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Information of Laurea

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Information of Laurea - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Information of Laurea
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  1. Information of Laurea Author

  2. Finland in a Nutshell • The second northernmost country in the world, land frontiers: 586 km with Sweden, 727 km with Norway, 1269 km with Russia • Total area 338,145 km2 • Population 5,4 million • Population density 17 inhabitants / km2 • Capital: Helsinki • Member of the European Union since 1995

  3. Finland in a Nutshell • Two official languages: Finnish and Swedish • The most studied foreign language: English • Official religions: 85 % Lutheran, 1% Orthodox • Republic - President: • Mr Sauli Niinistö • Finnish Nature: 4 seasons, 30 000 islands, 200 000 lakes, 2/3 of the area is covered by forests

  4. University of Applied Sciences Master’s degrees University of Applied Sciences Bachelor’s degrees Finnish Education System DESCRIPTION OF FINNISH HIGHER EDUCATION DEGREES Laurea University of Applied Sciences

  5. Laurea – Prime Mover • Laurea is a research-oriented and developmental university of applied sciences. • Laurea University of Applied Sciences

  6. Operating Environment of Laurea • Laurea operates in the Greater Helsinki Metropolitan Area, which produces approximately 50% of Finland’s gross domestic product. • In its operating environment, Laurea is specializing in service innovations and focusing on regional development of the metropolitan area. Laurea University of Applied Sciences

  7. Laurea’s Units Laurea University of Applied Sciences

  8. Laurea in Figures • Total amount of students (2011) 7620 • Average study time (2011) • Young students 4,18 years • Adult students 3,27 years • The employment rate of graduates is the best in the country with 89,9% according to the latest national statistics (2010). • Staff members 518 Laurea University of Applied Sciences

  9. The Focus Areas of Laurea • Service operations • Nursing expertise and ability to cope at home • Security, safety and social responsibility • Student entrepreneurship Laurea University of Applied Sciences

  10. Laurea is a Networked, Multi-disciplinary and International Promoter of Students’ Professional Growth. • Laurea offers 17 Bachelor's Degree Programmes and 9 Master's Degree Programmes • Students can supplement their basic studies with optional studies from any other degree programme, in order to build their desired career paths. Laurea University of Applied Sciences

  11. Fields of Study at Laurea • Physiotherapy • Nursing • Hotel and Restaurant Management • Beauty and cosmetics • Business Management • Tourism • Facility Management • Correctional services • Social Services • Information Technology • Security Management Laurea University of Applied Sciences

  12. Pedagogical Strategy • Laurea’s strategic choice is to integrate its three main tasks: education, regional development and R&D. • Learning by Developing (LbD) is an innovative operating model based on authenticity, creativity, partnership and experiential approach. Laurea University of Applied Sciences

  13. Learning by Developing – a Unique Way to Study • The working life oriented learning method Learning by Developing is a pedagogical innovation developed by Laurea. • The LbD -projects are conducted in partnership with the working life. • For students LbD is a new way to get the competence needed in working life: they grow from learners into experts with excellent employment opportunities within their specific fields. Laurea University of Applied Sciences

  14. Our role in the project • WP 5, Transfer Two: Experience working with trainers of stage 4 older learners. The workshop is in Finland together with the Slovenian partners. • WP 8, Quality Assurance Laurea University of Applied Sciences

  15. mHealth Booster –project • as an example of pedagogical innovations at Laurea Laurea University of Applied Sciences

  16. mHealthbooster • mHealht booster is an RDI (research-, development and innovation) project of Laurea University of Applied Sciences • Started in August 2013 and will be implemented during the year 2014 • Funded by the European Social Fund and the Uusimaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY) • Operated jointly by Laurea’sOtaniemi and Tikkurila units, in cooperation with the cities of Espoo and Vantaa

  17. Purpose of the project • is to plan and co-create mHealthservices • with and for the elderly people living independently in cooperation with professionals and entrepreneurs • with and for young people in order to avoid exclusion • is to establish permanent development environments addressing to the development of mHealthservices • is to support the creation of the new jobs for ICT people

  18. Developmentenvironments • City of Espoo, technology showrooms • SoukkaService Center • TapiolaHealth Care Center (Welfare Market Place) • City of Vantaa • Showroom and Technology Library • A mobile application for the youth • Health technology products, solutions and services are tested and developed through Action research and user-driven methods in real life as Living Lab approach

  19. An example of a userdrivenworkshop A musical puzzle testing session together with elderlypeople, the companyMubik Ltd, and the mHealthboosteractors

  20. Examples of solutions • Mubik-senior (music game) • Vega - the GPS safety solution and pracelet • Small Circle (video phone service for the elderly) • Safera (stove guard) • Biisafe – Buddy (safety button) • Veloped-walker • and many more…