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UW in the High School Bringing the University to Your Classroom PowerPoint Presentation
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UW in the High School Bringing the University to Your Classroom

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UW in the High School Bringing the University to Your Classroom - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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UW in the High School Bringing the University to Your Classroom . UW in the High School . “College in the High School” “dual enrollment” “concurrent enrollment”. Highly-qualified Teachers,. who are. UW-approved and supported,. UW Courses. teach. High School Students ,. to.

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Presentation Transcript

UW in the High School

Bringing the University

to Your Classroom


UW in the High School

“College in the High School”

“dual enrollment” “concurrent enrollment”

Highly-qualified Teachers,

who are

UW-approved and supported,

UW Courses


High School Students,


UW Credits


who can earn



in their own


UW in the High School

Benefits to Students

  • Engage in university-level coursework and
  • gain access to UW libraries
  • Establish a UW transcript and built a stellar high school transcript for college and scholarship applications
  • Earn a high school grade, college grade, and five college credits throughout the course
  • Save money on college credits—you pay only about 20% of taking the same five-credit class at UW
  • Same UW curriculum, activities, text, tests and grading scale used in courses taught on the UW campus…
  • …but you never have to leave THS!
who can take uwhs courses
Who can take UWHS courses?

Juniors and seniors in high school with a B+ average in courses in the subject area.

Those who have met THS prerequisites


UW in the High School

Grade Statistics *

Average Grade:

Percentage of grades >2.0:

*Grade statistics from 2008-09 school year

Total Number of Grades: 3,408



transferring credit in washington

UW in the High School

Transferring Credit in Washington

Generally DO Accept Credit:

  • Bellevue College
  • Central Washington University
  • Eastern Washington University
  • Evergreen State College
  • Gonzaga University
  • Pacific Lutheran University
  • Seattle Pacific University
  • Seattle University
  • Washington State University
  • Western Washington University
  • Whitworth University
  • All Community Colleges
  • Most U.S. private and public colleges and universities

Generally DON’T Accept Credit:

  • University of Puget Sound
  • Whitman College
what classes are offered at ths
What classes are offered at THS?

College Computer Programming II (CSE143)

College French (FR103)

College Geology (ESS101)

College Information Fluency (INFO100)

College Literary Analysis (ENGL111)

College Spanish (SP103)

Advanced College Spanish (SP201)

College Writing (ENGL131)

Note: All course offerings are dependent upon minimum enrollment.

college information fluency10
College Information Fluency
  • Course will make you better apply to apply information technology effectively personally and professionally
  • Students will learn to:
    • Browse the Web
    • Create and publish Web pages
    • Transfer files with FTP
    • Effectively use search engines
    • Determine website authenticity
    • Program with JavaScript
    • Build a spreadsheet with Excel or OpenOffice
    • Design a Microsoft Access database
    • Understand database and online privacy issues
    • Protect computer from security threats
  • Geared for the “non-techie,” so don’t be afraid to sign up!
college computer programming ii12
College Computer Programming II
  • Replaced AP Computer Programming AB (discontinued by College Board)
  • Students learn programming concepts including
    • Abstract data types
    • Algorithms
    • Programming design techniques
  • Students who learned Java during first year of Computer Science will proceed further into Java’s depths
college french14
College French

Continues basic communicative proficiency in listening, reading, speaking, and writing

French (only) is spoken in classroom

Variety of media (internet sites, current press, music film, excerpts from literature) will be used to reinforce authentic language comprehension and cultural awareness

Students who successfully complete this course and pay the UW fees will have fulfilled both the entrance and exit foreign language requirements at UW

college spanish16
College Spanish
  • Emphasizes basic proficiency in listening, reading, speaking, writing
  • Spanish (only) is spoken in the classroom
  • Requires active in-class and out-of-class participation
  • Key components are:
    • Daily written/listening assignments
    • Three compositions
    • Quizzes
    • Exams after each chapter and unit
    • Student participation
    • Attendance
advanced college spanish18
Advanced College Spanish

Designed for students interested in refining their speaking, listening, and written communication skills

Class conducted in Spanish

Use integrated text and authentic materials to prepare to communicate successfully in Spanish-speaking world

Completion of year-long course earns student credit for SPAN 201 and SPAN 202 (10 credits)

college geology20
College Geology
  • Emphasizes the geology of Washington- especially local geology
  • Students deepen their understanding through authentic geologic field work
  • Key components of geologic study are:
    • Volcanoes of the Cascadian continental arc
    • Rocks and sediments of the Puget lowland
    • Earthquakes + tsunamis in Cascadia
    • Geologic terranes of Washington
    • Glacial episodes in Washington
    • Flood basalts +glacial outburst floods of the Columbia Plateau
the outdoors is our classroom
“The outdoors is our classroom.”

University of Washington

what students say about college geology
What students say about College Geology
  • “This course really helped me think outside of the box”
    • College-level science taught in a way YOU can understand
  • “UW geology helped my higher-order thinking skills”
    • Science is best learned through inquiry
  • “The field trips were the icing on the cake”
    • Students learn geology by seeing geology in the field

University of Washington

students taking the final exam
Students taking the final exam

University of Washington

college writing25
College Writing

Emphasizes persuasive and argumentative discussion and writing skills

Uses non-fiction as the springboard

Generally fulfills the basic writing requirement at most colleges and universities

college literary analysis27
College Literary Analysis

Emphasizes literary analysis, discussion, and writing skills

Uses fiction as springboard

Ideal for future English or Humanities major who loves to analyze literature


UW in the High School


Contact any of the teachers of the courses, your son’s or daughter’s counselor, or Brooke Dillon, AP/UW Coordinator