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Fitness Goal Setting. Optimal Health. Is the state of complete physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual well being, not merely the absence of disease. . Physical Fitness.

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Optimal health
Optimal Health

  • Is the state of complete physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual well being, not merely the absence of disease.

Physical fitness
Physical Fitness

  • The ability of participate in physical activity, perform daily life functions and still maintain an energy reserve for leisure, recreation or extra work.

Benefits of physical fitness
Benefits of Physical Fitness

Mr. Linden


  • decreases stress

  • prevents cardiovascular disease, type II Diabetes, Obesity, Heart Attack, etc…

  • keeps your body from deteriorating

  • gives you energy

  • increases your mental alertness

  • increases your ability to move and perform

Barrier to physical fitness
Barrier to Physical Fitness


  • Money (people feel they need to join a gym to become fit)

  • Motivation (lazy, couch potatoes)

  • Time (busy schedules)

How can we overcome these barriers
How can we overcome these barriers?

  • make it a part of our everyday

  • make it suit our routine, schedule and body

  • make it FUN

  • make healthy nutritional choices

  • get off the scales and be active

  • keep positive and get motivated

Fitness goal setting

  • a desire to improve or to do your best in academics, athletics, relationships or anything that you do.

Long term goals
Long Term Goals

  • Goals over a long period of time, which are achievable because of your short term goals. Ex. Years, Semester

Short term goals
Short Term Goals

  • Goals that are measure in days, weeks.

  • Short terms goals need to be in place before long term goals can be developed.

Setting your fitness goal

Setting Your Fitness Goal

Each person’s individual fitness goals will be different but each person’s goal should be SMART


  • Does your goal clearly outline what you want to accomplish, is it clear and well thought out. Did it identify a target?

  • Ex

Meaningful and measurable
Meaningful and Measurable

  • How will you be able to tell that you have actually achieved your goal?

  • it has to have a number value.

  • Ex

Action oriented
Action Oriented

  • What steps do you need to take?

  • Ex


  • have you set goals that you can accomplish?

  • or are they too easy or too difficult?

  • Ex

Time frame
Time Frame

  • What are your timelines for completion?

  • Days? Weeks? Months?

  • Ex