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Snapping . Snapping Environment. First start an edit session. Choose Options. The Snapping Dialog box appears. This is where you set all of the snapping options. Setting the Snapping Tolerance.

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Presentation Transcript
snapping environment
Snapping Environment
  • First start an edit session.
  • Choose Options.
  • The Snapping Dialog box appears.
  • This is where you set all of the snapping options.
setting the snapping tolerance
Setting the Snapping Tolerance
  • The snapping toleranceis the distance within which the pointer or a feature is snapped to another location.

Outside the snapping tolerance.

Within the snapping tolerance.

sticky move tolerance
Sticky Move Tolerance
  • Determines how far you have to move a feature before it actually moves.
  • Good for reducing accidental moves of features while editing.
snapping environment5
Snapping Environment
  • Choose Snapping from the editor dropdown menu.
  • You can then dock the snapping environment window.
  • This is where you set the feature part you want to snap to.
  • You can set snapping priority by changing the order of layers.
snapping environment6
Snapping Environment
  • Choose Snapping from the Editor menu.
snap to feature
Snap To Feature
  • Apart from settings in the snapping environment, you can also snap to specific layers.
  • Access this by getting your sketch tool from the Editor toolbar.
  • Place your cursor over the feature you would like to snap to and right click.
  • Choose Snap to Feature and select one of the options.
  • The result of snapping to the midpoint.
helpful shortcut keys
Helpful Shortcut Keys

While Snapping

  • Spacebar – Suspend snapping.

While in an Edit Session

  • Z Zoom In
  • X Zoom Out
  • C Pan
  • V Show Vertices
  • Esc Cancel
  • Ctrl + Z Undo
  • Ctrl + Y Redo
more info
More Info
  • Check out the GIS Documentation on the GIS intranet site.
  • http://gis/help
  • Editing in ArcMap p. 23, 104-109