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Moby S

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  1. Moby S Product Description Moby S is a new mobile storage solution created by applying key insights from extensive user observation. It is available in 3 different heights to meet varying user needs: standing height H1060mm; desk height H720mm; & under surface height H610mm. Together with a depth of 400mm, it makes Moby S 13.5% more space efficient than the current Moby and Moby2. Material Declaration Metal kg % Plastic kg % Others kg % Manufacturing Information The selected product Moby S is manufactured in Puchong (Malaysia), by Steelcase Steelcase, which was founded in 1912, has been dedicated to creating innovative products and helping people work more effectively for almost a century. Steelcase has management systems for Quality (ISO 9001) and for the Environment (ISO 14001), ensuring that our customers are guaranteed the same level of product quality and environmental performance, wherever they are in the world. Steelcase is committed to continually reducing the environmental impacts of its products and activities on a global scale. For further information visit

  2. End Of Life Materials Use Transportation Production Life cycle stages Materials This stage includes raw material extraction and processing into materials ready to be used. Production This stage comprises all production and assembly processes taking place at Steelcase or suppliers. Transport Transport from suppliers to the production site and from the production site to Asia Pacific markets is taken into account. Use No relevant environmental exchanges occur during use of the product. End of life Product can be disposed of in a variety of ways, depending on the availability of recycling centers in your specific market. Steelcase products use a high percentage of recycled material, and are designed to be easily recyclable. Recycle Content Calculation • The Moby S is up to 19% recyclable by weight. • All materials used for packaging are 100% recyclable. • The Moby Sweighs 40.7 kg. • Itcontains up to 64% recycled material. • Cardboard and LDPE plastic film are used for the packaging. • The Moby S is made with a • minimum number of components • and different materials. • The Moby S is designed for a long product life cycle. • • Minimizing packaging volume also helps to improve fill rates and thus requires less energy for shipping. • This indirectly reduces the carbon footprint • The Moby S was designed to be made with minimal waste, energy consumption and environmental impact. • • Moby S is manufactured at our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001certified plant in Puchong, Malaysia. • Powder coat painting is virtually VOC free and free of heavy metals. • •For easy disassembly, the amount of glue used is minimal. Remark: Recycle value posted may vary in different region of Asia Pacific. Moby S_Rev1 Disclaimer : Numbers may vary based on model and options selected. Calculations of recycled content are based on data provided by suppliers and other available information. This data may include industry averages, ranges or other broadly based information. Steelcase makes conservative assumptions when compiling this information to provide the most accurate recycled content calculations possible but variability in market conditions or manufacturing processes may result in higher or lower content. This document may be subject to review and update from time to time without notice.