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Outlook Web Access

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Outlook Web Access. Utica Community Schools Technology Department. Outlook Web Access Overview. Organize and track all your information Maintain a personal calendar of appointments, events, and meetings Schedule meetings Store names, addresses and other information about contacts

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outlook web access

OutlookWeb Access

Utica Community Schools

Technology Department

outlook web access overview
Outlook Web Access Overview
  • Organize and track all your information
  • Maintain a personal calendar of appointments, events, and meetings
  • Schedule meetings
  • Store names, addresses and other information about contacts
  • Keep a journal of messages sent, received, Office documents, and events
  • Access OWA from the Web
accessing owa from the internet http ucsmail uticak12 org
Accessing OWA from the Internethttp://ucsmail.uticak12.org

Last name,first initial,middle initial

Your UCS password


Public or shared

(15 min.)-internet café,etc.

Private (24 hours)

Entering text in Outlook Web Access items, it is not considered as activity. Use “Save” button often!

understanding the owa interface



View pane

Understanding the OWA Interface
    • Main Screen
  • After entering your username and password,
  • you will be presented with the OWA main screen, which will be similar to the one displayed below.
understanding the owa interface inbox
Understanding the OWA Interface - Inbox
  • Unread messages have bold type.
  • Read messages have plain text.
  • Messages sent as high importance are marked with a red exclamation point to the left of the message.
  • Messages sent with low importance will have blue arrow pointed down to the left of the message.
  • Messages with attachments are marked with a paper clip.
  • Messages you reply to will have a purple arrow in front of the envelope.
understanding the owa tool bar
Understanding the OWA Tool Bar
  • The OWA toolbar is displayed above the View Pane. See below for an overview of each item on the toolbar.

UCS, not contacts

understanding the owa interface messages
Understanding the OWA Interface - Messages
  • In order to view your messages in OWA, position your mouse over the message you’d like to read in the View Pane, and click it. Your message will be displayed in the View Pane.
understanding the owa interface messages8
Understanding the OWA Interface - Messages
  • Click on column (from,subject, & received) to reverse order.
  • To read a message, click on any part of message.
understanding the owa interface messages9

View all messages Toolbar

Understanding the OWA Interface - Messages

When you login, your inbox (list of messages) will appear in the view pane.

Your message is now open

opening attachments
Opening Attachments
  • Select attachment by double clicking. Note: Download menu may show up
  • when using Safari & attachment might be sent to the desktop.
  • OR simply drag attachment to desktop
opening attachments11
Opening Attachments

If you run into “issues”, Control click to get this screen and select “Download Link to Disk”

creating sending new message second method
Creating/Sending New MessageSecond Method
  • Type in last names separated by semicolon & click on the check names button (global address book & contacts)
  • Black (name NOT email address) vs red font
  • Click on red (can’t resolve)
creating sending new message second method cont
Creating/Sending New MessageSecond Method, cont.
  • Choose the correct “Smith” from the list by clicking to the left of the name (business card icon represents a contact)
  • Select: “To”, “Cc”, or “Bcc” & then, click “Apply”
  • Selected name is now included
creating sending new message third method
Creating/Sending New MessageThird Method
  • To locate a UCS employee or search by grade level , building, etc., click the address book (To:button)
  • When all buildings have been migrated, you will be able to search by multiple topics & add to recipient list (limited list at present time)

Adding an Attachment

  • Click the paperclip icon on the toolbar to add an attachment
  • Click “Browse” to locate file/picture
  • Click “Open” to choose picture/file
  • Click “Attach” to add attachment
adding an attachment
Adding an Attachment
  • Process may be repeated before you close the window
  • Then, send or return to message
signature out of office assistant options
Signature & Out of Office Assistant“Options”
  • Messaging options (items per page, automatically include signature, & enter signature
  • Out of Office (select & enter message)

,file print, or use print icon from browser


Enter Contact Information

Save Attachment Delete Map Close(exit screen w/o saving)


Create Distribution List (group)

  • Click “New” Distribution list
  • Name the list (group)
  • Add names
  • Or use address book.
  • (or use “Find Names” for UCS members)
create distribution list group
Create Distribution List (group)
  • Check box to the left of the name
  • Add recipient to “Distribution list”
  • Note: name(s) appear on bottom of window
  • Save after adding additional names
  • Note: To add contacts, copy & paste email address from contact list
deleting items
Deleting Items

This icon sends item to deleted folder

recovering deleted items
Recovering Deleted Items
  • Mail folders (mail deleted goes into “deleted items” folder
  • Deleted items can then be deleted from folder
  • These “Permanently Deleted” items can be recovered within 4 days
  • To recover: Select “Options” from Navigation pane
recovering deleted items cont
Recovering Deleted Items, cont.
  • Select “View Items”
  • Check items and “Recover” or “Permanently Delete”
getting help
Getting Help

Select the “Help” button on the view pane toolbar.

got questions
Got Questions?
  • Contact:

Stacey Soderman



additional features
Additional Features
  • Calendar
  • Spell check
  • Thesaurus
calendar schedule a meeting appointment
Calendar - Schedule a Meeting/Appointment
  • Enter recipients by one of the 3 methods
  • Save (puts it on calendar)
  • Send (sends email to recipients)
  • Note: All day event appears at the top of the calendar

30 min delay

  • An Appointment is an activity that can be scheduled
  • for any specific time period and consumes
  • a block of only your time.
  • (Note: Full blown version includes meetings and events)
calendar cont
Calendar , cont.
  • Double click on meeting to view details



got questions39
Got Questions?
  • Contact:

Stacey Soderman