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Best Probiotics for Mood

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What if I told you that the gang of microbes in your guts effect and control your mood, cognitive ability, and even your personality? n nnDon’t freak. It’s kind of weird. But it’s OK.n nnWe humans have always had the intuitive feeling that part of our character resides in the lower abdomen. “I’ve got a gut feeling” is an expression of this notion.n nNow recent scientific findings of the connection between our brain and our intestinal microorganisms have validated our gut instincts.n nnWe are beginning to find out how immensely important those little buggers really are to our physical and emotional health.

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Best Probiotics for Mood

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best probiotics for mood

Best Probiotics for Mood

Best Probiotics for Mood

What if I told you that the gang of microbes in your guts

effect and control your mood, cognitive ability and even

your personality?

Don’t freak. It’s kind of weird. But it’s OK.

We humans have always had intuitive feeling that part of our

character resides in the lower abdomen. “I’ve got a gut

feeling” is an expression of this notion.

Now recent scientific findings about the connection between

our brain and our intestinal microorganisms have

validated our gut instincts.

We are beginning to find out how immensely important those little buggers really are to our

physical and emotional health.

Hey Guys, Looking Good!

Most of us know that having good gastrointestinal health can provide many benefits including

digestion, metabolism and immune function.

But who would have thought your gut flora can determine if you are happy and well-

adjusted or suffer from anxiety and depression?

People always say cheer up and smile, think positive thoughts . Maybe it’s time to look a little deeper

and ….. a lot lower.

a direct connection

A Direct Connection

First of all, there is a real, physical connection. Your gut is hard-wired to the brain by way of the

tenth cranial nerve, also known as the vagus nerve, which is the longest in the whole human body.

Its main duty is to control the fecal function of the gastrointestinal tract.

Recent medical research now indicates that this avenue may not be a one-way street (I was going to

make a Hershey Highway joke, but I’m keeping it classy).

In other words, that 100- trillion-strong

(100,000,000,000,000) mob of microorganisms inside

you have a big say in how you think and feel.

A Second Brain?

Secondly, you have an enteric nervous system. Bet you

didn’t know that. The enteric nervous system (ENS) is

the network of neurons that controls the intestinal tract.

It contains more than 100 million neurons, making it the second largest system of nerves in the body.

Your ENS sends signals to your brain and even can act independently of your brain (!)

The ENS works in symbiosis with our gut flora in ways we are just beginning to understand. But it is is

becoming clear that:

They combine together to give us a sort of second brain!!!!

Recent Studies Reflect a Strong Link

Medical researchers have long suspected a link between brain function and the microorganisms that

live in the human gut.

Researchers at UCLA conducted a study in October 2017*. The results strongly indicate that this

connection has an dramatic impact on our emotional states and our cognitive abilities. Are you

sh*tting me?

non stop party

Non stop party.

Good and Bad Bacteria – A Surprising Study

The researchers at UCLA studied 40 women and identified two groups of bacteria with very different

effects on mood. The women were shown unpleasant images and given difficult problems to solve.

Here’s what the researchers found:

• Higher levels of Prevotella bacteria were linked to an increased degree of anxiety and a heightened

response to negative stimuli.

• Women with increased levels of the Bacteroides type, by contrast, were less bothered by negative

imagery and showed brain patterns consistent with problem-solving activities.

“This study indicates that the balance of microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract can

make huge difference in how we think, feel and interact on a daily basis.”

Another Shocking Study

A study conducted at the Chongqing Medical University

in China* and released in June 2016 recorded some

amazing results:

• The gut bacteria of human patients suffering

from major depressive disorder were extracted and

implanted into otherwise healthy mice.

• These mice then began demonstrating some of the same depressed behaviors typically

associated with major depressive disorder.

This establishes a direct link between the bacteria present in the gut and the emotional state of the

individual, making it clear that a healthy gastrointestinal tract is vital to a happier life.

you should do all you can to provide yourself

You should do all you can to provide yourself with the best probiotics for mood.

Fun Gut Facts

Cute Guts

A healthy gut is vital to the proper function of all other systems within your body, but did you know

these other reasons to mind your intestines?

• The digestive system is responsible for nearly all water and nutrient absorption in the human body.

• It comprises more than one billion nerve endings and eve has its own nervous system

• Between 70 and 80 percent of immune cells reside in the gut.

• Your intestines contain most of the serotonin (happiness molecule) in your body.

• The gut plays a vital role in at least 20 hormonal processes including the production of serotonin and


• A healthy colony of the best probiotics for mood in the gut can protect against damaging bacteria and

microrganisms while ensuring the most efficient use of food energy.

• Imbalances in these hormones may be involved in the development of gut flora depression and anxiety,

which may be treatable with the addition of probiotics to a regular, healthy diet.

As the UCLA study demonstrates, Prevotella bacteria may be a factor in gut flora depression and

anxiety high levels of these microorganisms

anxiety. High levels of these microorganisms and lower levels of good bacteria could potentially have a

devastating effect on emotional states and stability.

So what can you do to promote gut health and

improve your daily mood?

4 Steps to a Healthy Gut

1. Eat More Raw Food.

Raw food is alive with healthy microbes and fiber. Eat

plenty of raw fruits, vegetables and nuts throughout the day and make a rule to eat some raw food –

apples, cole slaw, salads – with every meal.

I enjoy eating oatmeal right out of the box. It is an almost perfect food.

2. Eat Fiber – Especially Prebiotic Fiber

This is super important. Your gut microbes are alive and they have to eat. Otherwise they go away.

Insoluble fiber provides them with their food. It’s a special fiber that is integral to certain foods.

Eat plenty of: Apples, unripe bananas, raw onions, sunchokes, oatmeal, asparagus, tiger nuts, leeks, raw

garlic, chickory root, jicama, dandelion greens and honey.

Cold potatoes and cold rice also have tons of prebiotic fiber. Cook them on then cool them in the

fridge overnight. You can heat them the next day. The molecular structure changes and they then have

microbe-friendly starches that bacteria love to munch


Additionally, you can take prebiotic fiber supplements.

3. Eat Probiotic Food

Eat plenty of fermented, probiotic foods – fresh

sauerkraut and pickles (from the barrel), kimchi,

kombucha, yougurt, butter milk, blue cheese, brie

cheese, miso, netto.

4 take probiotic supplements

4. Take Probiotic Supplements

Taking the best probiotics will release tens of BILLIONS of helpful bacteria into your digestive tract.

Probiotics supplements contain living microorganisms that can be ingested to boost the effectiveness of

your digestive system. The bacteria and yeasts work to support proper function of your stomach and

intestines and promote better overall physical and emotional health.

Do you want to know what the best probiotics for mood are? Read on.

How Do You Pick a Good Probiotic?

You should look for probiotic supplements that are:

High Potency – They should contain at least 10 billion bacteria per serving.

Broad spectrum – Diversity of your micro-flora is important.

Shipped cold – Probiotics are real and perishable. Be wary of ones that are just sitting on a shelf

at room temperature.

Which are the Best Probiotics for Mood?

Our choice for the best probiotics for mood is Dr Formulated Probiotics Mood +

This amazing health product was specifically formulated to employ the mood and mental health

benefits of helpful microorganisms.

Dr. David Perlmutter, board-certified neurologist and expert in the human biome, developed this

formula with certain probiotics that were clinically researched for their supporting role in mood and


They contain 16 probiotic strains including L. helveticus R0052 and B. Longum R0175 that have

been extensively studied for their effects

been extensively studied for their effects on anxiety and depression.

They have 50 billion CFU guaranteed.

Dr Formulated Probiotic Mood + is shipped refrigerated to “Arrive Alive”

They are raw

100% vegetarian

gluten free

Probiotics Mood + also has:

prebiotic fiber and a “Stress Support Blend” of natural herbs.

If you are having problems with digestion, irritable bowl, low energy, anxiety or depression, you should

follow these 4 steps EVERY DAY for a few months and judge the effectiveness for yourself.

They are some of the best and easiest things you can you can do to improve your health.

Keep you little microbe buddies happy and they will return the favor!




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