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natalie fowler deepa jakkamsetti surapan laosettanun rikiya toyofuku venda yuniarti n.
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Natalie Fowler Deepa Jakkamsetti Surapan Laosettanun Rikiya Toyofuku Venda Yuniarti PowerPoint Presentation
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Natalie Fowler Deepa Jakkamsetti Surapan Laosettanun Rikiya Toyofuku Venda Yuniarti

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Natalie Fowler Deepa Jakkamsetti Surapan Laosettanun Rikiya Toyofuku Venda Yuniarti

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  1. Natalie Fowler DeepaJakkamsetti SurapanLaosettanun RikiyaToyofuku Venda Yuniarti

  2. Embraer

  3. Outline • Company History • Presence in the world • Values & Strategies • Types of Aircraft • Technology • Environmental Issues • Financials • Current Events

  4. Company History • In the mid 60’s, the government initiated research and a project for middle-sized aircraft. • In 1969, based on the progress of the project, Embraer opened its door controlled by Brazilian government. • Starting with Bandeirante, Embraer expanded its business arenas by acquiring and/or corroborating with local companies and European companies. • In 1994, Embraer was privatized. • Currently, its business areas are Airline, Commercial and Business Aviation, Defense Market and Aeronautical services. 17,265 employees: 94.1% are based in Brazil.

  5. Presence in the world • Over 5,000 aircraft produced in 92 countries • Certificated by EASA at the 100thexecutive jet in 2009 • Two Diamond Certificates of Excellence in 2009

  6. Embraer - Values Our people are what make us flyWe are here to serve our customersBoldness and innovation are our hallmarksGlobal presence is our frontierWe build a sustainable futureWe strive for company excellence

  7. Embraer - Strategy • Assess new developments and invest in the future of commercial aviation • Continue investing in and developing executive aviation • Boost the operations of the new corporate unit – Embraer Defense and Security • Expand into new business, based on investment feasibility studies and analyses • Continue implementing the Embraer Enterprise Excellence Program (P3E) • Invest in technology and innovation • Give even more incentive to best environmental practices

  8. Types of Aircraft Commercial (E-jets) Corporate (Executive) Military (Defense & Security) Agricultural Aviation

  9. Types of Aircraft Commercial (E-jets)

  10. Commercial Jets - Portfolio

  11. Commercial Jets - Customers

  12. Commercial Jets - Customers

  13. Types of Aircraft Commercial (E-jets) Corporate (Executive)

  14. Executive Jets - Portfolio

  15. Executive Jets - Customers

  16. Types of Aircraft Commercial (E-jets) Corporate (Executive) Military (Defense & Security)

  17. Defense and Security - Portfolio

  18. Embraer Defense & Security –Acquisitions and Partnerships

  19. Embraer Defense & Security –Acquisitions and Partnerships

  20. Defense and Security - Customers

  21. Types of Aircraft Commercial (E-jets) Corporate (Executive) Military (Defense & Security) Agricultural Aviation

  22. Agricultural Aviation - Portfolio Ipanema

  23. Technology Flight Simulator Aerodynamic Tunnel Virtual Reality Center Autoclave

  24. Technology Programs • Embraer Engineering and Technology Center USA will be built at the Melbourne International Airport in Florida • Will employ at least 200 engineers • P3E Program (Embraer Enterprise Excellence Program) • Promotes continuous process improvement and adoption of best practices

  25. Challenges in the Industry

  26. Technology Solutions • Aircraft Life-Cycle Management • Lean Development • Lower operational costs • Green Life Cycle • Highly-integrated products • Efficient Energy Management • Improved Electrical Systems • Alternative Fuels • More efficient aircraft • New aircraft • Active drag reduction systems • Advanced Materials • New Engines • Safe Operation • Improved weather systems • Integration of human & machines controls • Comfort & Onboard Features • Faster Boarding • New Systems • New Displays • Operation in High-density Environment • Pilot workload management • Improved integration with ATC • 4D Trajectories • Secure Aircraft • Missile protection • Abnormal trajectory detection • Engagement of automatic control

  27. Evolution & Innovation Design for Manufacturing & Automation Collaborative Product Development Noise & Emissions Aircraft Health Management Interior Design & Comfort Design for Service Advanced Aerodynamic Tools & Solutions Alternative Fuels Advanced Structures Composites / Smart Material Aircraft Software Development Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Energy Management

  28. Environmental Management • Environmental, Occupational Health, Safety and Quality Integrated Management System (SIG-MASSQ) • ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System Certification since 2002 • Manage emissions & explore alternative fuel opportunities • Develop programs, projects and strategic actions aligned with the Committee of Environmental Risks • CICEA - Internal Commission for the Conservation of Energy and Water • Atmospheric Emissions Program • Wastewater treatment & monitoring program • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Program

  29. Environmental Accomplishments • Joined with Airbus and Boeing to develop non-carbon releasing jet fuels • In the 1970’s started biofuel research that has led to Brazil’s strong market in automobile biofuels • Recycling Program: newspapers, magazines, cardboard, plastic cups, PVC pipes, glass in general, debris from factory sweeping, metallic parts, aluminum cans, cloths and rags contaminated with inflammable materials, batteries (including cell phone ones) and fluorescent lamps • 99% of hazardous waste is recycled or co-processed Reduction in Energy Usage

  30. Revenue After slowing down in year 2009 and 2010 because of global financial crisis, Embraer’s revenue is expected to show a positive sign in 2011

  31. Revenue Breakdown Most of the revenue comes from Commercial Aviation product and obtained from Europe and Asia Pacific

  32. Firm Backlog As of 2011, Embraer has US$15.4 Billion backlog orders that mostly for Commercial Aviation orders.

  33. Financial Highlights for Fiscal Year 2011 Financial position show a relatively strong position and the company continued to manage its debt profile

  34. Financial Highlights US$ Million Net Sales (left axis) Incfr Ops.(right axis) Net Income(right axis)

  35. Current Events • Collaboration of Embraer, Boeing, and Airbus on Aviation Biofuel Commercialization (3/22/2012) • Signed MoU to work together on the development of aviation biofuels by supporting, promoting, and accelerating the availability of this new jet fuel sources • The collaboration agreement supports the industry’s multi-pronged approach to continuously reduce the industry’s carbon emissions to achieve • carbon-neutral growth beyond 2020 • reduction net CO2 emissions 50% by 2050 compared to 2005

  36. Current Events • Canceled US Contract with Brazil's Embraer Stirs Confusion (1/3/2012) • The US Air Force canceled a 355-million contract to purchase 20 military planes, the A-29 Super Tucano, produced by Embraer Defense and Security, for the Light Air Support (LAS) program. • US blamed faulty paperwork for breaking off the deal but failed to cite specific problems • “not satisfied with the quality of the documentation supporting the award decision,” Michael B. Donley, Air Force Secretary - (Feb 28) • Resulted in reopens the bidding process between Embraer and Kansas-based Hawker Beechcraft Inc.,

  37. Current Events “Embraer is obviously a great company and the Super Tucano is a very fine aircraft … The United States is now in the midst of some internal processes but we remain interested.“ US Deputy Secretary of State William J. Burns (Reuters) “The Brazilian Government learned with surprise of the suspension of the bid process to purchase A-29 Super Tucano aircraft by the United States Air Force, in particular due to its manner and timing. This development is not considered conducive to strengthening relations between the two countries on defense affairs…The Brazilian Government will remain engaged in dialogue with American officials on the matter.” Website of the Foreign Affairs Ministry - Brazil

  38. Current Events • Updated (3/26/2012) • Embraer still aims for 2nd shot at US jet contract • Embraer expected a cancelled US Air Force contract for light attack aircraft to be re-tendered “within weeks” • “If they keep the same requirements . . . we think we will have a great chance to win again,” said Mr. LuizCarlos Aguiar, the head of Embraer Defense and Security

  39. Current Events • Jackie Chan: Embraer Brand Ambassador (2/3/2012) • Embraer is using  Jackie Chan, the star power of Hong Kong-born actor, as a brand ambassadorto enter China’s business-jet market. • “Over the next 10 years, we expect almost $17.5 billion of executive jets being delivered into China …The market is very big.” said Ernie Edwards, president of Embraer’s executive jet division • Quick Fact • China’s market for business jets has 156 planes in 2009 and expected to grow to as many as 635 planes by 2021. • current business jets market share of Embraer in China: 10 to 12% • Embraer targeted Chinese business jet market share in 2021: 15 to 20%

  40. JackieChan EmbraerPromoVideo •

  41. The End…