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Internet Advertising & Promotional Communication. Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC). Featuring in class 2 & 3…. Integrated Marketing Communication Definitions Problems & Challenges Marketing Communication Elements Public Relations Sales Promotions Direct Marketing.

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Internet advertising promotional communication l.jpg

Internet Advertising & Promotional Communication

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)

Featuring in class 2 3 l.jpg
Featuring in class 2 & 3…...

  • Integrated Marketing Communication

    • Definitions

    • Problems & Challenges

  • Marketing Communication Elements

    • Public Relations

    • Sales Promotions

    • Direct Marketing

Imc definitions vary l.jpg
IMC: Definitions vary

  • all of the marketing communication elements should be integrated so as to maximize the overall output, sales or profits?

    • MC elements?:

  • use of two or more MC elements?

  • use of multiple media to advertise a brand with an underlying theme or selling proposition?

Imc definitions l.jpg
IMC: Definitions

  • Interactive IMC: “integration of three or more MC elements with a common underlying theme or goal in two or more Internet platforms

Imc problems challenges l.jpg
IMC: Problems & Challenges

  • Lack of agreed, workable definitions of IMC

  • I____________

  • M___________

Marketing communication elements l.jpg
Marketing Communication Elements

  • Advertising

  • Public Relations

  • Sales Promotion

  • Direct Marketing

  • Personal Selling

Public relations l.jpg
Public Relations

  • a marketing and management function that focuses on communications that ______________ between a firm and its constituencies

What pr can achieve l.jpg
What PR can achieve

  • Build goodwill or favorable corporate i______

  • P_______ products or services

  • Facilitate i_______ communication

  • Function as damage control and fight negative publicity or manage crisis situations

Internet pr advantages opportunities challenges l.jpg
Internet PR: advantages, opportunities, & challenges

  • C______, t______ and efforts savings

  • I________, real-time communication

    • efficient internal and external corporate communication, targeting and personalization of messages

    • frequent, quick, efficient communication via email, discussion forums, chats

  • Supports for p_______ PR and ________

Internet pr advantages opportunities challenges11 l.jpg
Internet PR: advantages, opportunities, & challenges

  • Directly measurable effects

    • accountability

  • Unlimited amount of i_______

    • opportunity as well as challenge: How?

  • Quick and easy d_______ of information and even false and hazardous rumors about your firm

    • need for constant monitoring

Internet pr tools l.jpg
Internet PR tools

  • News release archives & online library (in corporate sites

    • Need for publicizing the feature

    • Integration with email, sales promotion items & banner or link exchange is a good idea

  • Announcement

    • Beware of “netiquette” when using _

  • Newsletters

    • IMC opportunities for soliciting subscription via _

  • Public appearance

    • How? Examples?

  • Event sponsorship

    • May be tied with sales promotion

Internet pr examples l.jpg
Internet PR examples

Note: examples are subject to expiration any time and may no longer be available

Sales promotion l.jpg
Sales Promotion

  • short-term promotional activities or incentives designed to generate ___________________

Traditional sales promotion tools l.jpg
Traditional sales promotion tools

  • Consumer sales promotion

    • e.g., coupons/discounts, rebates, refunds, premiums, sweepstakes, contests, free samples, loyalty program, etc.

  • Trade promotion

    • e.g., Point-of-Purchase (POP) displays, co-op advertising, cash or merchandising allowance, slotting fees, discounts, contest, trade shows

What sales promotion can achieve l.jpg
What sales promotion can achieve

  • Cause a rapid increase in s_____ activity and volume

  • Attract new buyers to t______ purchases

  • Defend an established brand against new competition

  • Reward l_____ consumers as they continue to use the product

  • Provide retailers with additional marketing support

Challenges of sales promo l.jpg
Challenges of sales promo

  • Marketers and retailers can become _____________ sales promotion

  • Matching competitors’ sales promotion can lead to a sales promotion _____ -- no win situation for all involved

  • Extensive sales promotion can damage __________

  • Problems of sales promotion abuse (e.g., ___________


Internet sales promotion tools l.jpg
Internet sales promotion tools

  • Online coupons, sweepstakes, premium

    • to be discussed in lecture

  • Free samples, loyalty programs, online contests and games, and others

    • See ZA text and explore more and current examples by doing EX. 3.

Internet coupons l.jpg
Internet Coupons

  • A form of discounts or price-offs

  • An electronic, printable form that can be used to discount the price of items or services offered by a company

  • Problem of fraudulent claims

What internet coupons can achieve l.jpg
What Internet coupons can achieve

  • Drive t______ to retail stores

  • Motivate to b____ more and early

  • Increase favorable response

    • due to the ability to _______ by geographic location, interests, taste and previous behavior with other coupons.

  • Minimize waste in delivery

  • Save c______ & t_____

How to use internet coupons l.jpg
How to use Internet coupons

  • Understand the threats of encouraging customers to reject b______ l________ for price consideration

  • Breaking through coupon c_______ is critical

  • Study what kinds are available and effective

    • online coupon companies can help – e.g., E-centives, CoolSavings, and Val-Pak) – explore the local companies doing this

  • Assess your c_________’ use of coupons

  • T_______ and c________ the offer

  • Create synergy by i___________ with other MC efforts

Examples of internet coupons price off l.jpg
Examples of Internet coupons/price-off

  • Pizza hut ( – “build your own coupons”, “find coupons in your area”— can search coupons redeemable in their local area

  • GAP ( – “get 15% off $75 in stores & online when you join our mailing list”

  • Can you find a good example of online coupons or discounts in your area? Any case of IMC involving coupons or discounts?

Note: examples are subject to expiration any time and may no longer be available

Online sweepstakes l.jpg
Online Sweepstakes

  • a promotion in which prize or prizes are given to the winners who are determined on the basis of chance alone

What online sweepstakes contests can achieve l.jpg
What online sweepstakes/contests can achieve

  • Create a_________, excitement and consumer i_____________

  • Enhance brand i_______, if used properly

  • Gain retail support

  • Build consumer d________

  • Produce immediate s________  

How to use online sweepstakes l.jpg
How to use online sweepstakes

  • Understand the challenge of offering the right p_____ to attract the target

  • Test to see what works for the target

  • Create synergy by i____________ with direct marketing, PR, or advertising

  • Establish a strong t____ between the sweepstakes and the brand

Examples of online sweepstakes l.jpg
Examples of online sweepstakes

  • McDonald’s ( – “IT’S Winning Time”

  • Coca Cola ( – “Watch & Win”

  • Can you find an example of online sweepstakes? A case of IMC involving sweepstakes in your area?

Note: examples are subject to expiration any time and may no longer be available

Premium l.jpg

  • an item, other than the product itself, given to purchasers of a product as an incentive to buy

What online premium can achieve l.jpg
What online premium can achieve

  • encourage customers to make an immediate purchase

  • build t________ to the store or the website

  • build a customer d________

How to use online premium l.jpg
How to use online premium

  • Integration with advertising and other MC efforts is effective

  • Targeting the o______ is critical

Examples of online premium l.jpg
Examples of online premium

  • AT&T ( – “GET A GREAT DEAL when you buy online. Get a FREE Nokia 3360 when you order new service online starting at just $19.99 a month”

  • Levi’s ( – “Try new Type1 jeans on at Levi’s retail store, and get a FREE CD”

  • Can you find an example of online premium? A case of IMC involving online premium in your area?

Note: examples are subject to expiration any time and may no longer be available

Direct marketing l.jpg
Direct Marketing

  • “a form of marketing that occurs directly between the marketer and the consumer and that includes activities designed to generate direct sales or any actions short of sales”

Internet direct marketing advantages opportunities and challenges l.jpg
Internet direct marketing: advantages, opportunities, and challenges

  • Cost effectiveness

    • ___________ cheaper than traditional direct mail marketing

  • Time / c___________

    • business anywhere, any time.

  • Ease and power of __________________________________________

  • Gl_____ market coverage

  • D______ building & relationship marketing potential

What internet direct marketing can achieve l.jpg
What Internet direct marketing can achieve

  • Sales (_____________)

  • Sales leads (_____________)

  • Traffic (___________________ at a place of business for purchase)

  • A database of customers (completed _______________________________)

Internet direct marketing direct email l.jpg
Internet Direct Marketing : Direct Email

  • Direct marketing can be implemented in different ways -- ___________________

  • Email is the most frequently used platform for internet direct marketing

  • More and better creative options are now available

  • Obtaining ________________________ is key

How to use direct email marketing using in house lists l.jpg
How to use direct email marketing:Using in-house lists

  • Appropriate for frequent e-mailers, due to ownership of the list, long-term cost savings & control

  • May start with current customer list

  • Build the list via registration on one’s site, subscription to newsletters, email solicitation

  • Offer incentives to increase response

  • Maintain updated list -- cost for upkeep

How to use direct email marketing renting lists form brokers l.jpg
How to use direct email marketing:Renting lists form brokers

  • ___________________

  • Numerous list categories available

  • Example of list brokers Acxiom DirectMedia ( ) MatchLogic ( NetCreations ( )

  • Price ranging from less than $100 per thousand names to more than $1,000 – the more ________________________________________ the list, the higher the price

How to use direct email marketing making sure the list to use is o l.jpg
How to use direct email marketing:Making sure the list to use is o__ - __

  • Opt-in (with permission): everyone in the list has a______ that they want to receive email solicitations

  • Avoid any list put together by software that surf the web looking for new email addresses

  • Check the r_________ of the list broker

  • Check list broker reference (talk to its clients)

  • T_____ the list in a small scale emailing first before emailing the entire list.

  • Read the Zeff and Aronson book for more insights, tips, and examples concerning the effective use direct email or direct advertising