Status of Data Management in China for AMY
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Guangqing Zhou, Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Status of Data Management in China for AMY. Guangqing Zhou, Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Yokohama, Japan 26-27 Jan. 2008. Projects delivering Data Products in China

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Status of Data Management in China for AMY

Guangqing Zhou,

Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

Yokohama, Japan

26-27 Jan. 2008

  • Projects delivering Data Products in China

  • AIPO:Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction over the Joining Area of Asia and Indian-Pacific Ocean and Its Impact on the Short-Term Climate Variation in China

  • SCHeREX: Southern China Heavy Rainfall Experiment

  • TORP: Tibetan Observation and Research Platform

  • SACOL: Semi-Arid Climate and Environment Observatory of Lanzhou  University

  • NPOIMS: Variability of the Subtropical North Pacific Ocean Circulation and its Impacts on the Dynamic Environment of the Marginal Seas

  • MAIRS:Monsoon Asia Integrated Regional study


Data Category generated by these projects in China

Observation: Ocean – AIPO, NPOIMS


Special – SCHeREX, MAIRS

Assimilation: Ocean – IAP/AIPO

Land – ITP/Tokyo Univ. /CEOP

Modelling: AIPO, NPOIMS, MAIRS, others

  • Data Management and Sharing

  • Data are/will be stored in each project

  • Most of them have their own web site for data information and access way

  • many of them need user permission

  • Comments or questions for discussion

  • a central information center or web site to gather the distributed data information and their updates together and declare them to all AMY participants

  • (2) a name list of contact persons from each project / participant for data information exchange

  • specify at least one person from each participant to join DMWG responsible for data information exchange

  • (3) For land/hydrology observations, many of them are closely related with CEOP or under CEOP,

  • Can we use directly the CEOP data management or web site to get these data information and even share these data?

Comments or questions for discussion

(4) in China side, a workshop for data management and sharing is needed:

to make coordination for data management

to decide something :

additional founding application for data sharing and web site running?

but who sponsors it? A high level person needed!

(5) we have a formation center in IAP/CAS, IAP would like to play part of the role in China side for data information exchange and to supply the place for data depository and service for those who have no facilities of data storage

Some Technical Efforts for data archiving and management in IAP

Information Center in IAP in charge of network, computers and data service

A new data and information service platform being developed.

Hardware: IAP

two new servers and disk arrays are being installed

DELL 2950servers and 24 TB storage

for on-line data service

Another server for data off-line storage


Developing an integrated resource management and service platform

  • Main functions of the platform: IAP

  • Aim:

  • - Easy to manage resources, including data,

  • documents, codes, etc.

    • - A web portal for internet users to:

      • register and publish resources

      • discover and locate data

      • download and analyze data

      • store, manage and share data

Register and Publish Resource IAP

a workflow for authorization supplied:

1. User submits a resource item to portal administrator;

2. Administrator Authorize it: permit or deny.

3. if accepted, then will be displayed in the platform

Discover and Locate IAP

A web search engine is embedded to locate a item in resource tree.

A file-based search engine to query meta data in netCDF/GRiB format.

Analyze data IAP

We use OPeNDAP protocol to simplify data access process.

After users search and locate the data, they can do their analysis with their handy tools to access data

Also users can slice data, plot and download data.

Store, Manage and Share data IAP

Offer a way for the data owners to store, manage and share their data themselves.

The owner decides how to share the data, is it fully opened or just within his project or group?

The owner has the right to allocate permission to others.