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SOCIAL REINTEGRATION SWG. Is just more than the economic empowerment of the affected women or survivors. LIST OF MEMBERS:. C. Mulindwa-Matovu-Women’s Dignity Alice Emasu Seruyange-TERREOWODE-UGANDA Lulleged Beyere HHOJ Francine Egbert-consultant UNFPA Leigh Boyle –HHOJ ETHIOPIA

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social reintegration swg


Is just more than the economic empowerment of the affected women or survivors

list of members
  • C. Mulindwa-Matovu-Women’s Dignity
  • Alice Emasu Seruyange-TERREOWODE-UGANDA
  • Lulleged Beyere HHOJ
  • Francine Egbert-consultant UNFPA
  • Leigh Boyle –HHOJ ETHIOPIA
  • Sarah Omega- One By One Kenya
  • Heidi Breeze-Harris One By One US/Kenya
  • Michaque Martins Tembe-MISAU-Mozambique
  • Helene Chintesen-UNFPA
  • Musa Isa-Fistula Foundation Nigeria
  • Norah Amisi Otondo-One by One-Kenya
  • Regina Bash-Taq- Health Poverty action Sierra Leone
  • Alison Shigo –helaing Hands of Joy
work progress of sr swg in 2011

Few members of the group had previously been involved in the group: 3 out of 13. However Ascertained that :

  • A chapter on SRS in different countries developed for publication in ISOFS journal; and called for input from members but only TERREWODE-Uganda and Fistula Foundation Nigeria responded
  • TERREWODE shared progress on mapping reintegration services in Uganda and DRC
  • WD started situational analysis on reintegration services, continuing with a mini-study with fistula survivors
  • Questionnaire ?
  • Process of developing social reintegration tools had started
  • Action Plan with a summary of recommendations
  • Attempts to make a conference call but not very successful
challenges identified in the social reintegration work
  • Challenges of communication within the SWG-difficulties of scheduling calls
  • Members too busy doing other work
  • No clear terms of reference
  • Lots to share but no effective mechanism for sharing it
how the swg could contribute to addressing the challenges
How the SWG could contribute to addressing the challenges:
  • Put in place clear objectives/TOR
  • A clear work plan with bench marks
  • Share information (upload) on the end fistula website
  • Identify what each members expected out of the SWG
what best practices were identified by the swg
What Best Practices were identified by the SWG?

Members felt prior planning was needed to respond to this question but based on WD-Tanzania ,TERREWODE’s-Uganda & Fistula Foundations-Nigeria experiences shared, identified the following;

  • Engagement with the various fistula stakeholders at all levels
  • Awareness raising on about the importance of Social Reintegration Services(SRS)
  • Empowerment of the affected women to lead the campaign to improve SRS for survivors
recommendations to improve effectiveness of swg
Recommendations to improve effectiveness of SWG

Identify what members wish to come out of the group:

  • Clarify on target groups are beneficiaries of SR
  • Develop workable action plan
  • MOUs
  • Net-working-More regular contact (6 monthly meet)
  • Guidelines for comprehensive package of SR
  • Sharing Experiences including study visits and agreeing the mechanism for uploading information on website
  • Bie-Monthly telephone call between members of the group
  • Recognition for work and participation.
  • As an avenue for fundraising
advocacy swg
Advocacy swg

Should be separate, but with membership from other SWG Can not fully develop terms for a different group:

  • Advocacy is over-arching and cuts across all working groups should be done in a holistic way (may need representation from each group)
  • Define and agree on What advocacy meant for the group
  • Needs TOR
  • Identify elements and modes of advocacy
  • Identify target groups
  • Use existing opportunities for activism eg 16 days of violence against women
work progress of advocacy partners swg 2011
Work Progress of Advocacy + Partners SWG 2011
  • One group call June 13
  • Participants: Carrie Ngongo (EngenderHealth), Heidi Breeze-Harris (0ne by One), Gillian Slinger (UNFPA), Iyeme Efem (Fistula Care Project/Nigeria), Etienne Franca (UNFPA), Erin Anastasi (UNFPA), Shafia Rashid (FCI)
june 13 proposed swg activities
June 13 Proposed SWG activities
  • Making a list of partners working on advocacy related to fistula
  • Identifying which organizations are working with fistula advocates at country level
  • Identifying which countries have formulated national strategies on fistula
  • What are the common elements of these strategie
  • How can the release of the indicators on fistula be used to shape and influence these national strategies? (it was noted that the indicators are being finalized by the indicators, data and research SWG in the coming months)
  • Developing a list of advocacy tools – building on what has already been collected to-date 
  • Populate/update relevant pages and sections on the newly re-launched Campaign to End Fistula web site