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Strategic Planning Open Forum #1

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Strategic Planning Open Forum #1 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Strategic Planning Open Forum #1. 16 December 2013. Staying Connected. Email: Website: Discussion Forum: link on website Twitter Reddit Any Steering Committee member. Steering Committee. Bill Destler, Chair

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Strategic Planning Open Forum #1

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staying connected
Staying Connected
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Discussion Forum: link on website
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Any Steering Committee member
steering committee
Steering Committee

Bill Destler, Chair

Jeremy Haefner, Co-Vice Chair

Kit Mayberry, Co-Vice Chair

David Bond

Jeanne Casares

Lisa Cauda

Mike D’Arcangelo

Marcos Esterman

Cindee Gray

Bernie Hurwitz

Ed Lincoln

Julia Lisuzzo

Jim Myers


Dan Ornt

Orlando Ortiz

Meredith Smith

Dawn Soufleris

Harry Trueheart

Megan Wells

tentative milestone schedule
Tentative Milestone Schedule

Development of Vision and Mission 3rd week of January

Identification of Plan’s Main Dimensions end of February

Development of Dimensions by task forces April 15

Steering Committee synthesizes task force

reports and drafts goals and strategies June 1

July Trustee meeting focuses on emerging plan July

Final round of community discussion September

Steering Committee drafts Strategic Plan 2025 October

Trustees approve plan at November meeting November

Implementation Plan created Early 2015

visioning exercise parameters
Visioning Exercise: Parameters
  • Definition of Strategic Vision:
    • Brief statement of what the organization wants to become through the implementation of the strategic plan
    • Where we will be in ten years
    • Serves as the framework for strategic planning
    • Not to be confused with mission, which states why the organization exists. (You can see our current mission and vision on the strategic planning website).
rit s 3 vision statements
RIT’s 3 vision statements:
  • 1994-2004:

“RIT will lead higher education in preparing students for successful

career development over their lifetimes.”

  • 2004-2007:

“RIT will lead higher education in preparing students for successful

careers in a global society.”

  • 2007-2015:

“RIT will lead higher education in preparing students for innovative,

creative, and successful careers in a global society.”

parameter 2 tips from branding consultants
Parameter 2: Tips from Branding Consultants
  • 2006 (Art & Science)
    • “Career focus” and “technology”: critical to the RIT brand (but could use more “up-scale” language)
    • Also critical that we improve prospects’ perceptions of campus community and social life
  • 2010 (160/90)
    • Overarching message of RIT brand:

“Situated in the intersection of theory and application,

technology and creativity, RIT is a fertile and diverse

ecosystem for innovation—a community of passionate thinkers

and doers who make their mark on the world.”

parameter 3 the environment
Parameter 3: The Environment
  • International education:Increased global competition for students, from developed and developing countries.
  • Without changes in visa regulations, the U.S. will continue to lose qualified masters and doctoral graduates to their home countries.
  • K-12 sector: Within two years, there should be full implementation of the Common Core curriculum, which has been referred to as “the biggest shift in educational philosophy in the history of the U.S.”
  • Partnering with Udacity (for-profit organization offering MOOCS) and AT&T, Georgia Tech will offer a MOOC MS degree in computer science for less than $7000 (available January 2014).
your turn
Your Turn

Question 1

  • Name one or two of RIT’s biggest successes since you were hired.
  • What were the conditions that led to these successes?
your turn1
Your Turn

Question 2

Given RIT’s progress to date and the environment within which we find ourselves, create a 1-2 sentence statement of RIT’s potential ten years from now.

sample 2025 vision statements
Sample 2025 vision statements
  • Graduates of RIT will be internationally recognized and valued for what they know, what they can imagine, what they can create, and what they can do. They will invent new products, processes, services, as well as solutions to the world’s complex problems.
  • RIT aspires to be a national leader recognized for innovation and creativity in an environment that values the diversity of the individual and a commitment to the world.
  • RIT be internationally recognized as the university that best prepares its students for success in the new and emerging career areas around which it builds its programs, partnerships, and research agenda. RIT students are prized for what they know, what they can do, and what they can imagine.
your turn2
Your Turn

Question 3

Name three necessary conditions for the achievement of your vision (question 2).