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Horizonte. Our Expectations. Horizonte Expectations. follow directions. be there…be ready. be responsible. be respectful. hands & feet to yourself. Follow Directions. “The worst thing a student can do is not follow the directions of a staff member or teacher.” ~James Andersen.

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Our Expectations

horizonte expectations
Horizonte Expectations

follow directions

be there…be ready

be responsible

be respectful

hands & feet to yourself

follow directions
Follow Directions

“The worst thing a student can do is not follow the directions of a staff member or teacher.”

~James Andersen

follow directions1
Follow Directions

Phones are off in school

Not on vibrate or silent

Not just hidden

All rooms have phones for use with permission

Phones are not allowed to listen to music

Hand your phone over when asked... (refusing requires a parent meeting)

Cell Phones/iPhones

follow directions2
Follow Directions

If you are seen wearing earphones during class:

a staff person may ask to take the iPod/mp3 or

to take the earphones and

give it to your advisor to be held until the end of the day

iPods/MP3 players

follow directions3
Follow Directions

You should not wear…

Clothing that is all one color

Red or blue hair ties, shoe laces, or lanyards (black or white only)

Clothing, or jewelry with numbers

Gang affiliated clothing, jewelry, or tattoos

Immodest clothing (halter tops, bare midriffs, low-cut shirts, shorts and skirts must reach fingertips)

Dress Code

follow directions5
Follow Directions

If you have a dress code violation you…

Will be expected to wear a T-shirt that is given to you

Should return it to a teacher/advisor at the end of the day

Will have to meet with a parent and administrator if you continue to violate the dress code

Dress Code

be there be ready
Be There…Be Ready

Once you arrive at school…

Breakfast, snacks, and lunch are eaten on campus (Maverick, Sonic, 7-11, The Soup Kitchen are off campus)

Walking to your car or a friend’s car is not allowed without a teacher/advisor escort

Stairwells are for emergencies only

Closed Campus

be there be ready1
Be There…Be Ready

You may…

Get a drink from the fountain

Go to the restroom

Buy snack at the vending machine

You may not…

Go to another floor without permission (including in the elevator)

Hang out in the hallway after the music ends

Between Classes

be there be ready2
Be There…Be Ready

You should…

Arrive on time and ready to work with a pen or pencil

Begin your math & edit paper immediately

Listen for directions and finish your assignments

Read or complete missing work if you have time

You should not…

Ask to go to the restroom daily… instead, utilize class breaks

Ask to get a drink or a snack

During Classes

be respectful
Be Respectful

You may not…

Argue with administrators, teachers, or staff

Interrupt a teacher when they are teaching

You may…

Explain your point of view when asked

Appeal, if you believe you were not treated fairly


be respectful1
Be Respectful

You should not…

Insult students, staff, teachers, administrators, or visitors

Use derogatory language toward any particular group (age, color, disability, gender identity, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion, or sexual orientation)

Confront or harass anyone for any reason

Swear or use other inappropriate or vulgar language

Anyone and Everyone

be respectful2
Be Respectful

You should…

Keep books, folders and assignments clean

School Property/Personal Property

be respectful3
Be Respectful

You must not vandalize books, bulletin boards, furniture, folders or even your own class assignments

You should report any incident of vandalism to a staff member or you could be held responsible

Folders with tagging, graffiti, or gang-related images are turned in to the school resource officer

The officer may issue a citation for vandalism

School Property/Personal Property

be responsible
Be Responsible

Call the tracker if you’re absent and check in or out with him or her

Don’t cheat…do your own class work

Stay on task during class; ask for makeup work

Ask for help if you don’t understand

Complete assignments on time

Put everything away at the end of class

As a student…

hands feet to yourself
Hands & Feet to Yourself

Kissing, hugging, touching is not allowed while at school

Play fighting/horseplay is never allowed

Grabbing another’s property is not appropriate

Fighting, confronting, or instigating a fight or argument is unacceptable (mad-dogging, whistling, hand gestures, spreading rumors)

School Property/Personal Property


Explain your transcript, report card, or credits you’ve earned

Help you with problems in other classes

Resolve conflicts with other teachers or students

Suggest useful resources for you and your family

Call home after you’ve been absent three days

Advocate (support) you whenever possible

Your advisor will…