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Selenium Training in Chennai PowerPoint Presentation
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Selenium Training in Chennai

Selenium Training in Chennai

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Selenium Training in Chennai

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  1. Selenium training in chennai


  3. The automated testing will be more rampant as compared to the manual testing: Most of the applications, as well as the software, are becoming more and more complex with every passing day. Testing has always been an integral part of the development process for ensuring that the software is developed in an accurate manner and caters to the needs of the clients in the most efficient way. But as we have approached towards 2018, automated testing is being used more rapidly and frequently in comparison to manual testing. This helps to save crucial time as well as the capital as there are no scopes of error during and after the launch of the product or software. However, it would take some time for the testers to adopt the right process of executing the automated testing. The benefits of automated testing are enormous and it saves ample time so the testers can utilize the time in some other fruitful activity. The thing to keep in mind is that if one goes for automated testing, resources (experienced team) and accurate tools are needed to obtain the finest and desired results. Learn more:

  4. Drastic Shift from Quality Assurance (QA) to Quality Engineering (QE): • As the world is changing continuously; every now and then, there is a discussion going on about new technologies surfacing in the current marketplace. The basic feature of the Quality Assurance is that it follows a systematic waterfall approach for testing which is a step by step process, making it thorough but lengthy at the same time. QA has been in competition to make up with the challenging dynamics in the testing field. Sometimes, QA can perform as a bottleneck to a complete flow of processes. • Following this approach, the previous process needs to be completely done for the next to begin and beings a manual tester one can only look after this in detail. The amount of data and processes can easily pile up if one uses QA. But when it comes to the Quality Engineering, one can introduce the testing and automation process earlier in the process rather than at the customer’s acceptance phase which is the reason for this drastic shift from QA to QE. Click here:

  5. Enhancement in adoption of the open source in 2018: • The testing of software in open source platforms is increasing at an alarming rate. This helps in ensuring the cost-effectiveness while introducing new talents to the industry. Selenium is the best example of the open source platform which is trending in 2018. To use any of the open sources available in the market, the testers working on the projects need to have a great knowledge of the platform to ensure high-quality work that is delivered at a faster pace to the intended customers, thus making the software development process to be seamless. These open source platforms utilize the positive points of the testing to yield the competent results.About Selenium Testing

  6. Mastering the Agile & DevOps skills will be added advantage: For gaining the momentum, flexibility, and performance in the process of software development, it is necessary that the testers develop the Agile and DevOps skills in 2018.

  7. 2018 is the year of Social Networking: • If any software application is not compatible with the social networks, it would be hard for it to maintain and grow in the market. So, these applications have to cope with the increasing demands of social media and networking sites (Facebook, Twitter etc). The time has come when the testers should accustom them to the social networks to keep them aware of the latest trends and updates in this dynamically changing environment.

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