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Alternative medicine, a different approach to treatment from the standard medicine methods, is fast gaining popularity due to many reasons.

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Alternative Medicine – An Approach To Treatment

Alternative medicine, a different approach to treatment from the standard medicine methods, is fast

gaining popularity due to many reasons.

Why modern standard medicine is not preferred

Maybe due to failure in methods, or the increasing cases of side effects for each new problem being

treated, modern standard medicine is quickly losing some of its credibility. This happens due to

certain people who practice medicine and give wrong diagnosis and treatment. But also due to some

other factors, people who have sworn by modern medicine are turning towards other directions in

search of better cure, and one which can negate the negative effects of modern medicine.

There are many reasons why alternative medicine is considered a good option


Alternative medicine is safer.

More than the standard health treatments, alternative medicine methods are proven safer. The

approach and the treatment method have made them preferable with the reduction in number of

wrong diagnoses and wrong treatments.


It has stood the test of time

Some alternative medicine practices have stood the test of time, often being practiced over

centuries, with some practices that are even thousands of years old. Methods like acupuncture and

ayurveda are thousands of years older.


It works on every one

Alternative medicine practices are not specific to age or gender or even nationality. The practices,

though they have particular areas of origin, can work on people beyond borders and across

continents. The practices do not vary based on the demographic or geography of the area.


There are various therapy options

When ‘alternative medicine’ is mentioned, it includes a wide range of therapies, most of them

originating in different places, following different principles and methods, but often focusing on

specific ailments.


It is not restricted


Alternative medicine practitioners understand that the body and its ailment cannot be localised. One

ailment is often a reflection of many underlying causes, and alternative medicine practices focus on

root causes and are not restricted to a particular line of treatment.


They can be mixed

Alternative medicine practices can be clubbed with one another, and while the practices themselves

focus on specific areas, multiple treatments can be done together to eliminate or reduce the

problem as a whole. With the ultimate goal being complete restoration of the patient’s health, many

alternative medicine practices, each focusing on a different part, a different problem, can be



Holistic approach

One of the fundamentals of alternative medicine is that it approaches the body as a whole, and the

treatment methods often focus on overall well being. Since the problems in a particular area are

narrowed down to different causes, and the underlying symptoms are indication of an entirely

different problem, alternative medicine practices understand this truth and treat the whole body.


Results visible in modern parameters

Though the practices themselves are traditional, the results they give can be measured with modern

methods and parameters, and are still very conclusive. The outcome of all practices is the

restoration of vibrant health and the results as such are visible via modern methods too.


Can be adapted

Alternative medicine practices do not specifically need to be tied by the age old practices. Small

changes in them can completely change the way they are practiced. Infusion of modern concepts

like sports therapy etc, are modifications of original traditional alternative medicine methods.

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