save yourself save the others nesho bonchev high school panagyurishte bulgaria n.
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Save Yourself, Save the Others “Nesho Bonchev” High school, panagyurishte bulgaria PowerPoint Presentation
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Save Yourself, Save the Others “Nesho Bonchev” High school, panagyurishte bulgaria

Save Yourself, Save the Others “Nesho Bonchev” High school, panagyurishte bulgaria

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Save Yourself, Save the Others “Nesho Bonchev” High school, panagyurishte bulgaria

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  1. Save Yourself, Save the Others“Nesho Bonchev” High school, panagyurishtebulgaria

  2. Our Ideas, Our Initiatives

  3. Our Main Aims • Describing the major issues related to safety on the road and mobility in Panagyurishte Municpality. Designingposters with the basic problems in the town and involving non-governmental organizations. • Risky and Responsible behavior - since a European project started in order to improve the infrastructure of the town, all of us are familiar with the dangerous situation in Panagyurishte. So every day the last 5 minutes weare reminded to watch out passing around the craters and going back home. We take responsible actions every school day. A volunteer duty patrol is pointed to control the risky situation around the school. Watch the film! • Road Safety - Let’s reduce accidents on the road and minimize risk factors! Discussingthe road problems with parents, taking part in a Flashmob, BYRC demos and policemen’s lectures. Consequently, involving parents in the activities. Movement is very difficult for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. • Safety for All – Creating a Facebook page and presenting two presentations “Green Transport” and • “If you want to be armed, you must be informed!”

  4. We worked in two teams • Team A– (8th grade)- We worked in charge of Road Safety, Responsible Behavior, and developed a TV Advert • Team B– (9th, 10th grade) – Risky Behaviour, Safety for All

  5. OurIDEAS We encouraged different clubs, non-governmental organisations and institutions in Panagyurishte Municipality to join our initiatives and present them together. We aqcuainted with the resources and started working together on the following topics -Responsible and Risky Behaviour; RoadSafety ; Safety for All. Our INITIATIVES 365 + Acts of Kindness – Many events regarding to the Safety for All are presented in that Facebook page, where people from all over the world are taking part and exchange ideas. Interact Club – A Flashmob against crazy drivers on the road BYRP Bulgarian Youthful Red Cross – A Sketch The Youthful Parliament of Panagyurishte Municipality – Some representatives took part in a discussion on hot topics with a policeman. The Stork’s Nest and local media – proposals, articles and reports about the initiatives and friendly advice to young drivers

  6. BYRC Bulgarian Youthful Red Cross A demonstration in the school yard and giving first aid on the road in case of an accident. Interact Club A Flashmob against crazy drivers on the road Follow our Facebook page to be familiar with all our initiatives


  8. Our first ideas When we were in class, we discussed lots of topics about road safety and sustainable mobility. The main things we talked about were that we have to be careful when we are on the road no matter whether we are travelling by car, bicycle or on foot. We discussed how we have to cross the road, especially when it is winter, it is slippery and the vehicles or pedestrians are dangerous. To avoid accidents and try to make a difference, we decided to create a film, an exhibition, special events among citizens and 2 presentations.

  9. We developed a TV advert To encourage people to save people’s lives.

  10. A School Exhibition “STOP – Save the Child!”

  11. A School Exhibition “Stop - Save the Child” Havingin mind all the traps through the town recently,broken hearts, hands and legs,students prefer riding a bike to driving a car. They try to avoid various dangerous situations. Older students made aware the younger ones with the trafic signs, discussed different dangerous situations and made sketches in front of them.

  12. 17 November – A Remembrance Day for Victims on the Road We joinedthe world initiative to show our support. We presented the articles in the media and went out with burning candles in our hands.

  13. Dear participants in the traffic, On November 17, 2013 World Day for Memorising Road Victims asksus to remember and honor the memory of the thousands of people, died with no time on the road because of car accidents, toexpress our condolences to their relatives and remember the people who continue to suffer.Each month victims of road accidentsin our country are more than 700 people, more than 54 of them lost their lives. People with viable options die and they are maimed because of their own or foreign mistakes. Thousands of years of human life and health are destroyed.Much of the misery on the road are preventable. Joint activities are necessary for developing a new culture of safe participation in traffic and formation of public and personal intolerance against violations of traffic rules that destroy lives and perspectives, bring a huge pain, moral and material losses.Today more than ever we need more tolerance, respect, foresight, shared responsibility to reduce our mistakes that lead to these disasters on the road. Let us fight daily for life and health to our relatives, to our employees by discouraging them from dangers in traffic. Let's be a good example for safe participation in traffic as drivers, as pedestrians and passengers for our children.To express our gratitude to doctors, police officers, firefighters, to all who fight for the life and health to the victims.Let us all with, more vision and purpose to join our forces to protect lives and health of people in traffic. We believe that together we can save the lives of many people and we can do our roads safer for all! November 2013

  14. Writing Competition – The Pros and Cons of Riding a Bike Our IDEA Due to the fact that Panagyurishte Municipality won a European project, all the streets are dug up to change the sewage system ( water pipes), they have lots of traps and create dangerous behaviour to many experienced and non-experienced drivers. The situation provoked initiating the following event amongst 9 and 10 graders. Pavel Garchev won the competition. Enjoy the following essay!

  15. Competition! Cycling is a new and comfortable way to travel оr for sport. There are more and more cycling clubs and competitions. Bicycles were introduced in the 19th century and now they number about one billion worldwide,twice as many as automobiles. Riding a bike makes you healthier, аnd it saves you more money, because you don't need any fuel. It's also good for the environment, because it doesn't pollute the air with harmful emissions. Moreover, it's really good exercise if you don't have enough time for fitness. However,there are some negative sides to bicycling. There's no guarantee the weather forecast won't change, so you can't be sure that if it's sunny in the morning, аt the end of the day it'll be the same.When you're riding a bike you can't wear what you want like skirts or heels,because it's uncomfortable.Cycling through traffic is really dangerous and it causes lots of accidents so be careful when you're on the road. Last, but not least, do not forget to put on your helmet, kneepads and light reflectors. To conclude, I'm not really a big fan of cycling, but it seems fun if you can’t use your car or you don't want to pollute your city. Have fun and stay safe.

  16. Street Safety Streets are children’s daily environment, in which they move, interact and grow. In most “developed” cities, children are increasingly disappearing from the urban scene. They are not using public space and when they are, it is under the watchful eye of adults, caretakers and authorities. While there are some good reasons for this such as concerns over safety and security, the cost to both the child and urban life is significant. To encourage people (drivers, riders and pedestrians) to behave sensibly on the road/ streets, we organised two encouraging campaigns for citizens and spread leaflets – Christmas on Wheels and Give a Heart, Give a Martenitsa!

  17. Santa Claus came riding a bike, instead of by sledge. He came to Nesho Bonchev’s students. His dwarfs-missioners handed out hundreds of stickers, encouraging the drivers to drive slowly and safe people’s lives. The cars on the car parks next to the Billa market, the Polyclinics, The Court and close to the schools were decorated with these “Christmas gifts”. After handing out the stickers, we enjoyed our Christmas holiday. Let's make our mission reality and join the demonstration! Good luck! Christmas on wheels!

  18. Christmas on Wheels

  19. Responsible Behaviour Students contributed handmade brochures tied up with martenitsiand showed their responsible behaviour and initiated tolerance on the road. The brochure says that all participants in the traffic must follow the rules and get some advices. On the 28 February (the day of contributing the brochures)- A Prevention Day for Safety Roads, students passed through the busy streets and the places with lots traffic congestions to hand in the special ”martenitsi”. The aim of the event was to prevent traffic accidents and take care for all participants in the traffic.

  20. Give a heart, Give a martenitsa!

  21. Give a heart, Give a martenitsa!

  22. Risky behavior The majority of fatal accidents amongst youths occur in the following scenarios: at weekend nights, on a trip home after a social event, in an accident involving loss of control of the vehicle. These are the reasons why we invited members of BYRC to present a First aid demonstration, police officers to discuss the traffic issues and members of Interact for our Flashmob.

  23. Safety for All A Flashmob against crazy drivers

  24. If you want to be armed, you must be informed! Distributing the presentation about young drivers in 5 primary schools and 5 kindergartens

  25. Playing games A creative way to initiate responsible behaviour among younger or older students

  26. Recapitulation We joined non-governmental organizations. Our mission “Save Yourself, Save the Others” is transmitted in our community successfully and made active our civil society. Our activities are common in the local media, local TV, local websites and newspapers, Internet, Facebook page, kindergartens and schools in our district. We will continue to disseminate our knowledge and encourage people around us to save themselves and other people’s lives. We developed a film and a TV advert

  27. Made by 8th graders ”Nesho Bonchev” High school Panagyurishte, Bulgaria, 2014