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Protests Gone Awry

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Protests Gone Awry. The Syrian Uprising of 2011 by Maggie Middleton Period 6. Syria. Syria is an Arab nation, whose capital is Damascus. American Revolution. The American Revolution was fought for the Independence of the thirteen colonies.

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protests gone awry

Protests Gone Awry

The Syrian Uprising of 2011


Maggie Middleton

Period 6

  • Syria is an Arab nation, whose capital is Damascus.
american revolution
American Revolution
  • The American Revolution was fought for the Independence of the thirteen colonies.
  • The major military leaders for the patriots were George Washington, Horatio Gates, Benedict Arnold (before he became a traitor), Baron von Stuebon, Admiral de Grasse, and Nathaniel Greene.
  • Benjamin Franklin was crucial for becoming allies with the French.
  • The major leaders for the British were King George III, General Howe, Burgoyne, Henry Clinton, and Lord Cornwallis.
facts on syria
Facts on Syria
  • Syria is an Arab country, where the majority of Muslims are Sunni.
  • 90% of the population are Arabs.
  • The other 10% are Kurds and Armenians.
  • The population is 22,517,750.
  • 0-14years old is 35.2%, 15-64 years old is 61%, and 65 and older is 3.8% of the population.
  • The elite minority in power are the alawite (a muslim sect)
  • The one party system is under the Baath Party.
syrian uprising
Syrian Uprising
  • The conflict started when protests for freedom started in the southern city of Deraa, which was inspired by the conflicts in Egypt and Tunsinia.
  • President Bashar al-Assad then responeded with military force.
  • This action quickly escalated with protests spreading to other Syrian cities.
  • The military reaction has gone from security opening fire on protestors, to tanks and snipers being sent in, and to besieging whole cities.
  • The casualties have now reached over 2,200 and thousands being arrested.
  • In both revolutions they rebels were originally fighting for representation.
    • Syrians are fighting for democracy and basic rights
    • Patriots started off fighting for representation but then started fighting for independence.
  • The protests were brutally put down,
    • Everything that has happened in Syria.
    • The Boston Massacre
  • Fighting against unimaginable odds.
  • The difference in Syria is that the protestors are simply unable to fight back against president Bashar al-Assad and his huge military response.
where is syria going
Where is Syria Going?
  • Bashar al-Assad has made some small requests that the protestors have asked for but the protestors say the only way for true government change to come about is for the Alawite Baath Party to step down from power.
  • Until then, the death toll will continue to increase along with the arrests and emigrations.

This is the latest news in Syria.

The Arab leaders have met for a conference while protests continue.

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