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2018 New years resolution to being Eco-friendly PowerPoint Presentation
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2018 New years resolution to being Eco-friendly

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2018 New years resolution to being Eco-friendly - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The presentation is about how you can contribute to preserving nature by just adopting small things in your life. We all need to adopt these changes in order to preserve the environment for well being of our future generation.

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2018 New years resolution to being Eco-friendly

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Presentation Transcript
have a green resolution this year

Have a

“green resolution“

this year

  • The year 2018 has arrived, remember the previous year how much damage we caused to the environment?
  • So now is the time to be conscious regarding environment health before it is too late.
  • Take resolution to adopt some of measures in order to decrease our carbon footprints.
  • Collectively all of our small steps will result into a very big revolution, so start from improving yourself and environment around you.
  • Teach your children and aware them what not to do and what are the consequences we going to face if we continue to abuse mother nature and damage it.
shop eco friendly



  • The next time when you go out for shopping, remember instead of getting branded expensive clothes, prefer the clothes made from natural fiber.
  • Instead of demanding for a plastic bag, prefer bag made out of cloth or paper. Carrying your own bag when you go out for shopping is the best practice and ultimately results in reducing of carbon footprints,
eco friendly utensils



  • This has been an issue since a decade, the major part of the waste consists of the food utensils made from plastic.
  • We all knowhow hard it is to dispose plastic as it takes many years and on a serious note the aquatic life is affected most, where we just dump plastic waste into sea or throw on beaches.
  • Government had strictly imposed laws for such use of plastic, near beaches they have banned plastic items and food items are served in compostable utensils.


  • Not only on many public places but in government and corporate offices, railways station, bus station etc.. You can find drinks served in biodegradable hot cups.
  • To make people aware many campaigns are being started over the world, full time dedicated NGO’s are working in order to save this planet and we should also contribute to it to the extent which we are capable of.
next time when you gift someone don t plastic wrap

Next time when

You gift someone

Don’t plastic wrap

  • Nearly all wrapping of gift are plastic made which we should avoid, wrap a gift with paper or eco friendly material so when you gifting someone you are also gifting your future generation a green environment to breathe in
switching to emission free vehicles

Switching to Emission free vehicles

  • One of the most drastic type of pollution which is air pollution due to increase numbers of vehicles running on fossil fuel.
  • Large transportation vehicles consumes lots of fuels and every one using cars instead of public transportation are the major causes of air pollution.
  • It can only be reduced to a notable level only if we switch to electric vehicles which does 0 emission.
opting for eco friendly gadgets

Opting for



  • Eco-friendly gadgets, confused? It is suggested to use gadgets like Led Bulbs and Solar panels which ultimately reduce the carbon footprints by decrease in electricity usage.
  • High grade PSU’s in devices like computer makes use of optimum electricity, are preferred as they are of platinum category which are enhanced to save electricity.
environment friendly camping




  • Next time you go camping remember that you came far from that dirty polluted environment in the lap of nature just have some time in healthy environment so take care that to preserve that for the next year, so that you have a clean green place.
  • Using solar powered gadgets are best way so that you don’t need to worry about running out of battery power.
environment friendly camping 1




  • Cook using natural resources such as wood and use biodegradable food containers for serving food so that if you just throw away that it will easily decompose into soil unlike plastic.
  • Don’t go burning fossil fuel to your camping site instead do a trekking journey by which you can stay fit also.
reduse reuse recycle



Be Responsible this year


Preserve Nature For Your Future Generation


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