coverage under general liability insurance n.
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Coverage Under General Liability Insurance PowerPoint Presentation
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Coverage Under General Liability Insurance

Coverage Under General Liability Insurance

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Coverage Under General Liability Insurance

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  1. Coverage Under General Liability Insurance

  2. Commercial general liability (CGL) insurance protects your business by providing you the insurance policy which covers your business for property damage, personal or bodily injury due to any business operations, products or any injury which accord within the business premises. Commercial general liability is known as a comprehensive business insurance policy as it not only protects you and your business but also protects your employees, despite the fact it does not entertain you to cover all the risk you may face in business. its policies protect you from the expenditure of litigation, out-of-court settlements and the judgments passed by the courts.

  3. Customer’s Bodily Injury If a customer got injured in your business premises than general liability insurance can entertain you to pay for his medical bills immediately but if the customer sues your company or business.

  4. Customer’s Property Damage General liability insurance policy also helps you by bearing the expanses of your client or customers property or stuff, for example, mobile, laptop etc. if the client’s property is damaged at your workplace than general liability insurance will bear the expenditures to replace or repair the thing.

  5. Miscellaneous General liability insurance entertains you in a broader perspective. It gives you the benefit by helping you to deal with advertising injury, which means your company’s marketing department violates the copyright of someone and they sue you. At that point general liability insurance steps in to provide you its assistance and pay for the expenses of the lawsuit.

  6. If You Need General Liability Insurance for your Business – Visit : Or Call - (877) 819-7819