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Home - Comenius Project COMENIUS Multilateral school partnerships - 2010 – 2012 Knowing Europe Through an Educa

Comenius Tour Operator for a professional business. Home - Comenius Project COMENIUS Multilateral school partnerships - 2010 – 2012 Knowing Europe Through an Educational Business Agenzia Nazionale LLP Italia Via Magliabechi , 1 50122 – FIRENZE

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Home - Comenius Project COMENIUS Multilateral school partnerships - 2010 – 2012 Knowing Europe Through an Educa

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  1. Comenius Tour Operator for a professional business Home - Comenius Project COMENIUS Multilateralschoolpartnerships - 2010 – 2012 KnowingEuropeThroughan Educational Business Agenzia Nazionale LLP ItaliaVia Magliabechi, 150122 – FIRENZE PädagogischerAustauschdienstder KMK (PAD)NationaleAgenturfürEU-ProgrammeimSchulbereichNassestraße 8 - 53113 Bonn AgenceEurope-Education-Formation FranceService Comeniu - 25 quaidesChartrons33080 Bordeaux Cedex

  2. Bicuits, cider, cheeseandmore

  3. Table of content • General information Flight & Rental Car • Hotel • Tour examples • Prices

  4. General Information Avranches is a beautiful city in the Basse-Normandy. The City has a population of about 8,000 inhabitants. Avranches is a cultural treasure and surrounded by a pretty landscape. Source: google maps

  5. Flight & Rental Car You fly from Frankfurt/Main to Paris (CDG) with Lufthansa. You pick up your hire car at the airport. (Audi A4 or comparable) It takes about 3 hours to get from Paris to Avranches.

  6. La Ramade Your Hotel The three-star hotel La Ramade is situated in the bay Mont St. Michel near Avranches. It is surrounded by a beautiful ground and offers a cosy atmosphere. To make your stay even more convenient it offers a tearoom, wine bar, lounge and a magnificent garden. La Ramade: 2 Rue de la Côte 50220 Courtils

  7. Day 1 - Sunday After your flight from Frankfurt to Paris you pick up your rented car at the airport and proceed to Avranches which will take approximately three hours. Arriving in Avranches you check in your hotel. Due to the long journey time from Frankfurt to Avranches the rest of the day is at free disposal and you may discover the city of Avranches on your own.

  8. Day 2 - Monday On theseconddayofyourstayyouvisittheBrasserie de la Baie. ItislocatednearMont-Saint Michel. After thevisityouhave lunch in a localrestaurant. Back in AvranchesyougototheScriptorialofAvranches. The restofthedayisatyourowndisposal. YoumaydiscoverAvranchesatnightbyyourself.

  9. Day 2 - Monday Brasserie de la Baie The brewery is a very young one, it was founded by Christophe Lesénéchal in 2002. 300 hectolitres of beer are produced there every year. The beer is offered in all restaurants, bars, pubs, etc. in 150 kilometres around. Brasserie de la Baie 6 route de Roche Torin 50220 Courtils

  10. Day 2 - Monday Scriptorial of Avranches The Scriptorial offers ancient manuscripts of Mont-Saint-Michel and you will learn interesting details about the abbey´s history. During the tour you will find out about Avranches and the town´s connection to Mont-Saint-Michel.

  11. Day 3 - Tuesday The third day of your journey starts with a visit of the Biscuiterie de la baie du Mont Saint Michel. In the afternoon you will visit Mont-Saint-Michel itself, a beautiful place with awesome surroundings.

  12. Biscuiterie de la baie du Mont Saint Michel Day 3 - Tuesday The Biscuiterie de la Baie du Mont Saint-Michel produces and offers biscuits, cakes and pastries. The company was founded in 1958 and is located in Avranches. Biscuiterie de la baie 7 Rue Victor Lemarchand50300 Avranches

  13. Mont-Saint-Michel Day 3 - Tuesday The Mont-Saint-Michel is visited by people from all over the world and is the major  tourist center of the area. The construction of the unique architectural ensemble was started in 708. It was classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979. 

  14. Day 4 - Wednesday On the fourth day of your stay you visit the exquisite Yver Chocolatier. Later that day you go to the Municipal Museum of Avranches where you get a lot of information about the region.

  15. Yver Chocolatier Day 4 - Wednesday Yver Chocolatier wasfounded in 1946. It offers different kinds of chocolates, cakes, macarons and promises self-made products with a high quality. The products are complexly designed and made up with the best ingredients. YverChocolatier: 26 Rue Lecampion 50300 Avranches

  16. Municipal Museum Avranches Day 4 - Wednesday You get to know cultural treasures of the area. The museum exhibits art collections and shows popular traditions of the region. Do not fail to visit the attached craft workshops Municipal Museum: Place Jean de Saint-Avit50300 Avranches

  17. Day 5 - Thursday One highlight of your fifth day is a tour through the cheese factory Fromagerie Réo where you will discover the famous camembert from the Normandy. You will continue your trip through local enterprises visiting Andouillerie Artisanale, a traditional „boucherie“. Let the day end taking a stroll though the old town of Avranches and enjoying a delcious meal in a local restaurant.

  18. Fromagerie Réo Day 5 - Thursday This cheese-factory was founded by Marie Harel in 1791 and produces the original „Normandy Camembert“. Each step of the production is made by professional employees. FromagerieRéo:1 Rue des Planquettes 50430 Lessay

  19. Day 5 - Thursday Andouillerie artisanale The Andouillerie is located inSaint Denis Le Gast. You will join a tour through the company and disover the fabrication of tasty meat and sausages. Andouillerieartisanale: Pont de la Bateine50450 Saint-Denis-Le-gant

  20. Day 6 - Friday On the sixth day of your journey you will attend a historic cider producer: Ferme de l'Hermitière. Later you will complete your sightseeing tour through Avranches visiting the remains of the old castle and the keep, which offer a nice view.

  21. Day 6 - Friday Ferme de l'Hermitière The first cider production in Normandy started in the 9th century. The production has a long tradition with old heavy machines. The produced cider is embedded in oak barrels.

  22. The castle and the keep Day 6 - Friday It was built around 950 by Onfroy le Dane on top of the remains of the former Roman enclosure. The castle is located at the heart of Avranches, from where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the bay and the valley of the river „Sèe“.

  23. Day 7 - Saturday Unfortunately, your journey comes to an end and it is time to travel back. After leaving Avranches and heading towards Paris you fly back with Lufthansa.

  24. Costs Flight: about 499€ from Frankfurt to Paris and back. Hotel: about 90 € per night (580 € for six nights). Rental Car: 410 € for seven days. Calculate about 30 € for different entrance fees. Total for this tour: 1.519 €.

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