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This is Java Jeopardy PowerPoint Presentation
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This is Java Jeopardy

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This is Java Jeopardy
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This is Java Jeopardy

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  1. This isJava Jeopardy Writing Methods…chapter 4…

  2. To Final Jeopardy

  3. What are methods? • This defines an object’s behaviors. Objects 1 Back to Board

  4. What are attributes? • This is the term used to describe the properties of an object’s state of being. Objects 2 Back to Board

  5. What is aggregation? • When an object has other objects as instance data it is said to have this type of relationship. Objects 3 Back to Board

  6. What is association? • When an object is aware of and uses another object they are said to have this type of relationship. Object 4 Back to Board

  7. What is method overloading? • This is when we have multiple methods with the same name differentiated by their signatures only. Back to Board Method 1

  8. What is a void method? • This type of method does not have a return statement. Method 2 Back to Board

  9. What is method decomposition? • This is the process of breaking down a complex method into easier to handle, smaller methods. Method 3 Back to Board

  10. What is parameter list? • When methods are created this follows the method name explaining the type of values that can be passed to the method and their names. Method 4 Back to Board

  11. What is scope? • This refers to the range in which a variable can be referenced. Everything Classes 1 Back to Board

  12. What is private visibility? • This type of visibility protects instance data by requiring programmers to interact with an object’s method to change the object’s state. Everything Classes 2 Back to Board

  13. What are data declarations and method declarations? • These are the members of a class. Back to Board Everything Classes 3

  14. What is public visibility? • In order for a programmer to interact with protected objects created in our classes, methods we have created should be declared with this type of visibility. Back to Board Everything Classes 4

  15. What is new? • This reserved word is used to create a new instance of a given class. Using Classes 1 Back to Board

  16. What is a constructor? • This is often used to initialize the variables associated with each object. Using Classes 2 Back to Board

  17. What are actual parameters? • When using methods from a class you have created you pass these parameters into the method declaration within the class you created? Using Classes 3 Back to Board

  18. What is an instance? • When evaluating the relationship between objects and classes, objects are often referred to as this of a class. Back to Board Using Classes 4

  19. What are formal parameters? • These parameters are located in the header of the method declaration. Back to Board More Methods 1

  20. What is method signature? • This is the methods name along with the number, type, and order of its parameters. More Methods 2 Back to Board

  21. What is local data? • This type of data can only be used within the method in which it is declared. More Method 3 Back to Board

  22. What is the method declaration? • This defines the code that is executed when the method is invoked. More Methods 4 Back to Board

  23. What is instance data? • Attributes, such as the variable face in the coin class, are considered this type of data because memory space is created for each instance of the class that is created. Misc 1 Back to Board

  24. What is encapsulation? • This term refers to objects working with other parts of a program only through the objects own methods. Misc 2 Back to Board

  25. What are visibility modifiers? • Public and Private are two examples of this. Misc 3 Back to Board

  26. What are support methods? • Methods that only exist to aid other methods of the class are said to be this type of method. Misc 4 Back to Board

  27. Final Jeopardy Category Visibility Modifiersmake your wagers

  28. Let’s see your answers. • Fill in the chart below explaining the impact on ecapsulation. public private Variable Methods Begin Now.

  29. Scrolling methods