Pooled fringe benefit rates
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Pooled Fringe Benefit Rates. Proposed Implementation Plan Clemson University February, 2006. Institutional Perspective — E&G funds are used for fringe benefits that could be allocated to other sources Terminal leave for employees paid from non-E&G funded sources

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Pooled fringe benefit rates l.jpg

Pooled Fringe Benefit Rates

Proposed Implementation Plan

Clemson University

February, 2006

Current process l.jpg

Institutional Perspective —

E&G funds are used for fringe benefits that could be allocated to other sources

Terminal leave for employees paid from non-E&G funded sources

Insurance benefits for 9-month employees

Tuition waivers for employees with non-E&G funding sources

Graduate health insurance subsidies for students funded from non-E&G sources

Current Process

Current process3 l.jpg
Current Process

Budget perspective –

  • E&G and PSA fringe benefits are covered with institutional funds

    • Difficult to estimate the funding level

      • Salary decisions at budget center level

      • Hiring decisions not based on benefit projections

      • Ever-increasing fringe benefit escalation

  • Departmental budgets pay for annual leave payouts

  • Experienced rates sometimes include unidentified data anomalies

Current process4 l.jpg
Current Process

Departmental perspective –

  • Fringe benefits charged in detail

    • Seven types

    • 19 variable rates

  • Inconsistent planning methods used by non-E&G funded areas

  • Payroll reporting includes detailed fringe activity

Proposed change in fringe benefit expense calculation l.jpg
Proposed Change in Fringe Benefit Expense Calculation

Actual Calculated Fringe Expenses

Pooled Fringe Benefit Rates

Why change now l.jpg
Why change now?

  • More accurate fringe planning associated with all salaries

  • Easier to calculate unexpended grant funds when closing out grant

  • Places accountability at point of decision-making

What is basis of the pooled rate l.jpg
What is basis of the pooled rate?

  • Controller’s office calculates and negotiates annual rates

    • Compiles experienced rates from the previous year across all funds and seeks approval from the Department of Health and Human Services

      • FICA

      • Unemployment Tax

      • Insurance—Health, Dental, Life

      • Retirement

      • Long-term disability

      • Worker’s Compensation

      • Termination Pay

    • Projects and negotiates anticipated rates for subsequent year

What are the new proposed rates l.jpg
What are the new proposed rates?

  • 9 Month Faculty 23.7%

  • 12 Month Faculty/Staff 29.2%

  • Students 2.9%

  • Part-time/Temporary 14.9%

When are these rates effective l.jpg
When are these rates effective ?

Payroll expenses

incurred on or after

July 1, 2006

Then what l.jpg
Then what?

  • Fringe expense calculations posted for each payroll

    • Based on benefits eligibility of employee

    • Fringe expense posted to detail chartfield string

    • Terminal leave paid from fringe pool

  • Rates are recalculated and resubmitted by December 31 annually for approval

Implementation plan year one l.jpg
Implementation Plan — Year One

  • FY07

    • Existing E&G/PSA fringe base

      • Continue to manage centrally in year one to facilitate transition (Funds 10 and 15)

    • Central terminal leave payout

      • Propose a permanent reallocation from operational budgets equal to 1.0% of 12MO salary base in Funds 13 and 15 to fund central terminal leave payout

      • Establish a separate budget node for terminal leave payout tracking

    • Establish four new expenditure nodes for each of the four pooled fringe rates—9MO, 12MO, Student, Part-time/Temp

Implementation plan year two l.jpg
Implementation Plan — Year Two

  • FY08

    • Existing E&G/PSA fringe base

      • Allocate permanently to budget centers based on FY07 costs in funds 10, 13 and 15

    • Budget centers have full accountability for all fringe costs

    • Terminal leave payouts covered from pooled fringe