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God on the Quad. Chapter 6 An Integrated Whole: Baylor’s Vision for the Future. Faith Stiffler HIED 632. Baylor’s Religious Identity. A battle between two very distinct perspectives in the Southern Baptist Church: Fundamentalist ideals within the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC).

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god on the quad

God on the Quad

Chapter 6

An Integrated Whole:

Baylor’s Vision for the Future

Faith Stiffler

HIED 632

baylor s religious identity
Baylor’s Religious Identity
  • A battle between two very distinct perspectives in the Southern Baptist Church:
    • Fundamentalist ideals within the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC).
    • Ideals that are more liberal in nature.
  • In 1990 Baylor choose to amend its charter, giving the Baptist General Convention of Texas significantly less control to the board of regents.
  • Baylor removed itself from the argument, “devoting 100 percent of our efforts to making Baylor again the greatest Christian institution on the face of the earth” (Riley, 2005, p. 118).
new president new vision
New President & New Vision
  • In 1995 Robert Sloan became president of Baylor University.
    • The Baylor community felt that he had fundamentalist ideals.
  • Baylor 2012—adoption of a new vision statement.
    • Incorporates hiring 220 new faculty members. Allows the ability to focus on both teaching and research.
  • Integration of faith and learning.
    • Crane Scholarship—allows students to take part in weekly seminars covering issues of faith and learning.
    • Baylor Interdisciplinary Core (BIC)—purpose is to “help students see purpose in their studies and their relevance to life after Baylor” (Riley, 2005, p. 124).
    • Chapel Program—seeks to address current issues in the evangelical world.
baylor s athletic program
Baylor’s Athletic Program
  • 2003 Scandal with Carlton Dotson:
    • Confessed to shooting teammate Patrick Dennehy.
    • Coach Dave Bliss—covers up for improper tuition payments and various team members using drugs.
  • Road to Big 12 Conference:
    • There was a distinct pressure and desire to become more competitive.
    • Gov. Ann Richards fighting on behalf of the bears.
    • Finding their place in a big conference.
  • Influence of religious identity:
    • Requirement of a higher standard and deeper religious responsibilities.
social matters
Social Matters
  • University alcohol statistics:
    • Statistics that Riley (2005) received show that only 50% engage in alcohol use, which is still “25% less than the national average” (p. 128).
  • The role of fraternities and sororities:
    • These organizations appear to have a balanced influence on campus, representing 26% of the student population.
  • The on-campus experience:
    • Baylor is working to increase the number of students living on campus in an effort to focus on student character development.
  • Dealing with pertinent issues and having difficult conversations.
    • Creating future opportunities to host critical discussions.
applicable theories
Applicable Theories
  • Albert Bandura’sSocial Learning Theory.
    • The basic focus is on cognitive development of new beliefs and behaviors. This correlates to students attending Baylor taking on new ideals and identities.
    • As a university, Baylor also experienced new beliefs and behaviors.
  • James Fowler’s Stages of Faith Development.
    • Faith is interactive, correlating to Baylor’s integration of faith and learning.
    • Baylor students connect with stage 4 in which they shift away from family ideals and develop their own.
  • Erikson’s Eight Ages of Life Cycle.
    • Baylor’s vision on social matters relates to Erikson’s ideals on social support.
references resources
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