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Masonic Leadership Training

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Masonic Leadership Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Masonic Leadership Training
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  1. Masonic Leadership Training Membership

  2. Agenda • Introductions • Recruiting • Motivating Factors • Recruiting New Masons

  3. Introductions • Your Masonic Leadership Training Team • Honored Guests • Attendees • Name • Lodge & Location • Title and Position, if any

  4. General Info • Restrooms • Cell phones/PDA’s • Sign-In Sheets • Custom of the Lodge vs. Required by Digest

  5. Resources • Florida Digest of Masonic Law • Lodge Officers Handbook • Masonic Leadership Training Manual • Lodge Secretary Administrative Guide (GL215) • Worshipful Master’s Program Notebook (GL218)

  6. Recruiting • For years Masons were discouraged from active recruiting • 2B1ASK1 – Designed to catch interest and start communications • Less Social People - Less Need to Socialize (The Information Age) • 1980 – 83,400 Masons 2009 – 48,500 • 25 Lodges closed since 1980

  7. Recruiting, cont • Inspiring Members to be Active Masons and Recruiters • Mason’s Bill of Rights • Right to be Needed – Can I use my gifts to benefit Freemasonry and therefore myself? • Right to be Involved – To give and receive input, to respond and be part of the action • Right to a Covenantal Relationship – Can I enjoy a ‘contract’ with leadership based upon trust and intimacy, where I have ownership of the solution? • Right to Affect One’s Destiny – to influence one’s own personal progress and future

  8. Motivating Factors For Becoming A Mason • What Men Want from Freemasonry • Better fellowship and opportunities to make new friends • Leadership opportunities, improved leadership training and to be well led • Greater civic involvement, public charities, pride in the accomplishment of the Craft • Improved Masonic Education and understanding by Masons • A higher profile for Freemasonry, more open to the public, greater visibility and more pride in the organization

  9. Motivating Factors For Becoming A Mason, cont • Active commitment to the needs of the youth • Higher quality degrees presented more dramatically and understandably • Improved meetings with entertaining and interesting programs • Improved leadership training and more opportunities to be a leader • Opportunities for family involvement in Lodge • Self-improvement

  10. Characteristics of a Candidate • Characteristics of a Candidate • Must be 18 years of age & believe in a supreme being • Honest, faithful and responsible • Gregarious, congenial and intelligent • Interested in the welfare of others as well as family • Good morals • Financially responsible and meets obligations • Practices temperance • Charitable nature • Does not gossip or belittle his fellowman • Capable of subduing his passion, not argumentative or controversial • Remains true to personal convictions and • Industrious in personal life

  11. Recruiting New Masons • Targeting Prospective Masons • Set a goal • Review Lodge’s losses for the past five years • Estimate how many masons are expected to lose this coming year • Add a percentage of growth, 5 to 10% • Make it realistic, but challenging • Appoint a Membership Committee Chairman • One that is capable of meeting the goals • One who is trusted to do what’s needed to grow

  12. How to be an Effective Masonic Recruiter • Become familiar with famous Masons • Get the word out • Wear a Masonic ring • Discuss famous Masons with friends and prospects • Place the Square and Compass symbol on your vehicle • Remember it’s there as you drive around • Bring up Freemasonry in any way you can without directly asking them to join • Point out Masonic influence on history • Invite prospects to non-Masonic social gatherings with a group of Masons

  13. What is Freemasonry? • Freemasonry is the oldest and largest fraternal organization in the world with more than 1.5 million members in North America • Masons can be found on every continent and in every ethnic group on earth • North American Masons donate more than two million dollars a day to help others • Masons focus on self-improvement through education and development, charity, family, community, friendship and camaraderie

  14. My Religion Won’t Allow Me to Join • Masonry is not a religion • No Masonic beliefs conflict with religions • Masons meet in buildings that are clearly marked and publish schedules of activities and meetings • The ONLY things we don’t share are the signs and words that we give other Masons to identify ourselves as Masons • Which are the same for many established fraternities

  15. Ten Reasons to Become a Mason • Freemasonry is • A Fraternity in which you can confidently trust your Lodge Brothers and entrust your family with them • A Fraternity where, within moral and civil guidelines, free thought, free speech and spiritual growth can develop to its fullest potential • Provides the opportunity to meet, know, and befriend outstanding individuals from all walks of life you would not otherwise meet and consider them a Brother

  16. Ten Reasons to Become a Mason, cont • Is an opportunity to be part of a Fraternity that holds Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth as its principal tenants • Provides self-development opportunities, leadership training and experience, and refines public speaking skills • Fosters an environment to seek support and/or provide it to others • Teaches and regularly reinforces moral virtues

  17. Ten Reasons to Become a Mason, cont • Provides an opportunity to spend time with a group of Brothers who, by acting as good men, make you want to become a better man • Not better than others, but better within yourself than you would have been otherwise • Affords an opportunity for men to enhance their services to church and community • Is a place to meet established members of the community and to become a more effective and engaged citizen

  18. In Conclusion • There are many ways to show the community, your family, friends and neighbors how great it is to be a Mason. • Our Brothers, Lodges and Grand Lodge stand by to help you in this task, all you need to do is ask  • Have a fine, outstanding day!

  19. Questions?

  20. The End • Thanks for Attending!!