
  • Obtain plan from RIC Search team leader
  • Assume rescue operations
  • Request resources as necessary
  • Update RIC Group Supervisor
ric mayday10
RIC / Mayday

RIC Support Crew Responsibilities…………

  • Once assigned, report to RIC Group Supervisor
  • Assemble equipment as requested for rescue operations
  • If additional resources are requested for the rescue effort, RIC Support moves up to assist the RIC Rescue crew (RIC Group Supervisor will request additional resources to backfill)
ric mayday11
RIC / Mayday



RIC Search Crew

RIC Rescue Crew

RIC Support Crew

Recon / Air / Plan

Extrication / Removal

Equip. Support

ric mayday12
RIC / Mayday

Today’s Practice…………….

  • Large two-story single-family residence
  • Extending kitchen fire on Floor 1
  • 1st Alarm units have arrived except for 4th due
  • Front door is wedged open
  • Exposure crew opens 2nd Floor window to vent heavy smoke
ric mayday13
RIC / Mayday

Should a Mayday Occur…………….

  • Follow the default plan for a RIC activation:
    • I/C Responsibilities
    • Safety to RIC Group Supervisor
    • RIC to RIC search crew
    • RIC rescue crew assumes rescue
    • RIC support team assists from outside
    • One firefighter down the ladder
    • One firefighter out the hallway
    • Think about how you will make that happen!