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TIBCO Rendezvous

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TIBCO Rendezvous. A Rendezvous message is a sequence of fields containing self-describing data, it includes data and descriptive information about the data, including type,name, size. Communication Models. Publish/Subscribe Event driven Broadcast or Multicast Unidirectional Communication.

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tibco rendezvous
TIBCO Rendezvous

A Rendezvous message is a sequence of fields containing self-describing data, it includes data and descriptive information about the data, including type,name, size.

communication models
Communication Models


  • Event driven
  • Broadcast or Multicast
  • Unidirectional Communication
communication models3
Communication Models


  • Demand driven
  • Point-to-point unicast
  • Communication is bi-directional.
communication models4
Communication Models

Broadcast Request/Reply

  • Event and Demand driven
  • Broadcast or multicast and unicast
  • Unidirectional and Bi-directional
communication models5
Communication Models


  • Event driven
  • Point-to-point
  • Communication is uni-directional.
transport protocols
Transport Protocols
  • TRDP-TIB Reliable Data Protocol

Reliable Transport protocol for ordered, duplicate free data delivery with in a single subnet.

  • PGM-Pragmatic General Multicasting

Reliable multicast transport protocol for ordered duplicate free data delivery over a group of interconnected subnets.

rv services
RV Services

RV Provides four qualities of service that extends standard RV functionality.

  • Certified Messaging for guaranteed message delivery.
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Distributed Queues.
  • Virtual Circuits.
certified messaging rvcm
Certified Messaging(RVCM)

Fulfils the need  guaranteeing the delivery

of each message at its intended destination.

Handshake between publishers and

subscribers done by an unique name from


certified messaging rvcm9
Certified Messaging(RVCM)
  • Run-time procedure for RVCM. (Registering Certified Delivery Agreement)
  • CM Listener receives a CM Message which contains
        • Name of the certified sender
        • CM sequence number
  • CM Listener records the sender name and subject name in its ledger file.
  • CM Listener sends a request for to the CM sender.
  • CM Sender receives the request for registration and it will decide accept or reject…..
  • Accept  it will record in its ledger file and messages coming from that listener will be accepted and recorded.
  • Rejectit will inform the listener and no delivery agreement will be done.
  • 5. The certified sender explicitly informs the certified listener of the acceptance, hence completes the Certified Delivery Agreement.
certified messaging rvcm10
Certified Messaging(RVCM)
  • An RVCM message contains three additional fields that are added to the message. These are:
  • CM Sequence # .
  • CM Time Limit .
  • CM Transport name of the publisher .
fault tolerance rvft
Fault Tolerance(RVFT)

RVFT is for fail-safe…

RVFT coordinates a set of concurrent processes with in a group of FT members

A FT group is a set of application processes that cooperate for FT services

distributed queue
Distributed Queue

DQ is a service that enables work to be spread among more than one application, helping optimize performance and support processing stability.

As many applications can participate in this DQ

Adds Load Balancing for FT.

virtual circuit transports
Virtual Circuit Transports

A virtual Circuit Transport is a light weight error-free transport between two applications.

The Virtual Circuit Transport object appearing in each application is called a Terminal.

virtual circuit transports14
Virtual Circuit Transports

Virtual Circuits guarantee these properties

All inbound messages come only from the opposite terminal. Senders outside virtual circuit cannot insert data into its message stream

All outbound messages go only to the opposite terminal. Listeners outside of a VC cannot receive its message stream.

Terminals receive explicit feedback if the connection is interrupted, and they will take care of recovery.