Career decisions objectives for october 19 th 2010
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Career Decisions Objectives for October 19 th , 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Career Decisions Objectives for October 19 th , 2010. We will compare and contrast employment opportunities in the free enterprise system with other world economic systems We will identify five new directions that are shaping the world of work. Free Enterprise System.

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Career decisions objectives for october 19 th 2010
Career Decisions Objectivesfor October 19th, 2010

  • We will compare and contrast employment opportunities in the free enterprise system with other world economic systems

  • We will identify five new directions that are shaping the world of work

Free enterprise system
Free Enterprise System

  • We live in a country that operates as a free enterprise system

  • This an economy in which individuals and businesses play a major role in making decisions

  • People can operate any type of business they choose, provided it is lawful

Economic freedom
Economic Freedom

  • The following are reasons that the U.S. economy is based on the free enterprise system:

    • People are free to be creative and choose where they work

    • People are free to own private property and buy whatever they want

    • The government allows people to buy or sell whatever they wish, so long as it doesn’t harm others

    • Consumer wants and needs determine what products are desired in the marketplace

    • Businesses can compete against each other to make money

Economic freedom1
Economic Freedom

  • Freedom to own property and freely buy and sell goods began with the founding fathers

  • The free enterprise system is an outgrowth of their spirit of independence

Economic freedom2
Economic Freedom

  • In countries where the government controls the production of goods, it also controls their price and distribution

  • Under such a system, people must follow the government’s dictates regarding how to work and live

New direction for the workplace
New Direction for the Workplace

  • The U.S. workplace is continually changing

  • The question no longer is: Will change occur? Instead, it is: How will change occur?

  • One thing you can count on in today’s exciting workplace is change, and you will be a part of it

The five new directions that are shaping the world of work
The Five New Directions that are Shaping the World of Work

  • A Global Perspective

  • The Service and Information Economy

  • The Commitment to Quality

  • A Teamwork Approach

  • Family First

A global perspective
A Global Perspective

  • Today, search for costumers goes beyond our border to every part of the world

  • Instant communications through phones, faxes, and computers makes this possible

A global perspective1
A Global Perspective

  • Customers are just one factor of the new global perspective

  • The other is labor

  • Companies constantly look to other nations for labor services

A global perspective2
A Global Perspective

  • The global economy has caused a major shift in the U.S. workforce

  • Is reduced the need for unskilled labor

  • Instead, skilled, well-educated U.S. workers are needed plan develop, and deliver the products and services of tomorrow

The service and information economy
The Service and Information Economy

  • The decline in manufacturing has paved the way for a new economy based on services and information

  • Services are nonmaterial assistance for which people are willing to pay

  • This sector of the economy has grown very rapidly in recent years

  • It will remain the area of greatest job growth for the near future

The service and information economy1
The Service and Information Economy

  • Another focus on today’s economy is information

  • The computer and the Internet are American inventions

  • These are the tools of the information economy

  • What we learn with these tools helps us to create new services, improved business methods, and lower costs

The commitment to quality
The Commitment to Quality

  • The pursuit of quality is an all-out effort by employers to be the very best in their field

  • A company’s goal is to grow and become more successful

  • In the workplace, quality means doing the job quickly and accurately the first time

The commitment to quality1
The Commitment to Quality

  • Building quality into a product or service requires constant attention to the way work is done

  • You will be expected to watch for ways to do your job better and you will be asked to suggest ideas for improving quality

A teamwork approach
A Teamwork Approach

  • In the old days, a supervisor made all the decisions and the workers followed the orders

  • Today’s workplace used a team approach where everyone works jointly to seek solutions to problems

  • This makes working well with others essential

Family first
Family First

  • Programs in the workplace today help workers handle the demands of work and family responsibilities

  • Men and Women use these programs

Family first1
Family First

  • Family friendly programs may include:

    • On-site child care

    • Adoption assistance

    • On-site dry cleaners or food stores with ready-to-serve food to take home

    • Vacation options


  • Several important trends indicate new directions for the workplace

  • Businesses today operate in a global economy

  • They search the world for customers as well as affordable labor

  • Product and service quality is continually examined to make sure it meets customer expectations

  • Teamwork is the primary way that work is accomplished

  • Family-friendly programs are helping to lessen the challenge of balancing work and family responsibilities