Southeast region
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Southeast region. By: Janus, Ellie, Weiton. Geography. The major land forms are: The Appalachian, savannas and swamps are the major land forms. The Appalachian mountains are 1,500 meters to high. Savannas are flat grassland. A swamp is an area of low land that is covered by water.

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Southeast region

Southeast region

By: Janus, Ellie, Weiton


The major land forms are: The Appalachian, savannas and swamps are the major land forms. The Appalachian mountains are 1,500 meters to high. Savannas are flat grassland. A swamp is an area of low land that is covered by water.

How were natural resources used in the past?

The trees in the Forest were used in the past by cutting the trees and making it in to lumber and using the lumber to build houses. Back then coal was used to heat houses and produce electricity.



  • region could have more dangerous weather like floods, and, hurricanes, and snowstorms. How were natural resources used today? Also today coal heats up homes and produces electricity. Today oil is used to make petrochemicals that means chemicals made from oil.

  • What are geography features that make this region different from the other regions? This because their not use to the snow.


What is the elevation in the south east region?

The elevation in the south east is sea level to 3,100 meters.



Who were the early settlers in the region? The early settlers in Louisiana was the Canadian who called them selves the Acadians and the French.

The early settlers in Richmond Virginia were the Iroquois.

The early settlers in Raleigh North Carolina were the Italians then to the Spanish but then settled with the British colonist.

Why was the Richmond Virginia settled?

Richmond Virginia was settled because they wanted to grow crops and raise money.


What impacts the population in the southeast?

Jobs because maybe people lose their jobs so they can’t pay for their home then they lose their home but then they get a job in the southeast and then can buy a home. Also because it is not healthy for senior citizens to stay in the cold so then they would move south. The weather impacts the south east because of all the damage of what had happed to their houses.


What is the population density of your region

The population density for Richmond Virginia is 3404 people per square mile. the population density was 2409.2 people per square mile for Raleigh north Carolina How has the population density affected how people live, work, and use transportation in your region?


  • Population density affects peoples life work and use of transportation because if there is a lot of people per square mile and a new job is opening and everyone is signing up then most people won't get the job and they will get angry. Population density affects people transportation because everyone would be crowded and there would be a lot of traffic and accidents because everyone is rushing.


Population density also affects people’s life because if you live in a apartment then there might be kids who make a lot of noise and you can't take a nap or work. 

How does the population affect the use of natural resources?

The amount of population density affects natural resources because they cut down trees to make wood lumber, pencils, paper, and desks. We also sometimes use water power but mostly not anymore because we have electricity. We also use plants to make spices.



  • The server weather found in the region are hurricanes, floods, tornados and snow storms.

    Snow storms are sever weather because they wouldn’t have the right materials and clothes for this snowstorm, because they are used to the hot areas.

    Snow storms are formed by when to different temperatures of air clash together.


  • When these two airs meet it is called a front.

  • If cold air advances and pushes away the warm air, it forms a cold front. When the cold are has more the cold air goes south and the hot air goes north and it mixes creating a snow storm. Hurricanes only form over warm ocean water of 80°F or warmer. The air must cool off quickly the higher you go. Also, the wind must be blowing in the same direction and at the same speed to force the air upward from the ocean surface.


What is the climate in the southeast region?

The climate in the Southeast region are seasons: summer you would expect hot weather and sun.

In the spring you would expect still warm weather and sun but possibly some clouds and rain.

In the fall you would expect a little colder weather but still warm and clouds and sometimes some rain. Last you would expect colder weather and maybe some frost and clouds


  • What instruments are used to predict hurricanes? you use the safer Simpson Scale to predict the weather. The safer Simpson Scales measures the winds speed of a hurricane. How does your region’s climate affect the natural resources and economy of your region? It will affect it because if there is a snow storm all the food and plants will die and if it rains and you live in wood house you will have leaks.


  • How are resources used to make a living you could grow crops and raise animals . Also you could work in the coal mine or work in the oil rig also you could work in the saw mill and cut down trees to make lumber to build houses.


  • Explain how and why industry's has changed in your region over time?

  • In the south east the industry's with early settlers was growing crops and raising animals. Now the industry's have changed over time by more progress because high technology as if farming back then you had to farm by hand now a days you could use tracktors and other farming equipment.



  • They could had cut down trees and then make it in to lumber to make houses and then they could use the wood to make fires. Also they could wood and water wheels to heat up houses make fires and use it to cook. Last they could use animals to transport goods, foods, and people.


  • Why was the south east settled?

  • The south east was settled because people wanted to start new lives and be able to take care of their family.


  • What are the cultures/lifestyles in your region? Some cultures in the southeast are African Americans who were forced to be salves. The French colonist from Canada settled along Louisiana and brought their hot and spicy food along with their Cajun music. The English also came to build a settlement and did well after they began to farm, specialty tobacco.


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