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Medical Surgical Nursing Unit

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Medical Surgical Nursing Unit. Redesign Project. Executive summary.

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executive summary
Executive summary
  • A not-for-profit organization, the Seton Family is the leading provider of healthcare services in Central Texas, serving a population of 1.9 million. Seton’s vision for health care is a person-centered model that is safer, more efficient and produces better results. We have instituted the accountable care movement that is reshaping the delivery of care and its cost curve. These initiatives are expected to increase the supply of physicians and other caregivers in Central Texas, and to foster leading edge therapies. Our mission inspires us to care for and improve the health of those we serve with a special concern for the poor and vulnerable. We are called to be a sign of God’s unconditional love for all and believe that all persons by their creation should be treated with dignity.
about arts from the about us
About Arts from the about us
  • Founders: The Daughters of Charity
  • Established in 1902, after a group of citizens asked the Daughters to build a hospital to care for the sick. The 40-bed hospital, originated in the Seton Infirmary.
  • Non- profit organization eventually led to the building of Seton Medical Center in 1975.
  • Seton Healthcare Family has grown from one hospital to a network of more than 20 hospitals and facilities across Central Texas.
  • With the University of Texas System and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, Seton is advancing graduate medical education and translational research
  • Seton is investing in technologies and staff to help patients manage their chronic conditions - asthma, congestive heart failure, diabetes - and achieve a better quality of life while reducing the cost of health care.
statement of needs
Statement of Needs

Organization 2013 Strategy:

  • The primary means of communication was shifted from paper forms, to electronic documents, and interpreter services.

FY 2013:

  • Goal:Reduce $3 million Budget spending, to save end of year bonus.
  • Status: To date, the Med Surg Unit stands over budget by half a million dollars in expenses.

Projected budget shortfall:

  • Goal:Save wasteless printing, misuse of medical supplies, and provide in house interpreters.
  • Status:budget shortfall of approximately $500,000 by end of FY 2013.
preliminary analyzation of unit
Preliminary Analyzation of UNIT


  • Medical forms written in plain language, use of interpreters for specified language.
  • Patient requirements upon admission, & physician treatment plan.
  • Training and retraining on Compass medical software, to avoid paper waste, reduce errors
  • Uniformity of basic supplies per patient room
  • Team meetings, rounding, and trainings


  • Medical forms too wordy, and need to be bilingual.
  • Policy and procedures not specific per physician
  • Computer base training needs improvement
  • Nurses over using medical supplies per patient
  • Lack of Communication
the problem
  • Medical forms too long and wordy, can frustrate the patient. English is a second language in some cases.
  • Physicians have specific treatment plans for their patients.
  • Nurses are not comfortable and knowledgeable with Compass (the medical software)
  • Nurses are afraid to ask questions, or ask for help from there colleagues.
the solution
The Solution
  • Writing the medical forms in plain language, and interpreted will reduce, number of errors, patient agitation, and doesn’t berate the patient.
  • Different setup, and medical supplies required for a general post operative, gynecological post op, orthopaedic post op, and cardiovascular post op patients.
  • Medical software continuous training, so nurse can navigate easily . Avoid printing unecessary forms , only print what is pertinent and needing signatures.
  • Ensure each patient room has the basic medical supplies (pink basin, pair of socks, gown). If the patient is a surgery patient, then add O2 sensor probe, scd’s(circulation device). Only give patient hygiene items if requested, and if going to be hopsitalized for more than 24 hours.
  • Conduct team building meetings, suggestion box, morning rounding, afternoon rounding, positive reinforcement tactics.

It’s our goal to provide a faster and easier admission process to the Medical Surgical Nursing Unit!

  • We will exhaust our resources, to break down the communication barrier

We look forward to working with each other, but mostly focus on the care we give our patients!

Thank you for your time and attention.