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VCL100 STM-1/4 Multi-Service Provisioning Platform (MSPP) PowerPoint Presentation
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VCL100 STM-1/4 Multi-Service Provisioning Platform (MSPP)

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VCL100 STM-1/4 Multi-Service Provisioning Platform (MSPP) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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VCL100 STM-1/4 Multi-Service Provisioning Platform (MSPP). 16810, Avenue of Fountains, Suite # 108, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268, U.S.A. Phone : +1 (480) 816-8672 Fax : +1 (480) 816-0115 E-mail : Web Site: Updated : January 1st, 2005.

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VCL100 STM-1/4 Multi-Service

Provisioning Platform (MSPP)

16810, Avenue of Fountains, Suite # 108,

Fountain Hills, AZ 85268, U.S.A.

Phone: +1 (480) 816-8672

Fax: +1 (480) 816-0115


Web Site:

Updated : January 1st, 2005

Slide 1

vcl100 stm 1 4
Multiple circuit and data interface options

E1/DS1, E3/DS3, E4, STM1e

10/100 Mbps Ethernet

STM-1/4 terminal, dual-terminal and MADM configurations supported

Full range of redundancy options

Built-in fully non-blocking 2.5 Gbps cross-connect

Highly modular with support for an expansion chassis for larger traffic drops


Cost-effective fully redundant STM-4 ADM

Cross-connect interconnecting multiple rings and linear segments

VCL100 STM-1/4

VCL100 STM-1/4

Slide 2

vcl100 stm 1 4 base chassis
VCL100MSPP provides the following card slots

2 slots for power supply cards (PSU)

2 slots for processor sub-systems (PSS)

2 slots for cross-connect cards

2 slots for STM-1/STM-4 aggregate cards (AC#1,2)

5 slots for general tributary cards (GTC)

1 slot for management interface card (MIC)

VCL100 STM-1/4

VCL100 STM-1/4: Base Chassis
  • Aggregate Card #1
  • Management Interface Card
  • General Tributarry Card #1
  • General Tributarry Card #2
  • Processor Sub-system #1
  • Processor Sub-system #2
  • General Tributary Card #3
  • General Tributary Card #4
  • General Tributary Card #5
  • Cross-connect Card #1
  • Cross-connect Card #2
  • Power Supply Unit #1
  • Power Supply Unit #2
  • Aggregate Card #2
  • 6T
  • 6T
  • 6T
  • 6T
  • 6T
  • 6T
  • 6T
  • 6T
  • 6T
  • 6T
  • 6T
  • 6T
  • 6T
  • 6T

Slide 3

vcl100 mspp traffic cards
The following traffic cards are available on VCL100 STM-1/4

Optical Cards:

All cards are characterized by drop-in replacements for the optics

1310nm, 1550nm, SR, IR etc

Support for the automatic laser shutdown feature

Support for live insertion and hot-swapping


1/2xSTM-1 Optical

Electrical Cards:

1/2xSTM-1 Electrical

1xSTM-1 Electrical/E4

1xE3/DS3 (Programmable)

BNC connectors (75 ohms)

1xE3/DS3 Transmux (available Q3, 2003)

21/28xE1/DS1 (Programmable)

D-type connectors (120 ohms terminations)

75 ohm terminations using baluns

8x10/100Mbps Ethernet

VCL100 STM-1/4

VCL100 MSPP: Traffic Cards

Slide 4

bandwidth distribution

VCL100 STM-1/4

Bandwidth Distribution
  • VCL100 STM-1/4 uses a single stage non-blocking cross-connect fabric
  • The fabric is of capacity 16 STM-1/STS-3s or 4 STM-4/OC-12s
  • The cross-connect can switch across all VT and TU layers
    • VT1.5/VT2/VT3/VT6
    • TU11/TU12/TU2/TU3
  • Bandwidth distribution to the aggregate and tributary slots is as shown

General Tributary Cards (GTC)












2 STM-1s


2 STM-1s

2 STM-1s

2 STM-1s



1. Slot 1 and 2 share 1 STM

4 bandwidth

2. Slot 3,4 and 5 share one


3. Maximum bandwidth on

each bus is shown in the figure


Cross Connect





Card 1


Card 2

Aggregate Cards

  • In addition to the aggregate slots, tributary slots 1 and 3 can house 1xSTM-4 cards

Slide 5

vcl100 mspp cross connect types
All types of cross-connections are supported on VCL100 STM-1/4, up to the maximum capacity of the fabric (16xSTM-1 equivalent)


Includes “hair-pinned” cross-connects on the aggregate




Includes loopbacks and local cross-connections

Support for VC-n (n=11,12,3,4) multi-casting, drop and continue, uni- and bi-directional cross-connections

Alarm monitoring at both TU and AU levels is supported

VCL100 STM-1/4

VCL100 MSPP: Cross-connect Types

Slide 6

vcl100xp expansion chassis
VCL100 STM-1/4 can add/drop 140 E1/DS1s from the main chassis

For larger traffic drops VCL100XP may be used

VCL100XP can house E1/Ds1, E3/DS3 and Ethernet Cards

VCL100XP allows bandwidth expansion up to 1xSTM-4

Requires the use of STM-4 Expander cards on the base; the population rules are the same as those for 1xSTM-4 cards

VCL100XP uses Expansion Controller cards (XPE4) to interface with the base

VCL100 STM-1/4

VCL100XP Expansion Chassis

VCL100XP Expansion Chassis

  • The power supply units and expansion controller cards on VCL100XP can be optionally redundant

Slide 7

power supply card psu
This module supplies power to all cards on STM-1/4

Generates standard 3.3 volts based on – 48 Volts D.C input

All other required voltages are generated on the cards themselves using converters

This module can be optionally redundant

The module is hot-swappable and hot-insertible

Provision of over-voltage and under-voltage protection for specified supply ranges

Additional functions include temperature monitoring, power control

VCL100 STM-1/4

Power Supply Card (PSU)

Slide 8

management interface card mic
This card supplies the management interfaces for both local and remote management

RS-232 port for local management

10/100 Ethernet port for remote management

The card provides status LEDs for alarm outputs

Potential-free contacts for alarm extension or taking in ambient alarms

BITS synchronization inputs and outputs are provided on the card

Overhead channels such as order-wire and F1 user byte can be accessed using MIC

VCL100 STM-1/4

Management Interface Card (MIC)

Slide 9

processor sub system pss
This card serves as the central controller for the complete STM-1/4 system

Based on a powerful processor, Motorola PowerPC 860, supplemented by 64MB SDRAM and 128MB Flash

Main OS is loaded on a 128MB compact flash disk

The card can be optionally redundant ensuring that provisioning happens even when one PSS has failed

The card is not traffic-affecting viz., traffic remains unaffected in spite of PSS failure(s)

VCL100 STM-1/4

Processor Sub-System (PSS)

Slide 10

vcl100 mspp redundancy features
VCL100 STM-1/4 has no single point of failure; it supports a wide range of redundancy and availability features

The following common units can be optionally redundant

Power Supply Unit (PSU)

1+1 hot standby and load-sharing modes

Cross-connect Unit (XC)

1+1 hot standby

The slave XC is always kept in sync with the master XC to reduce switching time if the master fails

Processor Sub-System (PSS)

PSS module is non traffic-affecting; provisioned traffic remains unaffected even if both modules fail

1:N equipment protection for E1/DS1 tributaries


VCL100 STM-1/4

VCL100 MSPP: Redundancy Features

Slide 11

vcl100 mspp network protection
VCL100 STM-1/4 supports standard network protection schemes defined in ITU-T G.783 and G.841


Support for new mesh based protection schemes which are more bandwidth efficient

Diverse Mesh, Shared Mesh

Support for mesh-based architecture

Mesh is rapidly replacing rings in new network architectures

Mesh architecture is more flexible, bandwidth-efficient and reliable compared to rings

Mesh is future-proof

Mesh-restored circuits

Circuits are rerouted using OSPF/MPLS upon link/node failure

Increases bandwidth efficiency by avoiding the bandwidth duplication of ring-based protection

VCL100 STM-1/4

VCL100 MSPP:Network Protection

Slide 12

vcl100 mspp management features
VCL100 STM-1/4 uses an IP overlay over SDH overhead bytes to carry management information

Uses standard Layer 3 routing protocol, OSPF for routing management information

VCL100 STM-1/4 provides multiple communication channels for carrying management information

D1 to D3 bytes (DCC-RS)

D4 to D12 bytes (DCC-MS)

F2/F3 path overhead bytes

Ethernet to E1 mapping

E1 management channel can be physically accessed using the 28xE1 tributary card

VCL100 STM-1/4

VCL100 MSPP:Management Features

Slide 13

vcl100 mspp management features1
In addition, the platform supports a DCC transparency feature allowing it to be deployed in mixed vendor scenarios

eg., if the alien equipment uses D1-D3, VCL100 STM-1/4 can use D4-D12 with pass-through of D1-D3 bytes

E1 mapping saves additional equipment and optical ports while introducing VCL100MC4 in incumbent networks with alien equipment

Since connectivity between VCL100MC4 and the alien equipment can be through E1s rather than wasting additional STM-1 interfaces

VCL100MC4 provides support for up to 12 In-Band Channels (IBC) and one E1 management channel

The maximum data rate per node is 4 Mbps

VCL100 STM-1/4

VCL100 MSPP:Management Features

Slide 14

inter working with third party equipment example

VCL100 STM-1/4

Inter-working with third-party equipment:Example











1 Ring

Ethernet Data

port used for

VC-12 mapping









  • The existing third-party equipments of the customer use DCC-M bytes for their management; VCL100s make use of the E1 management channel
  • Alien equipment and VCL100’s co-exist on the same ring and seamlessly inter-work

Slide 15

etc solution on vcl100 stm 1 4
The ETC (Ethernet Tributary Card) is a tributary module on VCL100 STM-1/4

The module supports eight 10/100 Base-TX ports with support for auto-negotiation

An ETC can be operated in either of the following mapping modes for transport over SDH

Ethernet over SDH mode: This involves the mapping of Ethernet traffic to multiples of VC-12s up to one STM-1 equivalent per card

Compliant to recent ITU standards on Ethernet over SDH (EoS)

Ethernet over PDH mode: This involves the mapping of Ethernet traffic to multiples of E1s using Multi-Link PPP

Compliant to IETF rfc 1990 on ML-PPP and rfc 1662 on “PPP in HDLC-like framing”

Also supports an option to directly map Ethernet traffic to E1s without further mapping to SDH for access router apps

VCL100 STM-1/4

ETC solution on VCL100 STM-1/4

Slide 16

etc solution salient features
ETC supports the following Ethernet over SDH framing standards to enable inter-connection of Ethernet LANs over an SDH network:

Ethernet over LAPS standard as per ITU-T X.86

Ethernet over PDH using ML-PPP/PPP/HDLC as per IETF rfc 1990 and rfc 1662

Ethernet over GFP as per ITU-T G.7041 in the frame-mapping mode

ETC allows efficient mapping of “tagged” and “untagged” Ethernet traffic into SDH virtual containers

It is possible to flexibly map data traffic arriving on any Ethernet port to one or multiples of VC-12s, VC-3s, VC-4s (n X VC-12s/VC-3s/VC-4) where n=1,2…63 for VC-12s, n=1,2,3 for VC-3s and n=1 for VC-4.

VCL100 STM-1/4

ETC solution: Salient Features

Slide 17

etc solution salient features1
The bandwidth allocated to a given port, in multiples of VC-12s, is software configurable

It is possible to configure the ETC in Ethernet over SDH or Ethernet over PDH (ML-PPP) mode

Ethernet over SDH: Either GFP or X.86 mode on a per-card basis

ETC supports PAUSE frames as per IEEE 802.3x for flow control

ETC supports port aggregation that enables aggregation of traffic from multiple source ports to the same exit port thus saving expensive ports on the destination router/switch

Each ETC currently provides one STM-1 equivalent of upstream bandwidth.

VCL100 STM-1/4

ETC solution: Salient Features

Slide 18

etc solution salient features2
Ethernet over PDH supported for carrying traffic over a network with a mix of SDH and PDH

Framing as per the following IETF draft

rfc 1662: PPP in HDLC-like framing

Mapping to multiple E1 circuits as per the following IETF draft

rfc 1990: The PPP Multi-link protocol (MP)

IEEE 802.3x for flow control of incoming Ethernet data

VCL100 STM-1/4

ETC solution: Salient Features

Slide 19


VCL100 STM-1/4

Orion’s Products

  • E1, Voice & Data Drop-Insert Multiplexer
  • PRI ISDN (Q.931) Multiplexers
  • E1 Intelligent Channel Banks
  • E1 / T1 DCME (Digital Circuit Multiplication Equipment) - Voice Compression Equipment
  • Thin Route DCME
  • E1 / T1 Echo Cancellers
  • E1 / T1 Digital Cross Connect
  • T1 / E1 Converters
  • E3, 34Mbps Multiplexer
  • 34Mbps Optical Line Transmission Equipment (OLTE)
  • STM 1 / STM 4 - SDH Equipment
  • Remote Asset Management Systems

Slide 20


VCL100 STM-1/4

Thank you for your attention

For more details visit us at our Web Site at

16810, Avenue of Fountains, Suite # 108,

Fountain Hills, AZ 85268, U.S.A.

Phone: +1 (480) 816-8672 Fax: +1 (480) 816-0115


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