the pit bull n.
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The Pit bull

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The Pit bull

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  1. The Pit bull Pit Bull Persuasion Ann Saari Jon Sims Allison Smith

  2. Negative perceptions

  3. grotesque “ruthless” “Pit bulls in Charlotte — status symbol or menace?”

  4. grotesque “bad owners” “attacked without provocation by a pit bull”

  5. grotesque “leading the charge to get pit bulls banned from Mecklenburg County” “harm” “pit bull attack”

  6. grotesque “bad owners” “pit bull attacking the dog” “rough”

  7. Our goal • Sharing facts will provide education to prevent any misconceptions about Pit Bulls. • Using the theory of Visual Rhetoric, images will change any negative perceptions of Pit Bulls. • App proposal to increase the Pit Bull adoption in Charlotte, NC

  8. Myths • Myth: Pit Bulls are human aggressive by nature • Myth: Pit Bulls are inherently vicious • Myth: Pit Bulls are responsible for most fatal dog attacks

  9. History • 19th Century – Pit Bulls were created in England by breeding English Bulldogs and Terriers • 1860s – Bred in England and brought to the US for herding, livestock protection and family protection

  10. history • 1898 – The United Kennel Club was formed and recognized the Pit Bull as one of the first breeds • 1914 – 1918 – Dubbed “America’s Dog” during World War I

  11. Facts • Pit Bulls jaws do not lock and exert 1,600 lbs per square inch with their bite. Pit Bulls jaws do not lock and exert 235 lbs per square inch, which is lower than the average for all dogs. • 86.8% of Pit Bulls have passed their temperament tests and rated fourth following Collies, Golden Retrievers and Beagles. • 78 million dogs owned in the U.S. (4 million are Pit Bulls)

  12. Pit bull qualities • Impressive stamina and staunch work ethic • Pit Bulls enjoy a variety of activities, including agility, disc dog competitions, flyball, freestyle and competition obedience. 

  13. Shelter facts • 60% of all dogs in U.S. shelters are euthanized each year. • 60% of the total dogs euthanized are Pit Bulls. • 30% of dogs admitted to U.S. shelters are labeled as Pit Bulls. • 86.7% of Pit Bulls in shelters end up being killed.

  14. Humane Society of Charlotte • Mission – Bring love and hope to all animals by ensuring the humane treatment of companion animals through adoption, spay/neuter and education • Vision – Create a world where there are no homeless and unwanted animals • 501(c)3 nonprofit organization • “Space available” shelter to offer all animals the opportunity of a safe and loving home (one gets adopted, another comes in)

  15. Pit Finder • Create an app with the Humane Society of Charlotte called “Pit Finder.” • Anyone who accesses an “adopt” option on the Humane Society app, will first see a “Fun Stuff” flash about Pit Bulls before the user begins their search. • “Fun Stuff” will use Visual Rhetoric and facts to persuade the user to consider adopting a Pit Bull. • If the user continues to view the images and facts, the “Pit Finder” will pop up. The “Pit Finder” option will also be available when they visit adoption on the Humane Society’s app.

  16. Fun stuff

  17. fun stuff • May also include following images…

  18. Fun stuff

  19. Fun stuff

  20. Fun stuff

  21. Fun stuff

  22. Fun stuff

  23. Pit Finder • If the user continues to view the “Fun Stuff,” the “Pit Finder” will pop up. • The “Pit Finder” option will also be available when they visit adoption on the Humane Society’s app. • “Pit Finder” will search all available Pit Bulls at the Charlotte Humane Society

  24. Testimonial • (Jon’s part)

  25. How can you help? • Educate yourself with the truth • Share the truth with others