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  1. LEOplus: Pro increased mobility in Europe! Generall Assembly EARLALL October 9-11 Heidelberg UllaKarin Sundqvist Nilsson uksn@ostsam

  2. LEOPlus Pro increased mobility in Europe! to encourage SMEs in all economic sectors across Europe to engage with mobility exchanges for the personal & vocational development of apprentices and other people undertaking IVET [SMEs] to better support participants undergoing transnational placements or exchanges [support] • to simplify the logistical processes involved in implementing transnational mobility [logistics] • to provide assessment of transnational mobility that could lead to recognition and appropriate certification for all participants [recognition] UllaKarin Sundqvist Nilsson uksn@ostsam

  3. LEOPlus • How to encourage SMEs to engage with mobility • How to support individual participants in transnational exchanges • How to simplify logistical processes involved in implementing mobility • How to ensure that formal recognition of learning undertaken appropriately certificated UllaKarin Sundqvist Nilsson uksn@ostsam

  4. LEOPlus In Sweden… In early spring 2008, the Swedish partnership surveyed 3016 students in the schools participating in the Swedish LEOPlus partnership and 152 SMEs in the Östsam region. There were also a number of complementary activities such as focus group discussions, interviews and informal meetings. UllaKarin Sundqvist Nilsson uksn@ostsam

  5. LEOPlus • ·9 per cent of the students had been on a work placement abroad, 88 per cent wanted to do so • ·3 weeks wasthe preferred length of placement for around 50 per cent of respondents • ·around 58 per cent of respondents wanted to stay on their own, in a youth hostel or a rented room; around 33 per cent preferred to stay with a family • · 93 per cent of respondents indicated that they preferred to go on placements in the company of their peers while almost 7 per cent preferred to go on their own • ·67 per cent of respondents would like more information on how to undertake a placement in another country • ·Recognition: around 13 per cent of respondents had heard of Europass and around 7 per cent had used the Europass  UllaKarin Sundqvist Nilsson uksn@ostsam

  6. LEOPlus • ·9 per cent of the companies had sent participants abroad on placements but 47 per cent were thinking about doing so – of these companies only 14.5 per cent were aware of the funding sources for these activities and almost 33 per cent requested further information on organising placements abroad • ·11 per cent of respondents had hosted an IVET student or apprentice from another country and all had found it to be a positive or very positive experience • ·25.5 per cent of respondents indicated that they would consider taking an apprentice or IVET student for on the job training • ·9 per cent had heard of Europass. UllaKarin Sundqvist Nilsson uksn@ostsam

  7. LEOPlus 5 themes for final recommendations: • Funding • Recognition • Strategy • Awareness raising of Leonardo Programmes • Languages (Scotland) www.leoplus.eu UllaKarin Sundqvist Nilsson uksn@ostsam

  8. LEOPlus LEOPlus Mobility Toolkit A Practical Guide to Organizing Work Placements in the European Union www.leoplus.eu UllaKarin Sundqvist Nilsson uksn@ostsam

  9. Thinking Thinking About About Mobility Mobility Funding Possibilities The Benefits Benefits Managing Managing of of Funding Mobility Mobility Mobility Mobility During The Pre Pre - - During Post Post Placement Placement Placement Placement Placement Placement Practical Recruitment Recruitment Participant Trainee Placement Placement Practical & Selection & Selection Debriefing Debriefing Outcomes Outcomes Activity Activities Mentoring Mentoring Considerations Considerations of Participants Preparing Preparing Recognition Recognition Recognition Recognition the the Recognition Recognition Evaluation Evaluation Participants Participants UllaKarin Sundqvist Nilsson uksn@ostsam

  10. LEOPlus As for final products (toolkit) and final recommendations…. www.leoplus.eu UllaKarin Sundqvist Nilsson uksn@ostsam

  11. Thank you for your attention!Contact details:UllaKarin Sundqvist NilssonDirector International RelationsPhone +46 13 255613 Cellphone +46 706 255613uksn@ostsam.se UllaKarin Sundqvist Nilsson uksn@ostsam