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Test 5

Physical Science PHS 101. Test 5. Beiser Chapter 37 - 41 Geology. 452 South Anderson Road Rock Hill, SC 29730 www.yorktech.com. Chap 37. Earth Materials. Beiser p.273. Minerals. The building blocks of rocks. Beiser p.273. Igneous. Rocks formed by cooling molten rock. Beiser p.273.

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Test 5

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  1. Physical SciencePHS 101 Test 5 Beiser Chapter 37 - 41 Geology 452 South Anderson Road Rock Hill, SC 29730 www.yorktech.com

  2. Chap 37 Earth Materials Beiser p.273

  3. Minerals The building blocks of rocks. Beiser p.273

  4. Igneous Rocks formed by cooling molten rock. Beiser p.273

  5. Igneous Rocks Beiser p.273

  6.                        Sandstone                        Limestone                        Shale                        Conglomerate                        Gypsum    Sedimentary Rocks formed by layers of sediment being compacted and cemented. Beiser p.274

  7. Sedimentary Minerals

  8. Sedimentary Rocks

  9. Metamorphic Rocks that have been changed into a new form by tremendous heat and pressure deep in the Earth. Beiser p.274 Beiser p.273

  10. Metamorphic Rocks

  11. Rock Cycle Beiser p.274

  12. Cleavage Planes Beiser p.276

  13. Chap 38 Erosion & Sedimentation Beiser p.281

  14. Weathering Beiser p.281

  15. Streams Fast water removes sediment Slow water deposits sediment Beiser p.281

  16. Deltas & Fans Beiser p.281

  17. Glaciers moraine Beiser p.281

  18. Wind & Waves Beiser p.282

  19. Chap 39 Vulcanism & Diastrophism Beiser p.290

  20. Volcanos Beiser p.290

  21. Mt. Saint Helens May 18, 1980 energy = ten million tons dynamite Sixty-three people were killed Billion dollars of damage 200 homes destroyed 185 miles destroyed entire forests blown down like match sticks Beiser p.290

  22. Laccolith Beiser p.290

  23. Faults Beiser p.290

  24. Chap 40 Beiser p.297

  25. Seismic Waves Beiser p.297

  26. Earthquakes Beiser p.297

  27. Seismogram

  28. Elko, NV P-S: 50 Seconds Amp: 280 Earthquake Data P-S: 72 Seconds Amp: 60 P-S: 64 Seconds Amp: 100 Eureka, CA Las Vegas, NV http://vquake.calstatela.edu/VirtualEarthquake/ P-S: 50 Seconds Amp: 280 Beiser p.297

  29. How Far Away Beiser p.297

  30. Epicenter Beiser p.297

  31. Magnitude Beiser p.297

  32. Loma Prieta 1989: 62 Dead, 3000 Injured, $7 Billion Damage Beiser p.297

  33. Earth Layers Beiser p.298

  34. Chap 41 Beiser p.306

  35. Ocean Floors Beiser p.306

  36. Plates Beiser p.306

  37. Plate Tectonics Beiser p.306

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