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The Stanford Declaration

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The Stanford Declaration. June 30, 2010. Timely efforts could make Bhubaneswar the Knowledge Hub of the country: the time is NOW. Chitta Baral, Arizona State University (helped by Nihar Nayak, Stanford University). Preparing for and Getting the Innovation University in Bhubaneswar.

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timely efforts could make bhubaneswar the knowledge hub of the country the time is now

Timely efforts could make Bhubaneswar the Knowledge Hub of the country: the time is NOW

Chitta Baral, Arizona State University

(helped by Nihar Nayak, Stanford University)

Preparing for and Getting the

Innovation University in Bhubaneswar

current status
Current Status
  • Two concept papers are made available in MHRD web page
  • Mr. KapilSibal has gone around various countries (US, Singapore, UK, Australia) asking for their help in setting up these universities.
  • No one-on-one mentoring help has been offered.
  • Yale has offered to provide training to the administrators (VC, Deans etc.) of these universities
  • The innovation university bill may come up in the upcoming parliament – draft not available yet
how an innovation university may come to odisha quickly
How an innovation university may come to Odisha quickly
  • Create a small campus (say the size of XIMB – 20 acres and with all amenities for student size of 1000 and faculty size of 150) immediately.
    • This can house the Innovation university for first 3-4 years; i.e. until its own campus comes up
    • After that it can be used as an initial plans for new institutes/universities that will be established in Odisha
      • One every 3-4 years.
  • Some Odisha connected academics may propose a plan to MHRD
    • Nihar and I have some plan in mind for which we may be able to rope in Stanford and Arizona State as mentors.
    • A key question for me is:
      • Will the Innovation University have resources to offer faculty salary that will attract non-Indian Ph.Ds from western countries (say USA)
      • If not, then I don’t see how it will become a top university quickly (in 10-15 years)
      • Model example to follow: Hong Kong Univ of Sc and Tech.
why xavier university will play an important role
Why Xavier University will play an important role?
  • Only institute from Odisha ranked in top 15 (some times top 10) in any field in all rankings.
  • Its sister institution XLRI is ranked in top 5.
  • Arts: 4 out of top 5 are Jesuit Institutions (1. Loyola Chennai; 3. St Stephens Delhi; 4. St Xaviers Mumbai; 5. St Xaviers Kolkata)
  • Commerce: 3 out of top 5 are Christian Institutions (2. St. Xaviers Kolkata; 3. Loyola Chennai; 5. Christ College Bangalore)
  • Science: Top 4 are Jesuit Institutions (1. Loyola Chennai; 2. St Stephens Delhi; 3. St Xaviers Kolkata; 4. St Xaviers Mumbai)
  • Xavier University can leap over all these in Arts & Commerce.
  • Other areas that Xavier can be pushed: Law, Social Sciences/Social Work, some day may be even Medical (remember CMC Vellore)
  • Xavier has an international brand name (VERY important)
  • There are 30+ Jesuit Universities in the US and many more in other countries in the world
odisha government partnering with xavier university
Odisha government partnering with Xavier University
  • Make sure they start programs in Arts and Commerce
  • Push them to start programs in Law, Social Sciences/Social Work, Government and possibly Medicine (remember CMC Vellore)
  • Help build a Xavier International Center
    • Visit and Invite Jesuit Universities and Institutions across the world to set up their academic units in that center
    • Similar to multi-university campuses in China and the Middle East
comparing indian and foreign universities institutions
Comparing Indian and Foreign Universities/Institutions
  • Annual expenditure
    • Arizona State University

1.785 Billion USD.8211 crores INR at One USD=46 INR rate.

3000 crores INR using the purchasing power parity (PPP)

    • Harvard with 20,000 students

3.756 Billion USD

6385 crores INR using PPP.

    • Stanford with 18,500 students

3.65 Billion USD  

    • IISc Bangalore in 2010-11 budget: 221 Crores INR
    • Total 2010-2011 budget for the seven older IITs is 1600 crores.
    • Vedanta University (5000 crore INR from Anil A; 15000 crore total)
      • Could afford an annual budget 1000-1500 crores
initiation cost for indian and foreign universities institutions
Initiation cost for Indian and Foreign Universities/Institutions
  • A new IIT: 760 crores
  • A new IIM: 210 crores
  • A central university: 300 crores
  • A central university with medical school: 720 crores
  • An IISER: 500 crores; NISER:
  • An AIIMS: 850 crores.
  • Vedanta University: 5,000 crores from AA and 15,000 crores total
    • IIT + IIM + CU + CU-MS + IISER + AIIMS = 3340 crores
salary comparison of indian and foreign universities institutions
Salary comparison of Indian and Foreign Universities/Institutions
  • IIM-Ahmedabad Assistant Professor: 5.5 lakhs/year
  • Indian School of Business (ISB) Assistant Professor: 20 lakhs/year.
  • Harvard University Assistant Professor: $130K/year = 60 lakhs INR/year == 22 lakhs INR in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP)
  • ISB pays close to Harvard if we take PPP into account.
  • So ISB pays much higher than IIMs, close to what Harvard pays in PPP terms. How is it ranked?
comparing foreign indian universities institutes
Comparing Foreign & Indian Universities (Institutes)
  • The budgets and salary for Indian Institutes (IITs, IIMs etc.) is normally much smaller than foreign ones, even when one takes into account PPP
  • But when they are close (as in case of ISB) even taking into account PPP, the Indian institutes do pretty good globally.
  • Vedanta’s budget is more in line with budgets of foreign universities and institutes
  • Vedanta can pay salary at the level of ISB
  • The innovation universities need to gather funds to be able to pay at the level of ISB; Otherwise they would be hard pressed to achieve their goal of being world class.
vedanta university
Vedanta University
  • Vedanta University School of Engineering
  • Vedanta University School of Medicine
  • Vedanta University School of Business
  • Vedanta University College of Science
  • Vedanta University College of Liberal Arts
  • Vedanta University College of Design
  • Vedanta University College of Architecture
what should odisha urgently do vis vis vedanta university
What should Odisha urgently do vis-à-vis Vedanta University
  • Unfreeze the current deadlock
    • CM must meet PM and HR Minister and talk about the importance of Vedanta University and solicit his help
    • CM (and PM) must ask Anil Agarwal to
      • Establish 2-3 graduate schools temporarily in Bhubaneswar immediately so as to address people’s skepticism. Some possible areas of need
        • Mathematics (India produces too few PhDs; A lot of demand; easy to hire top PhDs from abroad; PhDs from Stanford/Berkeley join 4 year colleges and sometimes 2 yr community colleges)
        • Computing (India produces too few PhDs; A lot of demand; Not clear how easy it will be to recruit from abroad; will be a test case)
      • Take some additional steps as outlined in the bill
        • Hire a Pro-vice Chancellor or Chief Operating Officer etc.
why urgently
Why urgently?
  • Internal sources in Vedanta have conveyed that they have now stopped focusing on the university
  • They will focus on their mining and industry goals
  • So unless we take the earlier mentioned steps urgently, this once in a century opportunity for Bhubaneswar/Puri and Odisha may be lost.
what next
What next?
  • To achieve the goal of: Making Bhubaneswar THE Knowledge Hub of India (by 2015-20), Asia (2020) and the World (2030).
  • We need to think out of the box and be extremely creative and proactive
  • Like What?
two big ideas
Two big ideas
  • Pursue SPICMACAY University
    • SPICMACAY: Society for promotion of Indian Culture, Music and …
    • CM should approach SPICMACAY, offer them free land and an initial start up of say 10-15 crores for establishing a university with similar aims as SPICMACY
    • This has a high chance of becoming the top Music/Culture University in India.
  • Lord Jagannath World University
lord jagannath world university
Lord Jagannath World University
  • Why
    • Brand Name: Jagannath and Odissi are most well known globally
    • Like the Jesuit Universities; like the Venkateswara University (in Tirupati) the best way to propagate Jagannath culture is through a university
    • Lord Jagannath has a lot of assets (lands, etc.) all over India.
    • A university will put the assets in good use
    • Because of the association with Lord Jagannath huge funds can be raised for the university
  • How
    • Hire someone globally known; say LalitMansingh and put him in charge to raise 500-1000 crores for this university
    • Goal would be to establish a university that would have all branches (engineering, medicine, management, Culture, Liberal arts, music etc.)
    • Initially at some location near Puri (say Satyavadi); later branches can be established across Odisha and even outside Odisha.
    • Create hype from Day 1 (similar to the hype created for Nalanda University in Bihar); have well known people from all over the world in the executive board of this university.
      • The hype is needed to attract top faculty.
pursuing indian billionaires
Pursuing Indian Billionaires
  • BITS Piliani campus (currently they have campuses in Pilani, Goal, Hyderabad, Dubai), perhaps near Bhubaneswar
    • BITS Management School (Late Sir Birla had talked about his goal to establish an IIM type school)
  • BIT Mesra type institute in Jharsuguda (they also have a BIT Patna) - from a different Birla family
  • Reliance University (Mukesh and Nita Ambani; Approach them and offer 2000 acres as opposed to 100-200 acres that they can get in Mumbai/Delhi)
    • Should Rabi Bastia be approached; Perhaps direct CM letter would be best
  • AjimPremji University: He has established one in Bangalore
  • Jindal University: He has one in Haryana
  • Pursue with Tatas: After their Kalinganagar plant is commissioned
from mineral resources to human resources
From Mineral Resources to Human Resources
  • Mineral resources will be eventually gone
  • Saudi Arabia realized it and has focused on
    • Infrastructure
    • Universities and higher education
      • KAUST (King Abdullah Univ of Sc and Tech) - $8 Billion
      • Branches of many foreign universities
  • Odisha must link mineral use by companies with HRD at all levels
pursuing industries from mineral resources to human resources private ones
Pursuing Industries (from mineral resources to human resources): Private Ones
  • Birla, Jindal, Tata, Mukesh Ambani already mentioned.
  • POSCO – an institute like POSTECH in South Korea
    • Postech is among the top 2 universities in South Korea
pursuing industries from mineral resources to human resources public sector ones
Pursuing Industries (from mineral resources to human resources): Public Sector ones
  • NALCO: Medical, Engineering and Management colleges
  • NTPC: Medical, Engineering and Management colleges
  • SAIL: Medical, Engineering and Management colleges
  • MCL: Already promised medical college. Should also establish Engineering and Management colleges
pursuing successful indian societies
Pursuing successful Indian Societies
  • Amrita University (already being pursued)
  • Pursue Sai Baba
  • DAV Society
    • DAV College Chandigarh and Hans Raj College Delhi are top DAV colleges
    • DAV Business school in Bhubaneswar offers BBA (their students get top ranks) and has applied to AICTE to offer MBA.
    • Get in touch with the DAV society and help them make a good college and then grow into a university
  • Loyola – They have a school; Encourage them to make a college with the help of Loyola College Chennai
  • St. Josephs - They have a school; Encourage them to make a college with the help of St. Josephs College in Bangalore
  • ISB Hyderabad – they are making a campus in Chandigarh
  • IIM Kolkata – IIM Ahmedabad is making a campus in Hyderabad
pursuing the central government
Pursuing the Central Government
  • TIFR east: Original one in Mumbai; Recently a branch in Hyderabad at the cost of Rs 2500 crores (over 12-15 years) has been approved.
  • IIM
  • Upgrade VSSUT Burla to an IIEST
  • National Institute of Design
  • SPA: School of Planning & Architecture
  • National School of Drama
  • Rural engineering institute: Like SLIET (Punjab), ABA Gani Khan Choudhury IET (West Bengal)
  • Upgrade one of the medical college to AIIMS level (besides the new AIIMs-like institute in Bhubaneswar)
  • Regional/National Institute of Paramedical Sciences
  • ESI Medical College in Rourkela (in addition to one in Bhubaneswar)
  • Medical College as part of CUO Koraput
  • ECOR Medical College
  • NIPER (National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research)
pursuing central government 2
Pursuing Central Government-2
  • Upgrade Regional Institute of Education to National Institute of Education
  • Upgrade IIMC Dhenkanal
  • Upgrade IITTM Bhubaneswar
  • Upgrade ERLC in Bhubaneswar (part of CIIL Mysore)
  • Upgrade RashtriyaSanskri t Sansthan campus in Puri
  • Upgrade BPNSI Puri
  • A Sports institute like NSI Patiala
  • CDAC Center
  • Branch of Indian Statistical Institute
  • Branch of Workers technological university
  • Branch of Maritime University
  • Branch of National Academy of Construction
  • National Library
  • National Archive
attracting foreign universities to odisha
Attracting Foreign Universities to Odisha
  • Jesuit Universities Complex adjacent to Xavier University
    • Specifically pursue Georgetown University
  • University of Nebraska Medical School
    • Already connected to Asian Institute of Public Health and through them to Ravenshaw University
  • Stanford/Arizona-State-University mentorship of the Innovation University
  • POSTECH South Korea
    • Through POSCO pursue other Korean Universities to set up campus
  • Be in the lookout for opportunities
    • Have facilities ready and available
    • Have private/industrial partners ready
additional state efforts beyond the hetf report
Additional State efforts: beyond the HETF report
  • Comprehensive Universities
    • Utkal: Add CET and Capital Medical College to create a comprehensive university
    • Ravenshaw: Add SCB and an engineering college (upgrade BOSE to an engineering college)
    • Berhampur: Add MKCG and ParlaMaharaj Engineering College
    • Sambalpur: Add VSS Medical College
  • Upgrading the research in the state universities
    • Ask each department to compare itself with the top 10 in India and aim to be in the top 20. (see the ranking based on publications in quality venues)
  • Metropolitan University
    • Bhubaneswar: Combine government colleges in Bhubaneswar, Cuttack area.
      • Aim to be like Delhi University
    • Rourkela (mentioned in HETF report)
some state private universities
Some state private universities
  • NIST Berhampur (Among top 2 private colleges; caters to backward south Orissa)
  • GIET Gunupur (Among top 10 private colleges; largest engineering college in Eastern India; caters to backward Rayagada district)
  • Silicon Bhubaneswar (Top private college of the state)
  • CV Raman Bhubaneswar (if they make a medical college)
  • Hi-Tech (Because they made medical college)
  • KISS
  • CEB/Koustuv (If they make medical college)
  • Krupajal (if they make medical college)
  • See “notes” below on how to decide on private universities.