satellite digital imaging system n.
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Satellite Digital Imaging System

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Satellite Digital Imaging System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Satellite Digital Imaging System. Satellite Digital Imaging System. Brief History In 1995, CAP standardized on Slow Scan TV as the video system for CAP. In 1997-1998 the first systems were deployed to the regions. Equipment took up most of the back seat

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satellite digital imaging system1
Satellite Digital Imaging System
  • Brief History
    • In 1995, CAP standardized on Slow Scan TV as the video system for CAP.
    • In 1997-1998 the first systems were deployed to the regions.
      • Equipment took up most of the back seat
      • Used CAP VHF-FM Frequencies causing interference problems.
      • Resolution was not good.
satellite digital imaging system4
Satellite Digital Imaging System
  • Brief History – Continued
    • In January 2003, the Advanced Technology Group was challenged to provide a better resolution system for delivering video for CAP.
      • Members of the Naval Research Lab studied the available methods and recommended utilizing the Globalstar Satellite Phone system for sending video.
      • First mission tested in the Florida Keys in April 2003.
satellite digital imaging system8
Satellite Digital Imaging System
  • Systems delivered to regions beginning the summer of 2003.
    • Each region has 2 complete systems and one additional tray.
  • Several wings are currently purchasing their own systems thanks to local government grants.
satellite digital imaging system10
Satellite Digital Imaging System
  • Installation

Professionally installed


Sat. Phone

satellite digital imaging system11
Satellite Digital Imaging System
  • RCOM-100 Unit
    • DB-9 serial connector for a computer
    • RJ-11 standard phone connection
    • Cables run to back seat
satellite digital imaging system12
Satellite Digital Imaging System
  • Video Components
    • Nikon Coolpix 5700 Digital Camera or other suitable camera
    • Laptop/Tablet Computer
satellite digital imaging system14
Satellite Digital Imaging System
  • System Connections

Connecting components differently will cause system failure!

satellite digital imaging system18
Satellite Digital Imaging System

Click “Setup Mission”

satellite digital imaging system19
Satellite Digital Imaging System

Select Mission

Click “Set Mission”

satellite digital imaging system20
Satellite Digital Imaging System

Note system configuration.

satellite digital imaging system21
Satellite Digital Imaging System

How it works

Take the picture

Attach it to an E-mail

Send the E-mail by Satcom

satellite digital imaging system22
Satellite Digital Imaging System
  • Taking the pictures
    • Standard practices
    • Backseat with camera window is best
satellite digital imaging system23
Satellite Digital Imaging System
  • Downloading the pictures
    • Turn on computer
    • Connect cable from camera to USB port on computer
    • Turn the Nikon Coolpix 5700 on.
    • Nikon software should autostart.
satellite digital imaging system24

This screen comes up automatically when the camera is plugged into the computer.

You can change where in the computer the pictures are stored.

When you are ready, click here to download your pictures from the camera to the computer.

Satellite Digital Imaging System
  • Nikon Image Transfer
satellite digital imaging system25

Once the download begins you will be able to view a thumbnail and the percentage of download for each picture. Ensure the “Show thumbnail” box is checked.

Satellite Digital Imaging System
  • Nikon Downloading
satellite digital imaging system27

You can make an optional edit of any picture by highlighting the photo to edit and clicking on the edit icon.

Edit Icon

Highlighted Picture

Satellite Digital Imaging System
  • Nikon Browser
satellite digital imaging system28

Simply use the marquee tool to select the area and then click on the crop tool.

Satellite Digital Imaging System
  • Editing the Image

Simply use the marquee tool to select the area and then click on the crop tool.

Simply use the marquee tool to select the area and then click on the crop tool.

satellite digital imaging system29
Satellite Digital Imaging System
  • Save Image

Your crop will fill the picture area. Now save the picture with the name of your choice.

When finished click the Nikon Browser icon at the bottom on the screen.

Blurred for privacy reasons

Nikon Browser Icon

satellite digital imaging system30

To send the image highlight the picture or pictures you want to send with you cursor.

Then simply click the e-mail icon

Satellite Digital Imaging System
  • Sending the image
satellite digital imaging system31

Once the e-mail icon is selected an e-mail box will appear. Select

This size (750 pixels) allows the picture to be displayed on the receiver’s computer approximately full screen and ensures the picture file size is not to large for efficient transmission.

Once your have set the pixel width, click on the send icon.

Satellite Digital Imaging System
  • Selecting Size
satellite digital imaging system32
Satellite Digital Imaging System
  • Addressing & sending

E-Mail Message

Use E-Mail Groups instead

of long lists of addresses.

Subject line will be the image caption.

Last line must be the WMIRS

Signature block.

satellite digital imaging system34
Satellite Digital Imaging System
  • Message is spooled in the computer
  • The spooler will connect to Globalstar and send messages until all are sent
  • You may continue to send and the new messages will be sent in turn
  • If the connection is lost, the spooler will retry until a new connection is made.
satellite digital imaging system35
Satellite Digital Imaging System
  • E-mail delivery is the primary method
  • WMIRS should is used for archiving images
  • WMIRS Format for message
    • Subject line will be the WMIRS caption
    • Last line must be WMIRS MISSION: XXX
      • For WMIRS to recognize
satellite digital imaging system36
Satellite Digital Imaging System
  • Important Notes:
    • Practice with a regular phone dialup internet connection from any location
    • Configure address groups in advance
    • Test computer and camera during preflight
    • Send a practice picture after startup
    • After downloading your camera pictures remember to delete downloaded pictures or they will be downloaded again during the next download
satellite digital imaging system37
Satellite Digital Imaging System

Satellite Time is Expensive

Ensure the system is used for

mission essential purposes only!!

Each RCOM-100 is on a 120 minute monthly plan (no rollover.) Minutes in excess of the plan that have not been pre-approved by the National Operations Center will be billed to the responsible region

satellite digital imaging system38
Satellite Digital Imaging System
  • What’s new?
    • Higher resolution with better cameras
    • IR/Thermal Imaging
satellite digital imaging system39
Satellite Digital Imaging System
  • Better resolution with new cameras
satellite digital imaging system43
Satellite Digital Imaging System

The End

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