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Flesh Eating Bacteria. By Harley Dingey. Warning. If you don’t like seeing digusting pictures TURN AWAY NOW. What Is it?.

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Flesh Eating Bacteria


Harley Dingey



If you don’t like seeing digusting pictures



What Is it?

The flesh eating bacteria is also known as necrotizing fasciitis. It is a infection that in tissue under the skin and spreads along the flat tissue of the different layers of the soft tissue like the muscles and fat. It is common in the arms, legs and abdominal wall and it is fatal in 30-40% of these cases.


What are the causes?

Thecause of flesh eating bacteria is several kinds of bacteria and these bacteria also can cause a infection. Such as Steep throat and impetigo. These infections are usually mild but in the some cases they are more dangerous . Necrotizing fasciitis enter s through a wound like a bug bite, a burn or a cut, wounds that have been contact with ocean water ( raw saltwater fish, or raw oysters) an injuries that have you have endured from sea animals like crabs. A intestinal surgey site or in tumours or gunshots wounds in the intestines. Also in can get thorugh a bruise or muscle stain.


What type of Disease

The type of disease that is a flesh eating bacteria is a bacteria.


Who commonly suffersfrom Flesh Eating Bacteria

Not many people suffer from the flesh eating bacteria because the flesh eating bacteria because it is rare and it is only in the USA ( that I can find)


What are the signs and

Symptoms of flesh eating bacteria

  • The symptoms of the flesh eating bacteria:
  • Sudden severe pain to the affected area
  • Fever, Nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and other flu like symptoms.
  • Redness, Heat, Swelling, fluid-filled blisters,
  • Later Symptoms
  • Signs of shock(including confusion, fainting, or dizziness)
  • Scaling, Peeling or discoloured skin.

Treatment for

Flesh Eating Bacteria

If flesh eating bacteria is in its early stages antibodies will be presubscribed for you. If it is later stages the only way is to have surgery and remove the infected tissue.


Can Flesh eating Bacteria

BE cured

There are no cure for the flesh eating bacteria but there is treatment sooner you might think you have flesh eating bacteria the better chances of stopping the flesh eating bacteria.


You know that only 1 in 4 cases of the flesh eating bacteria is fatal.

Flesh eating bacteria was described in the ancient world and its probably killed the Herod the great as it ate away at his thighs and genitals.


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