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Career Plans with Purpose: Love What You Do PowerPoint Presentation
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Career Plans with Purpose: Love What You Do

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Career Plans with Purpose: Love What You Do - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Career Plans with Purpose: Love What You Do. Julie Ouellette, M.Ed., CCC Disabilities Counsellor Paul Menton Centre, Carleton University. Self- Exploration. Knowing About Oneself. It’s all about you: V alues I nterests P ersonality S kills. Prompt Questions. What am I good at?

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Career Plans with Purpose: Love What You Do

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    1. Career Plans with Purpose: Love What You Do Julie Ouellette, M.Ed., CCC Disabilities Counsellor Paul Menton Centre, Carleton University J.Ouellette

    2. Self-Exploration J.Ouellette

    3. Knowing About Oneself • It’s all about you: • Values • Interests • Personality • Skills J.Ouellette

    4. Prompt Questions • What am I good at? • What am I curious about? • What can I see myself doing? • What have people always told me I should do when I grow up? • What do you struggle with? What kind of jobs have you had? • What is the family context? How does that inform your career choices? J.Ouellette

    5. Using Tools J.Ouellette

    6. Psychometric Tests J.Ouellette

    7. The Nightmare-Fantasy Continuum J.Ouellette

    8. Values Inventory Adapted from: The RMOC book on Career Planning. Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton Human Resources, 1992. J.Ouellette

    9. J.Ouellette

    10. J.Ouellette

    11. J.Ouellette

    12. Google: “NOC” and “2001” J.Ouellette

    13. J.Ouellette

    14. J.Ouellette

    15. J.Ouellette

    16. Some Considerations for Students with Disabilities • Can you articulate in 3-4 sentences your disability? • Do you understand the assessment of your disability? • Learning style: Hands on? Visual? Auditory? • Accommodations: What are they now? What will transfer to post secondary? To the workplace? • Disclosure beyond school: When to disclose? To whom? J.Ouellette

    17. Challenges • Being motivated, seeing the connection and understanding the importance of the links in their process. • See career decisions as events that occur at particular points in one’s life rather than an ongoing process • Connection between academic subjects and career goals may not be clear • Changes in labour market: having the information or knowing where to find it. • Indifference which may be linked to lack of preparation OR feeling overwhelmed J.Ouellette

    18. Use what talents you possess. The woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best. • ~William Blake J.Ouellette

    19. Communication skills Motivation/initiative Teamwork skills Leadership skills GPA / academic achievement Interpersonal skills Flexibility / adaptability Technical skills Honesty / integrity Work Ethic Analytical / problem-solving skills Top Qualities Employers Seek Source: Job Outlook 2000, National Association of Colleges and Employers ( J.Ouellette

    20. J.Ouellette

    21. Resources • WORKink • MonsterTRAK • Paths to Equal Opportunity • Canadian Careers • Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) • Human Resources and Social Development (HRSD) • Job Seeking Skills for People with Disabilities: A Guide to Success • Persons With Disabilities Online (PWD-Online) • Office of Disability Issues (ODI) J.Ouellette

    22. Questions? • Julie Ouellette • • Paul Menton Centre: • • • A pile of stones can become a garden with the right amount of care. J.Ouellette