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Marriage After Combat

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Marriage After Combat. Helping Marriages Survive Deployments. Mobilization Alert Letter. Please read and record your feelings. Helping Marriages Survive Deployment . CHAPLAIN (LTC) Henry H. Beaulieu. Specific stressors on Military Marriages. Physical and emotional separation

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marriage after combat

Marriage After Combat

Helping Marriages Survive Deployments

mobilization alert letter

Mobilization Alert Letter

Please read and record your feelings

helping marriages survive deployment
Helping Marriages Survive Deployment

CHAPLAIN (LTC) Henry H. Beaulieu

specific stressors on military marriages
Specific stressors on Military Marriages
  • Physical and emotional separation
  • Inability to work on a problem as a couple (Problems existing prior to deployment usually do not get better during separation!)
  • Physical limitations on communication
  • Problems with children and operating as a single parent
  • Dealing with trauma, grief, and injuries resulting from combat
  • “Throttling down” when the soldier comes home.
expectations must be shaped by
Expectations must be shaped by:

Spouse – New roles, responsibilities, and level of support available while SM was gone.

Service member - Experiences in combat and during the deployment.

where do a lot of couples get into trouble
Where do a lot of couples get into trouble?
  • Intimacy
  • Finances
  • Children

“Slow is Fast”

post deployment problematic thoughts and emotions
Post Deployment Problematic Thoughts and Emotions
  • SPOUSE – Anger, Fear, Resentment, Trust… Blame, Unspoken Expectations
  • SOLDIER – No Longer Needed at Home, Work No Longer Important, Trust, Anger/Fear/Grief, Unspoken Expectations
  • CHILDREN – Anxiety, Resentment, Indifference, Anger
a shared sense of purpose helps re build strong relationships
A shared sense of purpose helps re-build strong relationships

. State your Expectations (No mind reading required!)

. Have Fun

. Practice Thankfulness

. Practice Good Communication Skills (Conference Table)

. Dedicate to a Right Attitude

. Seek Help When Needed

conference table weekly family aar
Conference Table(Weekly Family AAR)

Each ask the other:

  • “Have I failed you in some way this week? Are you mad at me about anything?”
  • “Here is how I intend to change…..”
  • “Please forgive me!”
  • “What has gone well this week?”
so what s there to talk about
“So What’s There To Talk About?”
  • How have you changed?
  • What do you hope hasn’t changed?
  • What has been hardest about this separation/deployment?
  • What is important to you in the reunion?
  • What do you think will be toughest about the reunion?
  • What are you going to have to “get over” in order to reunite? What about your spouse?
  • What are you most looking forward to?
  • Answer this: I’ll know “we’re back” when...
common mistakes
  • Pretend Nothing has Changed
  • Belittle the Other’s Efforts
  • Take It Too Quickly
  • Fail to Consider the Other’s




support for service members and their families

Support for Service Members and Their Families

Chaplain (Captain) Wylly Collins

Alabama National Guard

  • Cold War structures for supporting service members and their families
  • Global War on Terrorism (GWOT)
  • Specific Example: Alabama National Guard at September 11, 2001
current picture
Current Picture
  • Strong Bonds (US Army, Reserves, Guard)
  • Yellow Ribbon (Air and Army Guard)
  • Air Force Initiatives
  • Navy Initiatives
  • Private and non-governmental groups
future plans
Future Plans
  • Continued Funding for initiatives in the military
  • Guard and Reserve reliance upon local communities, non-governmental groups, and State and Local governments
joint family support assistance program jfsap

Joint Family Support Assistance Program (JFSAP)

Military Family Life Consultants

Betsy Houser, LCSW

Patricia Randich-Dumas, LCSW-PIP

alabama joint family support assistance program
Alabama Joint Family Support Assistance Program

Provides mobile, high quality family services, to augment, current family programs’ ability to meet the needs of Active Duty, Guard and Reserve Family members. The primary focus of support are families geographically dispersed from a military installation.

military family life consultants
Military Family Life Consultants

M: mobile

F: free

L: licensed counselors

C: confidential


Provide non-medical, short-term solution focused counseling services for deployment, reintegration and other military life stressors.

Provide outreach to families with children and offer parenting and child development education.

Provide community counseling referrals

Presentations and workshops on over 70 topics

contact info
Contact Info

Chaplain (LTC) Henry H. Beaulieu,


Chaplain (Captain) Wylly Collins,


Betsy Houser, LCSW,


Patricia Randich- Dumas, LCSW-PIP,




Thank you for supporting our Military Families!