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INDIA ADDA at Davos 2014

INDIA ADDA at Davos 2014. DESIGN THE INSPIRATION. The essence of Brand India at Davos 2014 has been expressed through a classic juxtaposition of ancient rudimentary and traditional princely art forms from India with the present day visuals of the nation.

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INDIA ADDA at Davos 2014

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  1. INDIA ADDA at Davos 2014

  2. DESIGN THE INSPIRATION The essence of Brand India at Davos 2014 has been expressed through a classic juxtaposition of ancient rudimentary and traditional princely art forms from India with the present day visuals of the nation.

  3. The motifs featuring at the India Addaare a representation of contemporary India presented in an elegant manner through miniature paintings from India. This theme is a new rendition of the traditional miniature style that was popularly depicted across Indian princely courts. THE MOTIFS

  4. THE LAYERS The first visual is the exquisite artwork that tells many a story in a tremendously layered format akin novel paintings that speak volumes in a single frame. Originally fashioned to express the fine aesthetics of the elite, this style continues to stimulate the senses till date. Not only is its brilliance personified and a feast for the eyes, these illustrations provide an artistic continuum from the early civilisation to the present times. India’s plush foliage festooned by beautiful birds paint a picturesque sight. Peacock, the national bird of India, is a symbol of grace, joy, beauty and love, which also finds presence across cultures of the Far East, Ancient Persia as well as the Greek and Christian era.

  5. THE TAJ MAHAL Overlooking the alluring Baghis one of the universally admired masterpieces of world's heritage, the TajMahal. The TajMahal is a jewel of Indian art. Listed as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World (2000-2007), the TajMahal represents the finest architectural and artistic achievements through perfect harmony and excellent craftsmanship.

  6. ANCIENT CIVILISATION, YOUNG NATION Behind the TajMahal, a panoramic view of present day India can be seen, which with a vibrant enterprise, strong manufacturing capabilities and a robust services sector is amongst the most preferred business destinations today.

  7. INDIA - A VAST MARKET OPPORTUNITY As depicted in the artworks, today India is building its infrastructure – world class airports, industrial corridors – giving a fillip to manufacturing across sectors like automotive, aviation and more. The Indian policy reforms opened new opportunities for global players.

  8. INDIA – PHARMACY OF THE WORLD These artworks refer to the emergence of India as the Pharmacy of the World besides the vastly expanding market connectivity, which is spawning new industries.

  9. INDIA’S GROWTH STORY This miniature painting portrays India’s evolution over the years. The colourcombination of lush green scapes, blue sky and colourfulbirds showcase the ever changing tints and moods of India. The natural splendour combined with socio-economic developmental structures forms the fabric of the country. 

  10. WARLI ART The second art form visible at the India Addatakes us back to our roots. The outside street front is a simple illustration representative of modern day India rendered in the style of the elementary wall paintings by the Warli tribe.   In the ancient period, it was used by people to express their lives vividly through paintings on the exteriors of their premises. This artwork is a contemporary representation of this art form.

  11. WARLI ART Traditionally, Warli art uses a very basic graphic vocabulary that wonderfully amalgamates with the contemporary design aesthetics. The leitmotif of these ritual paintings, which is the portrayal of everyday tasks and objects, is kept intact while providing a modern day adaptation. These paintings are exemplary of the diversity, which resides in Indian paintings.

  12. KALPAVRIKSHA THE EVERGREEN TREE The multiple facets of India have been captured artistically through an installation at the India Adda of the Kalpavriksha created in Warli style.

  13. THE INFO -GRAPHICS And the market potential of India is depicted by simple, clear cut infographics. These are visual representations of information and knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. The best way to characterisemodern India would be to associate with young and confident talent, which also represents a large consumer market.

  14. JOIN INDIA.LEAD THE WORLD. The advancements made in various sectors of Indian economy are all condensed together in this form.  The artwork highlights growth, connectivity and a commitment to a sustainable future.

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