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Criteria for Performance Excellence

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Criteria for Performance Excellence - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2012. Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. Criteria for Performance Excellence. Baldrige Performance Excellence Program | Seven Categories of the Business/Nonprofit Criteria. Leadership Strategic Planning Customer Focus

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criteria for performance excellence


Baldrige Performance ExcellenceProgram

Criteria for Performance Excellence

Baldrige Performance Excellence Program |

seven categories of the business nonprofit criteria
Seven Categories of the Business/Nonprofit Criteria
  • Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Customer Focus
  • Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management
  • Workforce Focus
  • Operations Focus
  • Results
core values and concepts
Core Values and Concepts
  • Visionary leadership
  • Customer-driven excellence
  • Organizational and personal learning
core values and concepts1
Core Values and Concepts
  • Valuing workforce members and partners
  • Agility
  • Focus on the future
  • Managing for innovation
core values and concepts2
Core Values and Concepts
  • Management by fact
  • Societal responsibility
  • Focus on results and creating value
  • Systems perspective

Item Format

Item number

Item title

Item point value

Basic item requirements (in item title)

Type of information to provide in response

Overall item requirements (specific topics to address)

Multiple requirements (individual Criteria questions)

Areas to address

Subheads summarizing multiple requirements

Item notes


Item Format

  • Item notes have the following purposes:
  • clarify key terms and requirements
  • give instructions
  • indicate/clarify important linkages

Nonprofit-specific item note (in italics)

Location of item description


An Analogy for Learning:

From Fighting Fires to Innovation

organizational profile
Organizational Profile

P.1 Organizational Description

P.2 Organizational Situation

  • Starting point for self-assessment and application preparation
  • Basis for early action planning
category point values
Category Point Values

1 Leadership 120

2 Strategic Planning 85

3 Customer Focus 85

4 Measurement, Analysis, and

Knowledge Management 90

5 Workforce Focus 85

6 Operations Focus 85

7 Results 450



1. Leadership (120 pts.)

Senior leaders’ actions, organizational governance, and societal responsibilities

1.1 Senior Leadership (70 pts.)

1.2 Governance and Societal Responsibilities (50 pts.)


2. Strategic Planning (85 pts.)

Strategic and action planning, andimplementation of plans

2.1 Strategy Development (40 pts.)

2.2 Strategy Implementation (45 pts.)


3. Customer Focus (85 pts.)

How an organization listens to the voice of the customer and engages its customers

3.1 Voice of the Customer (45 pts.)

3.2 Customer Engagement (40 pts.)


4. Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management (90 pts.)

Analysis, review, and improvement of organizational performance Management of information, knowledge, and information technology

4.1 Measurement, Analysis, and Improvement of Organizational Performance (45 pts.)

4.2 Management of Information, Knowledge, and Information Technology (45 pts.)


5. Workforce Focus (85 pts.)

How an organization builds an effective workforce environment and engages, develops, and manages its workforce

5.1 Workforce Environment (40 pts.)

5.2 Workforce Engagement (45 pts.)


6. Operations Focus (85 pts.)

How an organization designs, manages, and improves its work systems and work processes and prepares for emergencies

6.1 Work Systems (45 pts.)

6.2 Work Processes (40 pts.)


7. Results (450 pts.)

Performance and improvement in all key areas

Current performance levels, trends, and comparative data

7.1 Product and Process Outcomes (120 pts.)

7.2 Customer-Focused Outcomes (90 pts.)

7.3 Workforce-Focused Outcomes (80 pts.)

7.4 Leadership and Governance Outcomes (80 pts.)

7.5 Financial and Market Outcomes (80 pts.)

2010 baldrige award winners in business nonprofit sector
2010 Baldrige Award Winners in Business/Nonprofit Sector

Since 2003, Baldrige has improved MEDRAD in so many different dimensions. It’s all about continuous improvement. … By embracing all of the key dimensions of Baldrige, the company has doubled in size this year as a business of Bayer Health Care. We are $690 million in revenue, as of the end of 2010.

— Samuel Liang, President and CEO, MEDRAD

We call it eating our own cooking. … when you teach it, you also have to do it. That's why the Baldrige journey was so important to us. … we had so many of our clients win the Baldrige [Award], and apply for the Baldrige [Award], and we felt that we needed to also be on this journey with it.

—Quint Studer, Founder and CEO, Studer Group

2010 baldrige award winners in business nonprofit sector1
2010 Baldrige Award Winners in Business/Nonprofit Sector

The Baldrige opportunity, on its own, was a way for us to get a very disciplined, external perspective, an examination of our business, of how we manage our business. … That’s a very valuable thing. I can’t imagine what you’d have to pay a consultant to do that. It’s been a terrific journey.

— Patrick McGinnis, President and CEO, Nestlé Purina Pet Care Co.

2010 baldrige award winners in business nonprofit sector2
2010 Baldrige Award Winners in Business/Nonprofit Sector

When you look at the Baldrige Criteria, what a great road map to say if you can do the things in all these categories and do them well, you’re going to be a well-run company.

— Robert F. Pence, President and CEO, Freese and Nichols Inc.

Personally I measure [success] by are we achieving excellence. And, of course, being a Baldrige [Award] recipient is probably the ultimate validation of that. But I don’t focus primarily on profitability or growth. I focus on are we achieving excellence. And the means we use to do that is delighting every guest that walks in our door.

—Ken Shiller, Co-Owner and Cofounder of K&N Management

for more information


For More Information
  • Criteria booklets
  • Self-assessment tools based on the Criteria
  • Award recipient videos and profiles
  • Case studies
  • Connections to the Baldrige community

(301) 975-2036

Baldrige Performance Excellence Program |