Mattson Middle School One to One Laptop Program September 26, 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

mattson middle school one to one laptop program september 26 2012 n.
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Mattson Middle School One to One Laptop Program September 26, 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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Mattson Middle School One to One Laptop Program September 26, 2012

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Mattson Middle School One to One Laptop Program September 26, 2012
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Mattson Middle School One to One Laptop Program September 26, 2012

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  1. Mattson Middle SchoolOne to One Laptop ProgramSeptember 26, 2012

  2. Changes to KSD Technology in 2012 New KSD Board Policy Changes Revised Student/Parent Laptop Responsibilities and Procedures. New Laptop Use/Safety Curriculum

  3. KSD Board Policy Changes • Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) • Internet safety protection measures • New filter improvements – YouTube education • New requirement to teach about: • Appropriate online behavior • Cyberbullying awareness • Policy 2022 Electronic Resources • Digital Citizenship curriculum

  4. Additional KSD Policy Updates • Procedure 2022p Electronic Resources • New Section – Personal Device Warning • Personal cell phones or tablets connected to KSD email • Subject to public records requests • Require PIN for security • Procedure 5253p Appropriate Staff/Student Interactions • Personal interactions • Touch • Gifts • Electronic Communications • Non-district sites • Personal “friending”

  5. New “Digital Citizenship” Curriculum Taught across all grades, K-12. Participation by all teachers. Connects across content areas. Intersects with real life. Uses identified, tested and selected Common Sense Media.

  6. Digital Citizenship K-12 Scope and Sequence

  7. Sample 7th Grade Lesson Objective:

  8. Parent/Student Changes in KSD • Revised Procedure For Parents and Students: • Parents view the Parent/Guardian Laptop Orientation on the KSD website. • Parents and students sign and return the One to One Student/Parent Laptop Agreement form to school.

  9. 3. Students will not be required to pass a user’s test before taking laptops home.  The school will check that we a signedStudent/Parent Laptop Agreementfor every student. • 4. Students can take their laptop home when their signed Student/Parent Laptop Agreement form is turned in and the administrators announce that it is okay to take the laptops home.

  10. The KSD Parent/Guardian Laptop Orientation You will be able to access the KSD website for the Parent/Guardian Laptop Orientation two ways from the Mattson Home Page. The guest enrollment password: laptop

  11. Accessing the KSD Parent/Guardian Laptop Orientation Option 1: Click on the Parent Laptop Orientation

  12. Option 2: Click on “Parent/Guardian laptop Orientation”.

  13. Click on “Log as a Guest”

  14. Click on “Courses, Student Resources”

  15. Click on “Parent/Guardian Orientation”

  16. Enter “Laptop” as the password and click “Submit”. You should see the page below:

  17. The KSD web page “Parent/Guardian Laptop Orientation” occasionally has random access problems: • Try both options described previously. • Try re-launching the Mattson Home Page. • If all else fails, call IT at (253) 373-7030.

  18. How Parents Can Help • Remind your child of the KSD user rulesand to: a. Handle the computer safely. b. Be cautious around brothers and sisters. c. Fully charge the battery every evening. • Remind them they are responsible for any damage or loss just like a textbook. • Students will be assessed for the cost of the item: laptop, charger, battery, etc., if the loss or damage is intentional or due to negligence.

  19. Final Things to Remember: • KSD uses the Lightspeed Internet filter: • Internet filters are not perfect. • The filter works at home, but parents still need to monitor. • Don’t bypass the filter which will result in a Tech Violation and/or school discipline. • Report any problems to administrators or teachers.

  20. KSD IT may remove a user’s access to the network without notice at any time if the user is engaged in any unauthorized activity. • The KSD will cooperate with law enforcement investigations relating to any inappropriate activities. • It is critical that students have essential 21st century skills. The laptop is a tool to help them achieve that goal.

  21. If you have questions, please e-mail or call: • Judy Beliveau, Assistant Principal • • 253-373-6254 • Russ Nakatsu, Librarian/Instructional Tech • • 253-373-6263

  22. Thanks for being here tonight! Together Everyone Achieves More!

  23. Deliberately left blank!