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“The Landlady”

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“The Landlady”. Picture this: You’ve just arrived in a lovely new town by train and your looking for a place to stay. You find a bed and breakfast that looks very enchanting (nice) on the outside. You decide to stop and look in the window. What do you think you might see?. The Landlady. By

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“The Landlady”

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the landlady
“The Landlady”
  • Picture this: You’ve just arrived in a lovely new town by train and your looking for a place to stay. You find a bed and breakfast that looks very enchanting (nice) on the outside. You decide to stop and look in the window. What do you think you might see?
the landlady1

The Landlady


Roald Dahl

Objective: I will use knowledge of vocabulary, setting and the literary element of foreshadowing to analyze fictional text.

  • Read each sentence. Try to understand the definition of each word based on the context clues.
  • Write down each vocabulary word and its definition.
The bakery had one of the shabbiest facades on the block.

Facades – appearance of the fronts of a building (sometimes fake fronts)


3. The tantalizing smells of fresh pastry lured them in.

Tantalizing – tempting or teasing by making unavailable


4. The mean baker was far from congenial.

Congenial – agreeable or pleasant

meet the author roald dahl
Meet the AuthorRoald Dahl
  • Born in Wales (1916-1990)
  • He often writes stories with dark humor.
  • Some familiar stories:

James and the Giant Peach


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


literary element used
Literary Element Used
  • Foreshadowing:

the use of clues or hints suggesting

events that will occur later in the plot.

HINT:As you read “The Landlady” put yourself in the place of the main character (protagonist). Pay close attention to what Billy sees and senses

  • Protagonist is seventeen year old Billy Weaver
  • Antagonist -Owner of the Bed & Breakfast, The Landlady

The story takes place in Bath, England probably mid 1900’s.


Question of the Day 10/4Using your vocabulary from yesterday, fill in the underlined word blank with the correct vocabulary wordfacade, congenial, rapacious, emanate, tantalizing

  • While baking the cake, wonderful smells came forth from the kitchen.
  • The salesman, who came to the door, was very pleasant.
  • The house’s front appearance was one of the worst on the block.
  • My grandmother’s kitchen always had tempting smells coming from it.
  • The greedy politician was taking money from anyone for his campaign.






pre reading information
Pre-reading information

Billy Weaver arrives in Bath, England after taking the train from London. He's never been to the town before. However, he's due to start a new job there soon, and he's excited at the prospect. He heads toward The Bell and Dragon, which is a pub he's been told he could spend the night at. On the way though, he notices a sign in the window of a nearby house: "BED AND BREAKFAST”. Will it turn out to be what he expects????

  • Why is Billy in Bath, and where is he headed?
  • What does the landlady do or say that show she is unusually well-prepared for Billy’s arrival?
  • Why do you think she is so ready for Billy?
  • How does the landlady’s speech hint at some future event (“breaking the law at this stage of the proceedings”)- FORESHADOWING?
  • What clue hints at something strange about the fact the dog is sleeping (FORESHADOWING)?
  • Why might the names of Gregory Temple and Christopher Mulholland be familiar to Billy?
  • What might the peculiar smell suggest? (FORESHADOWING)
  • What has the landlady said that seems to contradict the following statement:

“Left?” she said. “But my dear boy, her never left. He’s still here. Mr. Temple is here. They’re on the fourth floor, both of them together.?

  • What do you suspect has happened to both guests? How did you arrive at that conclusion?
  • How does the landlady’s statement foreshadow what will happen to Billy? (“I stuff all my little pets myself when they pass away.”)
check test true false


1. The Landlady answers the door before Billy can remove his hand from the door bell.

2. Billy thought the Landlady’s fee to stay at the bed and breakfast was too much.

3. Billy believes he had heard of the Landlady’s previous guests.

4. The Landlady meant Billy no harm.

5. The tea taste strange to Billy because it is poisoned

Foreshadowing: List at least one event that helped to foreshadow the ending





  • List two events that foreshadow what happens to Billy at the end of the story?
question of the day put the events in order
Question of the Day Put the events in order
  • The Landlady offers Billy strange poisoned tea
  • Billy arrives in Bath and needs a place to stay
  • The Landlady asks him to sign the guest book
  • Billy questions the Landlady about her previous guest
  • The Landlady answers the door too (strangely) quickly






Process with two examples of foreshadowing. Include the event and how it foreshadowed the outcome. (i.e. T-Chart)
  • In your summary include the following:

- A brief summary of what happened in the story. Make sure you include what you inferred happened to the protagonist at the end of the story

- In your summary you must correctly use two of the story’s vocabulary words, but you CANNOT copy the sentence out of the book.

Highlight these two words

- Include two examples of how the author foreshadowed events that occurred in the story.

question of the day
Question of the Day
  • Read pg 171, and answer the following questions:
  • Who is introduced at the beginning of the story
  • Describe him. Where he is going, and why is he in this town?
question of the day1
Question of the Day
  • What does the landlady ask Billy to do before he goes to bed? Why does she want him to do this task?
adv l a question of the day
Adv L.A. Question of the Day
  • Do you believe Billy realizes the danger he faces at the end of the story? If he does, is it too late to escape (explain all your answers).