sustainability is good for business n.
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Sustainability is Good for Business

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Sustainability is Good for Business - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sustainability is Good for Business. HOUSEKEEPING DEPARTMENT. Introduction. Our customers are looking for accommodation that is working to improve its sustainability and reduce negative environmental impact

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Presentation Transcript
  • Our customers are looking for accommodation that is working to improve its sustainability and reduce negative environmental impact
  • The hotel is making efforts to reduce its water and energy consumption and to minimise the production of waste
  • All departments are able to contribute to this effort
housekeeping energy reduction
Housekeeping – Energy Reduction
  • Turn off unnecessary equipment in guest rooms i.e.
    • lights
    • TVs (do not leave them on standby)
    • air conditioning / heaters
      • if these must be left on then adjust to a suitable temperature
        • 26OC when cooling,
        • 18OC when heating
  • Check for poorly fitting doors, windows, draughts etc. and report to maintenance
housekeeping water reduction
Housekeeping – Water Reduction
  • Don’t leave taps running while cleaning
  • Check for malfunctioning toilets, excessive water flow, leaking plugs
  • Report any issue to maintenance immediately for prompt repairs
  • If there is a towel / linen reuse programme in place then ensure it is followed
  • Consider implementing top to bottom method of linen change if appropriate
housekeeping waste minimisation
Housekeeping – Waste Minimisation
  • Use bins that do not require a plastic bag liner
  • If a plastic liner is used, only replace when soiled or damaged
  • Collect any recyclables from guest rooms separately to general waste
  • Use refillable amenity dispensers
    • If small disposable ones are currently in place, only replace partially used bottles on checkout
case study caribbean
Case Study - Caribbean
  • Pirate’s Inn, Barbados
  • Action
    • The hotel has implemented a policy where all lights and air conditioning is turned off in unoccupied rooms
    • Guests pay an additional $10 per day for air con usage and are advised of the policy on arrival
  • Impacts
    • The hotel reduced energy consumption by 5.4% in 2010 compared to previous consumption levels saving over 5,000 kWh annually and reducing CO2 emissions by 4 tonnes
action planning
Action Planning
  • Discuss what options there are for reducing energy, water and waste in your operations
    • create a list of potential actions
    • who needs to be involved to ensure that these actions can take place?
    • how quickly do you anticipate these actions being put into place?
    • will any further training be required?