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Solve. Graphing Calculators. Graphic Organizer for Transformations. Transformations of graphs. Topic:. What is it?. Shifting, stretching, shrinking, and reflecting of parent graphs. Vertical or Horizontal shift. Vertical Stretch or Shrink. Types:. Reflection. Add outside.

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Transformations of graphs


What is it?

Shifting, stretching, shrinking, and reflecting of parent graphs

Vertical or Horizontal shift

Vertical Stretch or Shrink



Add outside

Multiply by Fraction (less than 1)

Multiply by negative (-)


MOVES _______________

Causes the graph to _____________________


Causes the graph to ____________________

Reflect across the x-axis (flip)

Subtract outside

Shrink vertically


MOVES _______________


Multiply by integer

Add inside


Causes the graph to ____________________

MOVES _____________

Stretch vertically

Subtract inside


MOVES _____________

general form for absolute value
General Form for Absolute Value

Vertex Form for Quadratics

what does a do
What does a do?
  • If a is negative, the graph flips down.
  • If a is positive, the graph opens up.
what does a do8
What does a do?
  • If |a|> 1, the graph stretches vertically.
  • If |a|< 1, the graph shrinks vertically.
tell whether the graph of the function opens up or flip down and if it shrinks or stretches
Tell whether the graph of the function opens up or flip down and if it shrinks or stretches.

Flip down & stretch

Opens up & stretch

Opens up & shrink

Flips down & stretch

Flips down

what does h do
What does h do?
  • If h is positive, graph moves left.
  • If h is negative, graph moves right.
  • h is tricky, it is the opposite sign of what you see.
what does k do
What does k do?
  • If k is positive, graph moves up.
  • If k is negative, graph moves down.
describe the transformations opens up flip down stretch shrink move left right move up down
Describe the transformations(opens up/flip down, stretch/shrink, move left/right, move up/down,).

Flip down, stretch, Move left 3, down 5,

Flip down, stretch, Right 1, up 6,

Open up, shrink, Right 2, up 9,

Open up, shrink, Down 2,

Open up, stretch, Left 1, down 2,

how do you find the vertex
VERTEX is (h, k)How do you find the vertex?

h is TRICKY, he is the opposite sign of what you see.

home work
Home Work
  • WS Transformations
    • Identify the function’s parent name
    • Describe the transformation (up/down, left/right, stretch/shrink)…be sure to include the number of units
    • Find the vertex
    • Tell the domain and range