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NAQAWA Traning Program

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NAQAWA Traning Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NAQAWA has been providing inventive services to children and adults with communication disorder. Our highly experienced and warm-hearted staff is ready to help you with whatever communication need may bring you to your doors. Our aim is to help children and adults with communication disorder, to be able to communicate and do well, so they can succeed at whatever they wish to do. We provide effective physical and emotional care for each of our patients and their families. Our main motive is to deliver the professional effect and highest quality service. We believe in maintaining a healthy work atmosphere where each person is valued. \nNAQAWA’s ability to serve a good service, deliver family-oriented therapy and allow the community to help those who cannot pay. Our vision is to provide better understanding of the causes. We believe there is an essential relation between services, family and society and this relation is crucial to the success of each client.\n

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about us

About Us

We from NAQAWA provide speech therapy treatment and enable the general public to help the people who were not ready to pay. We give amazing discourse speech therapy services to the general population with communication issues and dedicate to the dialect guideline field region with best clinical practices, cure types of gear, and especially planning programs for specialists and guardians.

our services

Our Services

  • Initial Consultations
  • Speech and Language Evaluation
  • Speech and Language Therapy
training programs

Training Programs

The Hanen Parent Training Programs:

The projects will direct you in learning systems that you can apply inside your regular everyday existence to upgrade relational abilities in your child.

your child will learn

Your Child will learn:

  • Show gains in speech sound development
  • Improve social interaction
  • Increase vocabulary
  • Use more multi-word sentences
parents will learn

Parents will learn:

  • Learn how to be less directive and more responsive to the child.
  • Use language appropriate to the child’s communicative level.
  • Utilize language advancing methods all through an ordinary day
contact us

Contact Us

ADDRESS: Marsa Street, Marina

Dubai, UAE

MOB: +971 0553347466