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Vacaville United Soccer Club Team Treasurer Packet

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Vacaville United Soccer Club Team Treasurer Packet - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Vacaville United Soccer Club Team Treasurer Packet. Objectives/Topics of Interest. Responsibilities of Team Treasurer Banking Info/Accounts Creating a Budget Approving a Budget Year-Round Budget Management Sponsorships/fundraisers Scholarships Bingo Collection Problems

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objectives topics of interest
Objectives/Topics of Interest
  • Responsibilities of Team Treasurer
  • Banking Info/Accounts
  • Creating a Budget
  • Approving a Budget
  • Year-Round Budget Management
  • Sponsorships/fundraisers
  • Scholarships
  • Bingo
  • Collection Problems
  • Year End Reporting to Club
  • Important dates to remember
  • Contact Information
  • Prepares team budget.
  • Establishes and maintains team bank account.
  • Collects fees from families and pays team expenses.
  • Maintains accurate financial accounting.
  • Distributes account reports to team.
  • Complies with VUSC tax and financial reporting requirements.
bank account info
Bank Account Info
  • Mandatory: Club account is at West America Bank.
  • New accounts requires a letter from the club giving permission to open an account please contact me at
  • Name on Account should be that of the team’s name such as Thunderbirds and team signers need to be current.
  • Existing teams that have new managers/treasurers will need to get a letter from me to make these changes to your team account.
  • Each account should have a minimum of two people authorized to sign checks (e.g. Manager and Treasurer) no blood relationship per bylaws.
creating a budget
Creating a Budget
  • Budget Principles
    • Cash flow is sufficient enough to meet teams monthly commitments.
    • Maintain a contingency for emergencies.
    • Factors impacting budget
      • Number of players
      • League fees
      • Number of tournaments
      • Travel expenses
      • Coach fees
      • U. S. Club Fees
      • Team equipment
      • Uniforms
      • Misc such a drinks
budget pricing for 2014
Budget Pricing for 2014
  • Fall Club Registration fees $ 325.00 due no later than July 31st( no exceptions)
  • Spring fees are ($100.00 a player) due by May 1st
  • Uniforms new in 2014 (not mandatory) $ 150.00 estfor 2 uniforms
  • Tournaments

Cost for US Club est $700 each

Cost for Division 3 est $500 each

Overnight stays

VUSC Shootout $475.00 U9-U11 and $575.00 U12-U16

  • State cup or extra field rentals
  • Team equipment – balls/flag/ bench ect…
  • Teams can also budget for team parties, team gifts, team meals
approving a budget
Approving a Budget
  • Once your proposed budget is complete, and it has been presented to the team, your team can approve the projected budget and fee schedule.
  • Once your team approves the budget, you must submit your budget to VUSC for approval. Email to Any donations to team will not be released until VUSC has your approved budget.
budget planning
Budget Planning
  • Once you have determined the total amount your team is estimated to spend for your season, you must create a Fee Schedule for each player on your team.
budget management
Budget Management
  • Similar as one would do with their check book you should record/track all incoming and outgoing transactions to your team account. Spreadsheet is available on under documents
budget management1
Budget Management
  • Every transaction your team makes should be recorded in the appropriate section of your Team statement.
budget management2
Budget Management
  • You should establish a folder to keep important information.
  • It is recommended that you keep all receipts you receive for any transactions you make. For on-line transactions keep/print a copy of the email.
  • Any banking statements received from West America should also be kept.
  • It is recommended that twice a year you send your Team statement out for review. People will appreciate knowing what there money is being spent on. However, do not send your Fee Schedule Tracking document to the team, as that may contain privileged information regarding scholarship players.
  • Let your team know that the team budget is available for review at anytime upon request. You want to be open with the team finances.
budget management3
Budget Management
  • It is recommended that you send out an email to your team at the beginning of each month reminding the parents of the amount due for that month.
  • Monthly payments to Team should be submitted to the team no later than the 15th of the month.
  • Quarterly the club requires a copy of the most current bank statement and budget to reflect how your teams doing financially
collection problems
Collection Problems
  • If any player falls behind (two months in arrears) on their financial commitment to the team or club you should notify your team manager who will work with the club treasurer and president to address the situation.
  • There is very little recourse, other than playing time, should a player not live up to their financial commitment. As such, it is imperative you notify the appropriate individuals when a player falls behind.
  • It is not the treasurer’s responsibility to act as a collection agency. You should not have to constantly harass people for payments.
  • Ultimately, each team is responsible for all financial commitments regardless if any individual hasn’t paid their fair share.
sponsorships donations
  • If you receive a sponsorship or donation to your team the check must be made out to VYSL/VUSC and given to the Club Treasurer . You must let her know what team the money should go to and contact information for pickup
  • When receiving a check you should provide the sponsor a thank you letter. If you need one the club can provide a generic version.
  • Funds received through sponsorships, fundraising or donations on behalf of the team or individual must follow the VYSL/VUSC Donation policy at
  • VUSC offers player scholarships to help with team cost. Application and instructions are available on the Club website. The amount available will be the amount only to cover registration fees. Requirements will be imposed by the acceptance of a scholarship.
  • Application acceptance is March 1, 2014-June 15, 2014. Acceptance will be determined by need.
  • Teams may also offer Scholarships to players using general fund team money which must be agreed upon by team.
pace bingo
Pace Bingo
  • Bingo is a great way to help earn money for your team which can be used to fund scholarships and offset team expenses.
  • If your players are interested in volunteering their time they will need to track their time and at the end of the month they must send their hours to the VUSC Treasurer so the funds can be distributed properly. A form will be provided by the club treasurer.
  • All funds solicited on behalf of the organization must follow the VUSC donation policy at
year end reporting
Year End Reporting
  • In December you are required to submit your final statement of the year along with your December Bank Statement.
  • For teams that operate during the calendar year only this the ending balance should not be more than $450.00
  • Teams operating across calendar years will need to determine which portion of your cash deposits and cash expenditures apply to the current calendar year.
  • An email providing deadlines and instructions will be sent out to teams in December.
year end reporting1
Year End Reporting
  • No individual player/family can be reimbursed funds at end of season if funds are raised through sponsorships, fundraising or donations. Individuals cannot make a profit nor benefit financially from these sources as we are a non-profit organization.
  • The only time any sort of fees can be reimbursed back to a single player is if the player was released from the team and the team agrees.
dates to remember
Dates to Remember
  • April 1- Budget due to VUSC for Spring league
  • June 1-Budget due to VUSC for Fall league
  • March 1-June 15 Scholarship applications accepted
  • May 1- Spring league fees due
  • July 31- Fall league fees due
  • Quarterly statements to Club due
    • 1st quarter by March 31st- Spring league
    • 2nd quarter by June 30th- Spring and Fall leagues
    • 3rd quarter by Sept 30th- Fall league
    • 4th quarter by Jan 31st ( end of year reports)
nnew gotsoccer registration
NNew- Gotsoccer Registration
  • Player registration fees will now be paid through Gotsoccer
  • Parents/ manager can login and pay the players fees with either a credit card, e-check or regular check
  • When logging in the player/manager will register for the season they are playing in.
  • More to come on this 
  • I would ask that you be patient as we work on getting this new system up and running.
contact info
Contact Info
  • If you have questions regarding building your team’s budget or any other Treasurer related questions about the Club please contact:

Doris Ayala

Cell Phone: 707-689-3540 or


  • All documents and other contact information for VUSC can be found at